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SPECIAL EDITION: Make the Most of Learning How to Live and Invest in France – Don’t Miss the Mini-Conference in Nice

Last September, we hosted a Living and Investing in France Conference in my favorite Riviera city, Nice. It was our 26th conference of this kind, but the first time ever to be held in Nice! (French Property Conferences and Workshops)

Mini-Conference in Nice - The beachThe beach in NiceParler Nice Apartment Le MatisseLe MatisseMini-Conference in Nice - Flower Market in Nice, FranceFlower Market in NiceMini-Conference in Nice - Typical property in Nice, FranceTypical property in NiceMini-Conference in Nice - The Facade of the EllingtonThe Facade of the EllingtonMini-Conference in Nice - The Ellington PatioThe Ellington PatioMini-Conference in Nice - The Ellington RoomThe Ellington Room

Nice was awfully nice. The weather was gorgeous and the 35+ attendees had the time of their lives over the course of three days: the first day hearing from a dozen professionals, the second day visiting 10 properties on the market and the third day touring the Riviera by luxury coach. It was informative, productive and a whole lot of fun! Lots of new friendships were made and a lot of the folks who attended ended up staying on the Côte d’Azur, either for living, or for attending French classes or purchasing a property for investment purposes.

I got hooked on Nice years ago as a tourist, and now that I have a Niçois apartment of my own (Le Matisse), I go down as often as I can — which is almost as much as once a month. I can take the train (TGV) or fly (Air France or Easyjet) — but either way, it’s not very expensive (normally under 100€). The more time I spend on the coast, the more I want to be there. It’s as addictive as Paris, but in a different way for different reasons.

Of course, a big reason is the weather — royal blue skies, sultry warm air and that gorgeous Mediterranean light that influenced so many of the impressionist painters to create some of the world’s greatest works of art. Another reason is the lifestyle — it’s much more casual and carefree, so the moment stepping off the plane or train to swaying palm trees, azure blue waters and warm-colored stucco buildings, I swoon and sigh with relief from the tension of city living.

One thing I discovered about Nice is that one can have a luxurious lifestyle for a whole lot less money than in Paris. Real estate is half the price, restaurants and entertainment are a bargain and even transportation is not only great, it’s very inexpensive.

Real estate investment is particularly interesting, because it’s a major tourist destination for Americans, Canadians, British, Italians, Russians…and a host of others, therefore the rental market is vibrant. It is not suffering from the same woes as Paris and without the rental market, Nice would simply not be nice…or Nice! For this reason, making a purchase in Nice or some of the other communities on the Riviera is a very smart move. Not only can you have the pleasure of the usage of the property, but you can reap the rewards of the rental revenues, too.

Le Matisse stays well booked — so booked that I have to book myself in long in advance to sneak in a few days here and there. When I saw just a few days open in September this year, I grabbed them — as September is one of the nicest times of year: the vacationing kids are gone, but the weather is still warm and and the beaches are at their finest. Then I realized that it will have been just one year ago that we had our conference and became nostalgic for that time when so many of our readers came together to experience Nice and our common interests.

That’s when I had the ‘bright idea’ to pay a visit to the Hôtel Ellington to see if they could spare a room for me along with a few readers one evening so that we have a “mini-conference” or “group consultation” — for those who are interested in learning more about living and investing in France.

Of course they did! In fact, they were willing to let us have their big beautiful Ellington Room that seats almost up to 100 and let us use their projection system for a PowerPoint presentation. Perfect!

So, here’s the plan:

We’ll gather on the beautiful back patio of the hotel at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, September 16th for drinks and networking. This will be a first chance at getting to know one another and getting relaxed!

Then at 7 p.m., we’ll ‘mosey’ up to the Ellington Room where I will make a PowerPoint presentation and talk about one hour to give an overview of the ins and outs of living and investing in France. I’ll be covering such topics as…

* Why invest in French property…
* Understanding your right to be in France…
* Knowing your tax obligations…
* Setting your goals…
* Getting a mortgage…
* Property prices…
* How to find property in France…
* How the search process works…
* How the purchase process works…
* How to rent for profit…
* How to reduce your currency risk…

And in conclusion — we’re going to open the floor to questions so you can learn how to make your dream come true to live and invest in France. I’ll be prepared to answer just about any questions you have — the idea is for all of us to learn more and have a great time in the process!

After that — we can gather again on the patio for drinks together or go off to dinner — your choice!

Offering this mini-conference is NOT for OUR profit. This is for YOUR PROFIT! We’ve priced to be affordable — just enough to cover our costs and make it easy for you to attend. The drinks and any snacks you eat will be at your choice and your expense — the hotel makes is available and inexpensive. And if you register now, you’ll save off the “at the door” price.

So, don’t pass this up. Register NOW and make your plans to join us in Nice September 16th for this special moment in your life now and for good times in your life to come.

The Mini-Conference
Tuesday, September 16, 2014
6:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
The Hotel Ellington
25 Boulevard Dubouchage
Nice, 06000, France

6:30 p.m. Cocktails and registration on the patio
7:00 p.m. Presentation by Adrian Leeds
8:00 p.m. Q and A
9:00 p.m. Free for cocktails on the patio or whatever…

Buy your own drinks: Wine/Beer/Soda 5€, Cocktails/Champagne 8€
Order Up Your Own Snack: Charcuterie or Cheese 8€

Entry fee: 35€ advance, 45€ at the door. Limited seating available


A la prochaine…

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The Adrian Leeds Group

(in Nice, of course)

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Register for Nice Mini-ConferenceP.S. Invite your friends. And don’t wait long before you say YES, I’M ATTENDING! It’s an opportunity that is well worth taking. See you there!


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