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I’ll bet that every time you come to Paris, and especially if you stay in a luxury apartment like ours at Parler Paris Apartments, you think to yourself, “Wouldn’t it be great if we had our own ‘pied-à-terre’ we could use from time to time?” I thought it myself as long ago as 1979 when I first landed here as a tourist. Rather than being a tourist in a hotel, being in an apartment makes you feel like a real ‘resident’ — having a real ‘piece of the pie.’

Sure, owning your own apartment can be a treasure trove of pleasure, but it’s not right for everyone. With it comes a big investment, the decision-making, the possible burden of a large mortgage and the responsibility of home ownership. This is why the concept of Fractional Ownership emerged on the scene, beginning with corporate jets and the sharing of such an expensive asset.

Warning: don’t confuse Fractional Ownership with Time Share. Time Sharing is just that — the sharing of the usage of a property without the investment in a real asset. This is not what we’re talking about!

In Paris and many other parts of France, Fractional Ownership is a brilliant idea for those who want to spend a certain amount of time here in their own “pied-à-terre” while making a viable investment and all without the hassles of individual ownership. When you share one property with several other owners, the responsibility is distributed among you, and usually, the property is managed by an outside agency removing the owners from all interventions…with the exception of having to make certain general decisions.

If you purchase a share in a good property, naturally it will appreciate over time and therefore, so will your share. Your share can be sold at any time, just like any property, and of course, when you do, you’ll reap the rewards of the profits. (Remember the three golden rules of real estate: location, location, location!)

Purchasing a share in a professionally well designed and decorated property will add to the value as the developers will have considered that it must appeal to a broad base of buyers. You as an owner with a share should be aware that you may have to compromise some of your own taste in order to take advantage of the benefits of shared ownership…but that’s not such a great sacrifice to make!

When you compare the budget you have to spend for Single Ownership with Fractional Ownership in Paris or other parts of France, it is clear that you can purchase a much more substantial and valuable property by investing in just one share rather than taking on the responsibility of the property all on your own.

Fractional ownership is prfect for anyone who wants to spend a significant amount of time in the City of Light, but wants hassle-free ownership and the ability to “come home” to their own “pied-à-terre.”

We are fortunate to have several amazing properties on offer right now, at which it’s worth taking a serious look.

thumb 019 palace des vosgesLe Palace des Vosgesthumb 029 palace des vosgesLe Palace des VosgesjeweloftheseineJewel of the Seinejotsdin2Jewel of the Seinenotredame-4Le Notre Damenotredame-1Le Notre Dame

Let’s start with “Le Palace des Vosges.” Le Palace des Vosges is located at the best address in Paris…Place des Vosges, a 400-year-old square in the heart of the historic Paris Marais district.

It is located on the courtyard adjacent to the Michelin-rated three-star restaurant, L’Ambroisie just one door down from the entrance to the gardens of the Hôtel de Sully — it’s an oasis of calm in the very center of Parisian life. The apartment is 81 square meters (872 square feet) with a large living room-dining room, gourmet kitchen, two beautifully decorated bedrooms, two spa-like en-suite bathrooms and a sweet powder room. Well-known Interior Designer, Martine di Mattéo poured her heart into creating the luxury decor of Le Palace des Vosges and was duly rewarded by Maison Chic Magazine in a 24-page article in July of 2011. The huge 400 year-old beams are balanced by château stone tiled floors with ceilings more than four meters high…and every inch has been restored to ultimate luxury for a dream stay in Paris. It’s a perfect home away from home surrounded by the history of Paris.

Several shares are available. For more information visit Le Palace des Vosges.

Next, let’s take a ride on the “Jewel of the Seine.” Located next to Notre Dame on the beautiful and historic Île de la Cité where life in Paris began. This is “kilometer zero” from which all points in France are measured.

This rare Paris apartment has one master bedroom with a queen-size bed, and a second bedroom with twin beds, 1.5 bathrooms, and impressive views of Notre Dame’s towers. The building is on the banks of the Seine river opposite the Hôtel de Ville (city hall) and Ile Saint-Louis.

This ideal location is very rare, since there are so few buildings on this magical island located right in the middle of the Seine River. The views of Notre Dame are breath-taking and the only noise you’ll hear are Notre Dame’s bells which ring only during the day. This is the heart of the historic center of Paris.

The building is classified among Paris historical monuments and this Paris apartment has been entirely renovated restoring its ancient wood floors, wood beams and moldings to their original beauty. The bathrooms and kitchen are exquisite and the apartment has been designed to offer owners a comfortable and luxurious residence that turns a Paris vacation into ‘being at home.’

Although the apartment is on the third floor (with an elevator) and entirely faces the large open inner courtyard, there are gorgeous views of Notre Dame. The apartment’s high ceilings with original wood beams and oak wood floors that traverse the entire apartment, have all been restored. Jewel of the Seine combines original beauty with modern comforts: 1.5 bathrooms, a large fully equipped kitchen, high-speed Internet, air-conditioning, washing machine and dryer, cable TV and much more.

The Jewel of the Seine is available in two week shares — you choose. For more information visit Jewel of the Seine.

“Le Notre Dame” is another beauty to consider. The Ile de la Cité is where life in Paris began centuries ago, centered around one of the world’s most important cathedrals, Notre Dame. Just a few steps away is this old-world elegant studio apartment with windows providing a perfect and beautiful view of “Our Lady.”

The apartment sits on a charming side street on the island that splits the Seine River on what was once known as “Lutèce” and is classified among Paris historical monuments. It has been entirely restored to include its original centuries-old wood beams, fireplace and antique touches. From the dining area, there are direct views of Notre Dame. This is the geographical center of Paris (and all of France) so you’ll be able to walk almost everywhere in the city center. There are several Métro and bus lines with stops located a few feet from the apartment, and Le Marais is just a five-minute walk away onto the Right Bank.

Le Notre Dame is a perfect Parisian home for a single person or couple wanting a centrally located home in the City of Light at a “petit prix.” Choose from four-week shares, which can be divided into two sets of available two-week periods.

For more information, visit Le Notre Dame.

Now’s the time to stop dreaming about having your own “pied-à-terre” and really do something about making that dream come true. If you are interested in learning more about how you can have a ‘piece of the pie’ with Fractional Ownership in Paris (or elsewhere), or want to know more about any one of these properties or the others we represent, visit our site at French Property Fractionals or email us at [email protected] so that your questions can be directed to the appropriate manager or owner.

A la prochaine…

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Editor, Parler Paris

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