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It’s About Thyme on a Theme

While Americans were serving up “Butterballs” on Thanksgiving day, we chose to have a “hen party.” Seated ’round a round table, we ogled our French “pornographic” bird whose “orifice” was stuffed with a fresh bouquet of THYME.

Both THYME and TIME became the THEME of the evening’s revelry, as eight women, of American, Canadian, British and French nationalities decided that having no “testosterone” at the table made for the right TIME to talk “turkey” — and “cock-a-doodle-do” about sex, relationships, aspirations and most importantly, our thankfulness.

The bouquet of THYME was removed by its “handle” (made of aluminum foil) after having impregnated the “bird” with its sensuous flavor. While she was carved into individual servings, homemade sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce (brought from Canada), stuffing, spinach and salad were served up to create a colorful plate of traditional Thanksgiving fare.

We raised our glasses of wine, then circled the table, each required to take a photo of whomever was opposite her and to express something specific for which she was thankful.

Two of the group had come close to recently losing their lives — one because of cancer, the other because of a car accident — and were thankful to have exactly that to celebrate — life. Our French guest was thankful to be a part of “the ultimate American cultural experience” (even if the turkey was French, cooked in half the TIME and tasted twice as good as a “Butterball”). One of us was thankful for her “man” while another was thankful for her TIME without one!

When TIME and THYME had run out on the evening, having topped it all off with homemade pumpkin pie (also imported from Canada) and a “tarte au chocolat” (from the best baker of such in the 15th arrondissement), we were “sated” from the festive food and the uncontrollable laughter, if not “satisfied” from “orgasmic” pleasure.


Part II
It’s All in the Theme

Every year before Christmas, there is a huge weekend “brocante” (rummage sale) on and around rue de Bretagne. Each year it seems to grow in size and importance, as people get to know its quality and quantity of merchants.

This year it spilled into the historic “Carreau du Temple” where dozens of merchants and buyers could escape the cold, damp, rainy weather. Part of our “hen party” did a tour of the stands to see without what we couldn’t go home. There was a decided THEME to each stand…whether it be cheese, hams, hammers, chairs, butterflies or porcelain pin-up girl figurines. More than most had very specific wares to offer.

If you missed it, don’t worry — more are “themed” up and ready to go:

Agenda Brocabrac of brocantes and Attic Sales in Paris

Samedi 6 December 2008

PARIS 13 – Brocante Bd Blanqui

Dimanche 7 December 2008
PARIS 13 – Brocante Bd Blanqui
PARIS 14 – Attic Sale boulevard Edgar Quinet

Dimanche 21 December 2008
PARIS 11 – Attic Sale rtro vintage

A la prochaine…

Adrian Leeds
Editor, Parler Paris

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