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“Oh well, “”c’est Paris, n’est-ce pas?!”””

Phone booths are becoming more and more obsolete in Paris, now that everyone carries their personal phones, personal computers and personal gadgets that connect them to the world at large using a wireless signal provided by the city, free no less. So, some people have obviously decided to find some other use for those glass boxes along the sidewalks that have those big silver things inside…what are they? Phones, you say?

One young plastic lady decided to turn this one into a shower stall, and take a “douche” (shower) wearing snorkeling gear and a striped bikini behind a big red poppy printed curtain. Most people walked by without even noticing anything unusual about it. Oh well, “c’est Paris, n’est-ce pas?!”

Young plastic ladies can find themselves in the most unusual places. These two are a bit disjointed, but seem content to wait in the back seat of their car. Passers by didn’t blink an eye.

Another two have their backs turned away from us as they model their latest fashions. Were they simply shy? Do you think window shoppers even noticed?

In another window, more women of the plastic variety are showing off their lack of a bikini wax — one needs the removal of a sea urchin and the other a cactus. The “Institut de Beauté” reminds us…”C’est l’été, faites vôtre maillot” — “It’s Summer, Do Your Wax!”

When you’re walking down the street, you have to keep your eyes and ears open wide in Paris so you don’t miss these obscure tidbits. This well-groomed gentleman must have done the 100-brush stroke routine to his burgeoning beard. Wonder how much it catches along route?

And how do you like their matching outfits? Yes, you see correctly. The one on the left with a pony tail, purse and skirt is the of the male species and the one on the right with the short hair is the woman. Go figure!

If you would like to know the temperature, just pass by this giant thermometer on rue Poitou in the 3rd. Would you believe it to be accurate?
Or you could have a conversat

ion with a chef from a window within a door way over your head on rue Vieille du Temple. No one thought a single odd thing about it.

Oh well, “c’est Paris, n’est-ce pas?!”

A la prochaine…





Adrian Leeds
Editor, Parler Paris

P.S. We saw lots of new faces at yesterday’s Parler Paris Après Midi, so don’t miss the report with photos by visiting /parlerparis/apresmidi.html and then mark your calendar for next month’s gathering on November 13th.

P.P.S. It’s not too late to register for the Living and Investing in France Real Estate Conference this coming Saturday — or you can even walk in that morning! See /frenchproperty/conference/LIF_Paris_Oct_2007/index.html for more information


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