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“Live, Love and Learn”

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I am reminded of “love.” In this case, the word means affection for another person…as I might love my daughter, a significant other, family or friends. But the word “love” has many other meanings…such as a strong predilection, enthusiasm or liking for just about anything.

Besides the important people in my life, there are clearly other “loves” that play an important role:

1. Love of the written word — both writing it and reading it, as ideas and concepts, truth and imagination.

2. Love of the creative arts — particularly photography as a visual medium which records our lives as our eyes might record the images into our memories.

3. Love of food — preparing it and sharing it, with loved ones at home or in restaurants, where the culinary aspect is in fact, the art of the pleasure (or is it the pleasure of the art?).

You may have noticed these three loves are repeating themes in the Parler Paris newsletter. It is no mistake — as sharing these passions with you is what fuels my fire and lust for more.

Let’s start with 1) Love of the Written Word.

Paris is awash with writers. They flock to Paris like moths to a flame. We all know about the famous Americans who called Paris home in the early part of the last century…like Hemingway, Stein, Miller and the others of the “Lost Generation.” Then came the recent wave of writers who share their Parisian adventures with you…like Diane Johnson, Adam Gopnik, Edmund White and the others we rub elbows with at the local readings and booksignings.

If the written word is written all over your forehead in neon lights screaming “I’m a writer inside this brain waiting to be freed!” — and you want to do more about it than just flash it to everyone who passes, then here’s your opportunity to put your pen where your mouth is.

This is where you will learn more about the Writing Salon and Other Adventures with James Nave — the path to experience the power of the imaginative storm!

Spend six days flooded by originality, experimentation, passion, and the alchemy that occurs when writers come together to share the joy of writing. Each Writing Salon is a lacuna in time: a place where you can leave your everyday life behind and take refuge in magnificent landscape, amazing conversation, great food, and an atmosphere crackling with creative spontaneity…

1. Cooking Up a Storm on Rue Tatin, Cooking and Food Writing, April 1 – 6, 2007

2. The Writing Salon in Ireland, Writing from the Imaginative Storm,
April 17 – 21, 2007

3. The Writing Salon in Taos, Writing from the Imaginative Storm,
July 22 – 27, 2007

4. The Appreciative Inquiry Creativity Salon, An Exploration into Imagination, August 19 – 24, 2007

5. The Writing Salon in Spain, Featuring Billy Collins, September 23 – 28, 2007

For more information on any of these workshops, just click here now or contact James Nave at The Writing Salon, P.O. Box 2454, Taos N.M. 87571 or call: within the US: 1-877-994-8267, outside the US: 1-919-949-2113 or email: [email protected]

Now scroll down even further on the same page
and experience the world of Cecilia Woloch.

This well-known international poet’s Creative Writing Workshop will take you to Centro Pokkoli, Vitorchiano, Italy …just an hour’s drive from Rome, situated in the stunning Tuscia region, a week-long immersion March 4 – 10, 2007 in the creative process enhanced by this extraordinary locale, its medieval architecture, breathtaking views, and of course, participation in an international community of writers.

To read more about it or register before it’s too late, click here to download the pd

f brochure or contact Cecilia Woloch at [email protected]

Moving on to 2) Love of the Creative Arts — Photography.

You all know how important a place photography has in my heart. About 17 years ago I started collecting photography — iconic images that wouldn’t let go of my imagination. They got framed and hung becoming fixtures in my life as relative as friends. Then, my daughter got the photo bug and now she’s making them from her own creative spirit. You’ve seen many this past year as the mascots to many Parler Paris issues. Often, the images she takes what sparks the words that get written in that day’s issue.

In honor of The Photo, I have teamed up with the Px3 Photography Competition — The “Prix de la Photographie, Paris” (Px3), which strives to promote the appreciation of photography, to discover emerging talent, and introduce photographers from around the world to the artistic community of Paris.

Juried by leading editors, publishers, curators, gallery owners, consultants, creative directors, and art directors (and me!), Px3 brings the best of photography from across the globe to Paris. Winning photographs will be displayed in a high-profile gallery in Paris and published in the high-quality, full-color Px3 Annual Book this coming June.

Anyone can enter the competition! — Professional photographers, non-professional photographers and student photographers. Watch out, though…the deadline is fast approaching — February 20, 2007! Click here NOW to learn more about it and enter so you won’t miss showing off your own photographic talents to an anxious audience.

Last, but not least, 3) Love of Food.

Yesterday you read about dining out in the City of Light and the Insider Paris Guide to Good Value Restaurants. Today we offer you a different kind of dining out. Take the train from Gare St. Lazare an hour and twenty minutes to Louviers, where you will walk through the small wooden door at On Rue Tatin, Susan Herrmann Loomis’ 15th-century Norman retreat, and enter a savory, aromatic world where culinary adventure awaits. With a glass of local apple cider in hand, you will watch Susan — an experienced cook and cooking teacher – prepare a dish, giving you hints and tricks along the way. You will then settle yourself at the dining table in On Rue Tatin’s cozy timbered dining room and enjoy a multi-course meal, which will include the dish that Susan demonstrated for you.

Come to Susan Herrmann Loomis’ and share both a culinary learning and sensual experience:

February 18, 2007 The Taste of Provence
March 25, 2007 The Taste of Italy
April 22, 2007 Springtime Spring Vegetables
September 30, 2007 Savoring Seafood
October 28, 2007 Warming Winter Foods

Click here now to learn more and reserve your place at Susan’s table.

Live, Love, and Learn…
you have only one life to live.
Live it with love. Live it with lore. Live it with learning.

A la prochaine…

Adrian Leeds
Editor, Parler Paris

P.S. Be a writer. Be a photographer. Be a chef. Be yourself.


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