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India Unbound

Photo by Erica Simone

India Unbound

Parler Paris…
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Monday, February 19, 2007
Paris, France

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Dear Parler Paris Reader,

The headline on today’s paper and the intense stare of the young child begging at our car window couldn’t have expressed our sentiments better. Less than 24 hours from the time our Air France 747 landed at Indira Gandhi Airport in New Delhi, where thousands of new arrivals waited in line for over an hour to pass through passport control, did we discover that the chaos, extremes, ironies, dichotomies and sensory overload was to what we would become accustomed.

Our host hired a driver, first to pick us up at the airport and another to chauffeur us all around Delhi the first day, neither of which spoke any English. Staying at a B and B in Gurgaon, a suburb of Delhi, at 1:30 a.m. after a long day of travel, we passed shanties, crumbling buildings, construction sites, modern skyscrapers and mega-malls silhouetted by undernourished cows, wild dogs and rickshaws. It was all a bit frightening for our first 30 minutes in India.

There are no words to describe the intensity of life in a land as contrary to France as India. On the roads and highways, bikes, motorbikes, rickshaws, both manual and motorized, cars and trucks of all sizes blend haphazardly with humanity. Men have their hair cut roadside in front of mirrors hung from trees. A man bathes himself in front of a sea of motorized vehicles under a veil of dense pollution. Beggars approach the car at stop lights with the most pathetic of offerings, stories and gestures. While our hearts pour out and we want to reach into our wallets for a few rupees, we know that once we surrender, we will be harassed by many more…so we try not to look back and deny their very existence, as everyone else seems to do.

Within moments traveling along the roads in bumper-to-bumper chaotic traffic, the landscape can easily change to the most poverty stricken shanty-towns to the most elaborate and beautiful monuments and perfectly tended gardens. On the grass surrounding the India Gate, the children are taught to defecate while shoes must be removed to enter the lotus flower shaped Baha’i House of Worship. Women are dressed elaborately in stunning silk crepe saris and Punjabis (Indian casual wear), wearing glittering bangle bracelets and delicate shoes while riding side saddle on the back of motorbikes.

The advertising along the roads and on the buildings would make Madison Avenue shutter – tag lines such as “Adding Colour to Your Life is a Good Idea” (for what product I don’t remember) and “Hi, I’m Pooja. I am buying a home in Gaur Grandeur because it is very special”– I loved this one best of all.

A “Bollywood” movie was being filmed while we visited the Mehrauli Archaeological Park which houses the Quth Minar, the world’s highest single tower (and we thought it might be the Eiffel Tower!). Under the domed arches of the ancient temples, w

hile visitors strolled among the ruins, businessmen talk on cell phones – almost everyone has one. A flutist charmed a cobra right out of his basket and when he didn’t perform on cue, the well trained snake got a smack on the head. Dogs are kicked when misbehaving, yet we found the people of India extremely friendly, polite, soft spoken and particularly gentle.

At the INA market where hundreds of stalls are crammed under a ramshackle roof in a maze of alleys offering everything from spices and foods to clothing and frivolities, the merchants are assertive about getting you in their “doors,” but are willing to bargain for less than half of their starting price. For 400 rupees, less than $10, we purchased two three-piece outfits, embroidered with gold threads and equipped with sew-on sleeves. The shopkeepers were ready and willing to be photographed, smiling broadly for Erica’s camera and anxious to see the results on the tiny screen. Not for a moment did it feel dangerous, although we were warned about pickpockets. I joked to our host that we were quite familiar with pickpockets in Paris – about the best in the world. Delhi wouldn’t seem too threatening and it didn’t.

Our first meal in Delhi was only after a preparatory dose of Pepto Bismal to coat our virgin stomachs at a traditional Indian restaurant along Connaught Place, named Volga’s. It was filled by 95% businessmen drinking large bottles of beer and is appointed by dark red velvet chairs with back cushions in the shape of hearts. For 500 rupees, about $11, we savored four vegetarian dishes, garlic naan, mineral water and chai tea. At the large circular town center designed and built by Robert Tor Russel to honor the British Empire, we spied a man relieving himself in the Ladies latrine, guards standing watch at the automatic tellers and hawkers promoting free maps of the city if you’d just step inside their travel agency doors.

Erica never took her fingers off the camera trigger, attracting would-be models wherever we went. She downloaded almost 400 images taken in less than 24 hours and we talked all day about the lack of logic anything made. So unlike La Vie Française, where every detail is so precise and every landscape so pristine, nothing seems to follow a sense of order of any kind.

Perhaps by the end of our twelve day stay, we will have put all the pieces of the Indian puzzle together. Tomorrow begins four days of wedding ceremonies before we head to the cities of the Golden Triangle to see what more of India has to offer that France has not. For the moment, our vision is…as the newspaper reported…unbound.

A la prochaine…


Adrian Leeds
Editor, Parler Paris

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