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SPECIAL EDITION: Two Shares at a Bargain and a Five Point Discount at a Five Star Property

Le Palace des Vosges Fractional PropertyLe Palace des Vosges Fractional Property- Gail and Rick M.Le Palace des Vosges share owners Gail & RickLe Palace des Vosges Fractional Property - Adrian Leeds and Martine di MattéoAdrian Leeds and Martine di MattéoLe Palace des Vosges Fractional PropertyLe Palace des Vosges Fractional PropertyLe Palace des Vosges Fractional PropertyLe Palace des Vosges Fractional PropertyLe Palace des Vosges Fractional PropertyLe Palace des Vosges Fractional PropertyLe Palace des Vosges Fractional Property

There are only three shares left of Le Palace des Vosges and they happen to be adjacent to one another.

That might mean nothing to you, but it might be important once you consider these special offers.

Le Palace des Vosges is a five-star, luxurious fractional ownership property in Paris. There hasn’t been a single visitor, guest or current owner who doesn’t think it deserves that description. Here are what some of the owners have to say:

“I entered and knew immediately that this was it! The elegance of Marie Antoinette’s Paris grounded by the huge rustic 400 year-old beams spoke to me. The view from every room of the Hôtel de Sully, built in 1624, was ‘la piece de resistance.’ I am thrilled to be an owner!” Gail M. (and Rick)

“The bottom line is – in the future we’ll be returning to Paris in the way that only owning a specific property and caring about the details achieves – the sensation of coming home. Thank you, Adrian and Martine, for your expertise and vision in purchasing, designing and decorating our amazing apartment. I knew it was the perfect situation for us.” Gail A. (and Bruce)

“We are enjoying the apartment and Paris so much, Jane and I feel its one of the best decisions we’ve made. Everyone involved deserves a good pat on the back for the care and thought and effort that has gone into keeping the apartment in such excellent condition. As you know, it’s a pleasure to come home too.” Mark C. (and Jane)

Le Palace des Vosges is a two-bedroom, two-and-a-half bathroom (two en suite to the bedrooms + a powder room) 81 square meter (872 square feet) home located at Number 9 Place des Vosges — Paris’ illustrious 400 year-old square that is considered the best address in the city. Located in the second courtyard of what was once the Hôtel des Chaulnes, with direct entry from the ground level, it is easily accessible like a private home and spacious beyond belief. It is decorated, furnished and equipped for the most luxurious of lifestyles thanks to its complete renovation and decoration by our accomplished Interior Architect, Martine di Mattéo. It is not only absolutely beautiful and charming, but it is totally comfortable and missing nothing. I mean nothing.

If you don’t believe me, see the photos here.

There are now ten happy owners. Recently, two couples related by marriage purchased two shares together so that they could ‘share’ their four-weeks giving them even more flexibility. This makes perfect sense. In fact, a few of the other owners have ‘married’ their shares so that together they can come and enjoy blocks of time in their beautiful Paris home.

Now that 10 shares are sold, the price of each share became more valuable…just like works of art when the number of a print is ‘editioned.’ As the prints sell leaving less in reserve, the price goes up and so it is with Le Palace des Vosges. This is also good for the current owners as their shares are now more valuable on the ‘secondary’ market.

The shares are a bargain given that real estate values in Paris have risen sharply the last few years, but the price of the shares in Le Palace des Vosges haven’t risen. The price of the shares has remained the same since it was launched in 2009! Still, we’re going to make you an offer that you will want to take advantage of…NOW…before it’s two late…before all the shares are gone, gone, gone.

Here’s the offer:

The developers are willing to sell two shares together, just like the two couples purchased, at a “formidable” discount. Normally the price of one share is 147,900€ and therefore, two shares are 295,800€. But if you and your friends or relatives want to purchase two in tandem, then you can reduce the price of each to 144,500€, a total of 289,000€ and a savings of 6,800€!!!…And a way to share the good fortune with your co-purchasers!

Shares lettered “B,” “C” and “D” are available. Any two of those adjacent to one another ‘marry’ beautifully so that together you can enjoy one block of four weeks twice per year! See for yourself how the calendar works.

And what if you only want to purchase one share? We have a special offer for you, too.

Take an additional savings on the rate of exchange! We assume you will make the purchase in U.S., Canadian or Australian dollars. That means a currency conversion from dollars to euros, but we can save you money there, too.

When you make a purchase of one share (or more), we’ll reduce your cost by five points off the current exchange rate!

For example, if the U.S. dollar to euro rate is $1.35, your rate will be $1.30. So, if you purchase one share at 147,900€, your savings in U.S. dollars will be $7,395! And if you purchase two shares at 289,000€, your savings is $14,450!!!

Now, we know that before you make such a serious decision, you will want more information, but more importantly, you’d want to know what kind of people with whom you’d be co-owning this beautiful Paris apartment. Before you get a chance to talk with or meet with them (which we can facilitate), I can tell you that this is the most congenial group of owners you will ever want to meet. So congenial, that every year they hold the annual general assembly over breakfast at the home of one of them…and even though they live all over the U.S. and Australia, several are willing to fly thousands of miles to participate! It’s amazing! They just don’t want to miss an opportunity to get together.

You are sure to have questions. You are sure to want to see the apartment. But don’t wait too long. There are only three shares left. We are offering two for a greatly reduced price and they are sure to get bought up quickly. So, talk to your friends, talk to your relatives. Put two shares together and come to Paris for four weeks at a time and best of all, make Le Palace des Vosges your home.

Visit Le Palace des Vosges for more information.

Or contact us now at [email protected].

A la prochaine…

Adrian Leeds Le Palace des VosgesAdrian Leeds

Director of The Adrian Leeds Group, LLC

(in Le Palace des Vosges)

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Le Palace des Vosges Fractional PropertyP.S. The only additional cost includes the annual dues shared by all owners! Your responses will be dealt with on a first come, first serve basis, so don’t wait too long before we know you are interested. Visit Le Palace des Vosges for more information or email us at [email protected]


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