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Still Crazy After All These Years in the City of Light

Adrian & Erica at the Crazy Horse Entrance

Twins, Roman & SlavaTwins, Roman & Slava

Twin Johns in the Ladie's RoomTwin Johns in the Ladie’s Room

Sortir à Paris - Paris, France

Susan Herrmann Loomis - Après MidiSusan Herrmann Loomis – Après Midi

North American Expat Financial Forum

Bloom Where You're Planted 2019 - Paris, France 

I promised last week to report back to you on our Wednesday evening at the Crazy Horse, so here you go:

We stopped to take selfies in front of the big red lips outside the cabaret entrance and at the same time, a fancy car pulled up, out of which came two men and two women. The men weren’t memorable — middle-aged, gray hair, overweight, in suits. But one of the women was a show-stopper — pretty, very long blonde hair, with over-collagened lips, wearing a black lace and nude-netted full-length dress with her over-augmented breasts spilling out. I can only imagine that the two guys hired the two women to escort them to the Crazy Horse and for whatever follows that?

We were shown our seats and they weren’t bad…at least not until a big woman with wild hair piled up high on her head and sticking out in a million different directions sat directly in front of my daughter making it near to impossible to see the show. There were a number of empty seats in the center of the theater, so being the assertive people we are, Erica went over to the usher to ask if our seats could be moved to one of those.

“Sorry, miss, but sixteen seats were purchased by those two couples (referring to the four we saw entering [who we jokingly called ‘Miss Boobs and Company’) so that no one would block their view.”

Really? Can you imagine? I guess it must be nice to have money, or an expense account, or whatever afforded them the luxury of taking up a good portion of the theater at a minimum of 87€ a pop. If I were running the establishment, I wouldn’t have allowed a block of empty seats like that, because it gives the appearance of the cabaret being less than successful than it really is. Nonetheless, we had no choice but to put up with the wild mane of hair and enjoyed the show in spite of it.

The dancers are gorgeous, their performance impeccable and the light show is amazing! I wouldn’t call it “sexy” exactly, because in some ways it’s too mechanical to be that (but, maybe I’m not the right person to ask!?), but I did find myself being jealous of those perfect perky breasts (all absolutely identical), beautifully shaped legs and especially their fabulous shoes — at least six pairs of shoes are tailor made for each dancer with Christian Louboutin designs (and I wish I could wear them without killing myself)!

All and all, it was worth putting up with the small encumbrances, but believe it or not, our favorite part of the show was the identical twin tap dancers who were fabulous and funny — Roman and Slava, the synchronized twins from the Ukraine who make you think you’re seeing double! We also thought we were seeing double in the Ladies’ Room with its set of twin Johns…for what reason they exist I have no idea…other than to be “Crazy!”

“Crazy” is what Paris has become now that La Rentrée has seriously kicked in…bordering on frenetic. I can barely keep up with what’s in store for Parisians this Fall. One site I use to keep on top of things is Sortir à Paris  available in English  of all things happening in the City of Light, crazy or otherwise. But, just within our own community, don’t miss these important events:

* Tomorrow’s Après Midi from 3 to 5 p.m. at Le Café de la Mairie with long-time friend and master chef, author and cooking instructor, Susan Herrmann Loomis…

* September 18th’s North American Expat Financial Forum at the American Church of Paris from 4 to 8 p.m. hosted by Dunhill Financial and the Adrian Leeds Group and sponsored by Moneycorp Currency Specialists (limited seating, so register ASAP)…

* October 5th’s Bloom Where You’re Planted, also at the the American Church of Paris (I’m speaking at 10 a.m. so be sure to get there early!)…

Looking forward to seeing you all at any or all of these events!


A la prochaine…







Adrian Leeds - with Erica at the Crazy Horse

Adrian Leeds
Adrian Leeds Group

(with Erica at the Crazy Horse)

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