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Paris: The City of Love

The signs of love are everywhere in Paris.

Last week, my ‘ex-stepdaughter’ (the first daughter of my ex-husband, but she will always be like a first daughter to me) and her new husband (they ‘tied the knot’ on June 2nd in Tennessee) honeymooned in Paris of course, the world’s most romantic city.

Friday, American friend and colleague, Nancy Szczepanski (who I lovingly call ‘Nancy Panski’), said “I do” to Frenchman Philippe Robert, a man she met only a few weeks after moving to Paris…fulfilling both her dreams to live and work in Paris and start a family. It all happened the moment she held her breath, closed her eyes and took the giant and scary leap into life in France. She lovingly blames me for such a ‘horrific’ fate due to all the well-intentioned encouragement.

On the streets of Paris, there are many more pregnant women than seems normal, the most obvious unequivocal sign of love. French women make it a point to show off their bulging bellies, unlike American women who tend to wear tented dresses for modesty. Their tight cotton tank tops allow a clear view of their protruding belly-buttons and swollen breasts. That’s when I yearn to just lay my hand on the top of the mound to feel the baby move inside and can’t help but think about how much love must surround the baby and the soon-to-be parents.

Saturday while riding on the bus, there was a young couple at the bus stop saying their goodbyes. They looked innocent and sweet and hesitant to let go of one another. They kissed tenderly and then she boarded the bus while he walked away. When she approached where I was sitting, one could see her eyes were dreamy and she didn’t notice my adoring smile.

Walking to my apartment door later in the evening, another young couple were pressed tight against the wall of a neighboring building entwined in a very passionate kiss. They didn’t seem to care who saw them and am sure they were oblivious to just about everything going on around them. They didn’t notice my smile, either. Wonder why not?

Displays of affection are simply everywhere. The age or sex of the couples don’t seem to hinder them fro

m expressing their feelings, whether carnal or emotional. It’s uplifting and heartwarming to feel so much genuine adoration for one another when in the world as a whole there is so much hate and disapproval.

Whether you’re in love in Paris or in love with Paris or in Paris with a lover or your lover is from Paris…no one denies that Paris is the city of love. If you’re not in love when you arrive, you’re sure to fall for someone or something or just for Paris itself. If you come to Paris already in love, then you’ll feel right at home. If you have love to give, then you’re sure to find someone willing to accept it. And if you have no love to give, then watch out (!)…Paris will give it for you.

A la prochaine…

Adrian Leeds
Editor, Parler Paris



P.S. Need a romantic restaurant to take someone you love or wish to make love to? My personal favorite is Caruso (nothing is more sensual than pasta!) at number 3, rue de Turenne, in the 4th Arrondissement (Phone, Fax, Métro Saint-Paul). For this and more than 200 recommendations, check out my own Insider Paris Guide for Good Value Restaurants at


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