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Money Talks and We Talked About It

Brian Dunhill, Dunhill Financial Services, speaking at the forumBrian Dunhill, Dunhill Financial Services, speaking at the forum

Forum Hors d'Oeuvres by Chez JennyForum Hors d’Oeuvres by Chez Jenny

The Forum team during QAThe Forum team during Q&A

The turnout was a record for us — 70 people came to the North American Expat Financial Forum yesterday to hear seven professionals talk about money, investment, property, banking, currency, financing, etc…all from the point of view of being expatriates in the “foreign” land of France.

After Peter Zipper spoke about the advantages to protecting your assets by virtue of an account in Caye International Bank in Belize, I reminded everyone who already had a French bank account, that from a North American point of view, their account in France was every bit as “off shore” as an account in Belize or anywhere for that matter outside of the U.S. or Canada.

Our expatriate lives lead to a whole lot of complications when it comes to money: we have to deal with tax reporting on both sides, determine how to avoid double taxation, manage currency conversion from dollars to euros and a whole host of issues when it comes to getting a mortgage or purchasing a property. Our presenters had plenty to say, our attendees had plenty to ask and after four hours of information, we answered a few final questions…mostly about the current rental laws in Paris that we hadn’t addressed earlier.

At midpoint we took a few minutes to have a glass of wine, down a few hors d’oeuvres and chat with the other attendees. After the event, a smaller group of us stayed for a sumptuous dinner at Chez Jenny and further discuss…whatever!

Thanks to Moneycorp Currency Brokers and Caye International Bank who sponsored the event, the forum was free for all who attended. That may have contributed to the large turnout, but still, it was a four-hour investment in time, mid-week beginning mid afternoon. That means the attendees were serious about learning more about how to manage their money living abroad. I’d agree with that assessment based on who was there and what questions they asked the presenters.

This morning I received some very nice comments from attendees — Bernadette B. said it best: “Thank you for all of your hard work in offering, planning, and executing an incredible Forum for Expats! Each speaker was most informative and a lot of great information was presented. My Congratulations and sincere Thank You to you, your Team, and all of the presenters.”

To learn more about the event, and to contact any of the presenters for individual counsel (before the web page is no longer available on our site), visit our Conferences and Events page.

Lisa Aanselmo (by Tom Reeves)Lisa Aanselmo (by Tom Reeves)

Meet the Authors 2017 in Nice, France

Adrian Leeds Group Apartments - Le Matisse Nice, FranceLe Matisse Nice, France

Tomorrow Lisa Anselmo, Patty Sadauskas and I are headed to Nice on the early TGV. One reason is that Lisa will be speaking about her new book, My (Part-time) Paris Life: How Running Away Brought me Home, a memoir, at the Meet the Authors event Saturday afternoon and I’m Emcee-ing. Author, Margo Lestz, organized the event where seven authors will be offering a chance to discover their books and their stories. I do hope you have an opportunity to attend, as they will talk about their recent works, read a bit from them and answer your questions. You will have an opportunity to purchase their books and get signed copies! Participation is free (but Margo asks that you purchase at least one drink to show the host venue how much we appreciate them).

Saturday, June 3, 2017
3 to 5 p.m.
Scotch Tea House
4 avenue Suède, 06000 Nice

For more information, visit our Conferences and Events page or email Margo Lestz at [email protected]

The weekend in Nice is particularly chocker-block for me, with visits planned to several clients’ properties, a few signings on those properties on their behalf, as well as a serious need to get to the beach! That’s when I’ll know that the summer has really begun! I’ll be spending much of the summer this year in Nice, but for those who wish to get to know the Riviera town a bit better, my apartment, “Le Matisse,” is welcome only to my Parler Paris friends. Visit Le Matisse on our site or our booking partner, Paris Sharing, for availability and to book your stay.

Stay tuned for a report on all this and more in Monday’s Parler Paris!


A la prochaine…

Adrian Leeds - Paris, France

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