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Palatial Living…At a Special Holiday Offer!

If you’ve followed the progress of “Le Palace des Vosges” over the past year, then you’d know that the first owners are already enjoying the property.

For those of you who may not know to what I am referring, just have a quick look at Le Palace des Vosges. This is a luxurious “Fractional Ownership” apartment on the famous 400 year-old Place des Vosges — Paris’ best address! Fractional Ownership is not “time share!” When you own a “fraction,” you actually OWN a portion of the property and not just the time! In this case, there are 13 four-week shares.

A.Q. and J.M. were the first to purchase a share and the first to stay in the apartment. They cooked up a storm during their two weeks, tested all the appliances and made sure to have a bath or two in the Marie-Antoinette style claw-foot tub. Before leaving, A.Q. wrote: “Thanks for putting together a place where we actually felt at home and can now call our own home…a pied-à-terre without costing us the price of a home.”

Immediately following, E. and D.N., with two of their friends, C. and R.J. arrived for a week’s stay. When I arrived to greet them all, they had already put out a big spread of food on the table they had purchased at a nearby “traiteur” and had made themselves very much at home.

After a night or two, they were raving about how quiet it was — “almost too quiet” one remarked, and amazed that they could hear the birds just outside the windows with all of Paris just outside their doorstep. The apartment is on the second courtyard after entering at number 9 on the Place, just next to the three-star Michelin rated restaurant, L’Ambroisie. From the apartment there is a beautiful view of the 17th-century “Hôtel de Sully.”

Again, there was no doubt that the apartment fulfilled everyone’s expectations and then some. Not only is it beautiful and luxurious, but more importantly, it is completely comfortable, homey, inviting and truly livable…as they discovered and exclaimed.

Just before they all arrived to enjoy their stay there, we had an opportunity to take a full video tour of the finished product and we also took some brand new photos! The video was produced by two young videographers. Would you like to see the video tour now? Just click here:

If you can’t automatically view the video, click here:

To see the newest photos (by Erica Simone), visit the site at: Le Palace des Vosges

But here’s the really special news.

The owners have agreed to make a special holiday offering to you Parler Paris readers so that a share (or two) in Le Palace des Vosges can be the best Christmas gift anyone could ever ask for…at a special savings of 5000€ per share you purchase!

All you have to do is have the 15,000€ fully refundable* deposit received into the escrow account by December 31st, 2009. Simple as that!

*Your 15,000€ deposit is fully refundable (less escrow fund, bank fees and other expenses as noted in the Escrow Agreement) until you have received the Complete Document Package and you have confirmed your purchase by signing these documents and paid for your share in full.

Eight shares are still available and we don’t suspect they will last long.

For more information about how to purchase your share (or more) of Le Palace des

Vosges, visit Le Palace des Vosges or email Mary Ellen Gallagher at [email protected]

We welcome you into our community at Le Palace des Vosges with open arms.

A la prochaine…

Adrian Leeds
Editor, Parler Paris

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P.S. Don’t hesitate to email us with your questions about this amazing opportunity. Property in the Place des Vosges is the best investment one can make in Paris — no address is better. Email: [email protected] or visit Palace des Vosges for more information.


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