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The merry month of June in Paris is coming to a sweet and poignant ending in preparation for more merriment to come. It’s finally turned really warm and summery, something we didn’t have last year at all, and the weekend promises to be filled with surprises.

Friday midday will be spent visiting Château La Trousse in the town of Cocherel, near Meaux, about 50 kilometers outside of Paris in the Ile-de-France, Seine-et-Marne region. The property was originally owned by Imogen Bonnet and her husband, but recently was offered as a co-ownership or Fractional Ownership with only two shares remaining.

Imogen says it’s pure heavenly luxury, so I’m going to find out for myself, meeting up, too, with Interior Designer ‘Extraordinaire,’ Martine di Matteo, who lives very nearby in her beautiful stone house in the country — all this near EuroDisney. (Remember “Picture Perfect French Country Afternoon” from

You can visit for more information about the château, but stay tuned for a first-hand account of the magnificent estate, that could be partly yours!

After lunch Chez Imogen at Le Château La Trousse, Pascal Fonquernie (Director of and I will be getting ready for a stunning evening of the country’s handsomest men — the Firemen of Paris — for the 57th time (not the same men, I’d think!) performing amazing gymnastic feats at the Palais des Congrès during “La Nuit du Feu 2008.” He’s been talking about it for years — so finally a chance to go! Don’t worry, Monday there will be a full report! See for more information.

Then, there is no rest for the cultural weary. This coming Saturday, Paris celebrates Gay Pride with the annual parade that fills the streets on its route with every type of sexually-oriented person one can imagine…heterosexuals, homosexuals, bisexuals, asexuals, transsexuals, transvestites, hermaphrodites, and you name it (are there any I missed?). Comfortable or not to be among them, there is no question that everyone has fun!

This is one of my favorite days of the year, when regardless of your own orientation, you can be free to be whoever or whatever and just enjoy the sights and sounds, of which there are many. Anyone can join in the parade, find a group with which to march and tag along. The costuming or ‘lack of costuming’ is always a photo op…be prepared to see body parts of all shapes and sizes, sometimes in contortions that can look awfully painful. (I am forever mesmerized by the transvestites in their mile-high platform shoes that would send anyone hobbling to the podiatrist, but managing to survive the entire 3.5-hour walk (although it always starts late and ends late!). For more information, visit )


And when it’s all over, we’ll be left with the birth of a few nations to celebrate…Canada day, July 1st; Independence day, July 4th and Bastille day, July 14th. Get ready.

A la prochaine…

Adrian Leeds
Editor, Parler Paris

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P.S. Special Note for the Parler Parlor French English Conversation Group: On Saturday, June 28th, Lutèce Langue offices will be under construction, so just for this Saturday only, we will be meeting at the café downstairs and next door at Au P’tit Boulevard, 23, boulevard de Sebastopol. For more information, visit See you there!


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