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It’s All in the Bra — Next Sunday at the Trocadero!



We are filming another House Hunters International episode this coming weekend March 13-16 in Nice with a couple from California. We are seeking properties in which we can film in or near Villefranche-sur-Mer that fit the following description: 1 or 2 bedrooms with 1 bath, about 20-40 m² with a value of about €175K. It takes about 3 hours only with a small crew. The property need not be for sale and can be occupied as long as the owner allows us in to film it. If you know of any property that fits this description, please contact me IMMEDIATELY at [email protected].

 Adrian Leeds at the caféAdrian at the caféPlace de la Bastille - Paris, FrancePlace de la Bastille

Pink Bra Bazaar - Paris, FrancePink Bra Bazaar poster - by Britta UschkampPink Bra Bazaar poster – by Britta Uschkamp

I  can barely see the computer screen as I write this from a café at Place de la Bastille thanks to the SUN — intense as it is, warm as it is, and as unusual as it is. After a very rainy Mardi Gras in New Orleans and a gray, cold, wet winter in Paris, the sun is a welcome old friend we haven’t seen in a very long time. I can only hope for a nice little sunburn on my face to top it off.

Everyone was out on the streets Saturday and Sunday, for this obvious reason. Their dispositions are sunny, too. It is reminiscent of days in Los Angeles when thanks to the everyday sunny climate, people are generally happier. If you haven’t yet seen Disney’s new movie “Saving Mr. Banks” (“Dans l’Ombre de Mary” in French, why they chose this title, I couldn’t say), do — it is a guaranteed uplifter! Even P.L. Travers who comes from gray, rainy London and whose unhappy past haunts her, ends up with a sunnier disposition thanks to Los Angeles sunshine and all the happy people around her, including Walt Disney himself and her private chauffeur with whom she bonds.

Let’s hope the sun stays out for next Sunday’s “Pink Bra Spring & Annual Bra Toss!” at the Esplanade de Trocadero. Ladies, this is your chance to fling off your bras (not burn them) in the interest of battling breast cancer. It’s sponsored by the charitable organization “Pink Bra Bazaar,” dedicated to education for breast health and support of women with breast cancer.

You may recall that last summer I successfully tested negative for the BRCA gene, even with a family history that indicated it might be otherwise. For this I am eternally grateful as my sisters, aunts, nieces and cousins haven’t been so lucky. Anyone who has been touched by breast cancer, whether it be yourself or someone you love, knows how important is the cause.

Funny, as a feminist from the early 70’s, I threw out my bras for political reasons for about twenty years, then rediscovered their advantages…like keeping the mammaries up, up, up, rather than sag, sag, sag! Now I’m an advocate of the harness-like gadget and regularly profess to my single female friends seeking more male attention, “Dahlin’, it’s all in the bra!”

One of my closest friends didn’t believe me until she traded in her “old favorite” for an underwired bra with lift. Suddenly she had a shape and a waistline she hadn’t seen in years. With just that she felt more confident, more attractive, and immediately happier…so she purchased eight right that minute…so many that the shop offered her a discount!

It’s easy to show your support (pun intended)– find a bra you can’t wait to toss in the air and show up at 3 p.m. Look for all the other women carrying bras on the Esplanade and become a part of the crowd.

Then, expect to dance and sing with the Sound of Music under the direction of Marco Avallone, learn to demystify self-examination and thanks to a troupe of burlesque dancers, learn how to do a striptease that is guaranteed to excite your man!

Where else will you get such a valuable education? For more information, visit or

A la prochaine…

Adrian Leeds - The Adrian Leeds Group, LLC Adrian Leeds

Director of The Adrian Leeds Group, LLC

(the sun, it burns)

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