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Marché des Enfants Rouges in Paris
Marché des Enfants Rouges

I’m finally taking my own advice.

In less than two weeks, a sweet little studio apartment on rue Charlot will be all mine. That’s when I’ll be signing the “Acte de Vente” (final sales contract), the keys will be turned over to me and I’ll assume all the responsibilities and rewards.

At a mere sixteen and one-half square meters, it’s just large enough to accommodate a small, but complete kitchen, a bath with shower, built-in storage including a washer/dryer, TV/DVD/Internet and all the luxuries of home. Three windows facing the courtyard with southeast exposure allow for the light to pour in, but the noise to stay out.

Last week I met with a contractor I trust and a friend who is an expert “mosaiiste” (mosaic artist). It’s been decided…one wall will come down to expose the 17th-century stone, the ceiling will come out to expose the ancient wood beams, closets and cabinetry will be built to provide plenty of storage and will use French doors with square paned panels, some with mirrors to add light the illusion of space. In mosaic tile, the designer will create a one-of-a-kind bathroom with free-formed shower maximizing the space, tile a matching kitchen and small dining table in Provençal styles and colors I’ll choose from sample bits.

The goal is to create the most charming and inviting 16.5 square meters one could possibly imagine in the heart of Paris. Following the Provençal theme, I’ll decorate it in multi-colors, warm tones of yellows, blues, greens and lavenders. When it’s finished, about two months from the outset, it will be offered for short-term stays at the price of an equivalent hotel room. A 50% occupancy rate is all it needs to more than cover the mortgage and expenses. Everything over that is pure “gravy” (it could easily net close to 10% return on investment) and meanwhile, the property will appreciate (Paris property appreciated 14% on the average in 2005!).

The ability to purchase this property is 100% the result of the property I purchased in Paris almost six years ago — the apartment I live. It has tripled in value in that time, providing me with enough of an equity loan to purchase not only this little studio, but another I’ve had my eye on (I just made an offer on it!). There is no doubt that these are good investments. These properties will provide the financial security I’ve always dreamed of and perhaps the ability to afford even more sometime in the near future, growing a valuable portfolio I can leave to my daughter.

In the last five years, since discovering the world of real estate in Paris (and throughout all of France), my carefully formed team of property professionals and I have helped hundreds of people realize the same dream…at Living and Investing in France Conferences, through one-on-one consultations, providing property searches and purchase assistance programs and through our publications.

Six years ago when I made that first property purchase in Paris, I was pretty naive. Not any more. Now after years of working within the industry, there’s very little about the property purchase process I don’t know, and what I don’t know, I know who to ask and how to find out. In fact, I’ve made it my business not only to know, but to share this information with you.

It’s called French Property Insider.

It’s our weekly electronic magazine (e-zine) devoted to educating its readers on how to effectively, efficiently and profitably purchase property in France.

Every issue (50 per year) is packed with information…

* How to find great properties in Paris and France…
* How to structure your real estate purchase…
* What pitfalls to look out for…
* How to work with your “Notaire” (property attorney)…
* How to minimize your capital gains tax obligations…
* How to earn a profit from your French properties…
* Plus how to build a rich and fulfilling life in France.

French Property Insider also contains listings of apartments and homes for sale as of each writing — that provide a sampling of what’s on the market at the time. Property prices are reported regularly — as often as the Chambre de Notaires updates them (quarterly). New laws and changes to existing laws are brought to light. The ins and outs of purchasing specialty properties, such as the “viager” or 1948 rent controlled apartments is often on the roster.

You’ll also find articles on culture and lifestyle to help you learn those important things necessary to

“fitting in,” wherever you choose to rent or buy.

It’s all at your fingertips…every single week!
And today we have a special offer for you —
to take my advice.

First, let me assure you that with your subscription, you will receive FREE reports to help you make your dreams of living or retiring in France a reality…

“The Paris Property Report”: Designed to answer all your questions about buying in Paris…

And…”The French Leaseback Program: Are Leasebacks for You?” This report gives you the background and history of the program, the ins and outs, ups and downs, pros and cons — the truth about the French Leaseback “scheme.”

Plus…as a subscriber to French Property Insider, you will be invited to run FREE 3 months of online classified text ads on our Web site or 3 FREE text messages inside the weekly newsletter. You can use your free ads to advertise a property you have to rent or to sell.

Plus…as an FPI subscriber, you’re entitled to a special discount price on our highly informative electronic Insider Paris Guides!…the
“Insider Paris Guide for Good Value Restaurants,” online since 1996!; the “Insider Guide to Practical Answers for Living in France” by Jean Taquet with more than 200 questions from real people and all the practical answers for Living in France; the “Writers Insider Guide to Paris” by Elizabeth Reichert, for novelists, journalists, poets, dreamers, and doers alike! And the “Insider Guide to Black Paris” by Melinda Herron — the first guide of its kind, totally devoted to Black Paris.

Take my advice…

Searching for the perfect piece of French property isn’t easy. With no MLS service, so many agents to see, the language barrier — it can be grueling. You can spend days and weeks searching for your dream property and still come up empty handed. But French Property Insider can make this difficult job much simpler.

When you subscribe today for one year at the low price of $49.50, you will receive a coupon for $30 off a one-on-one private consultation with me, by phone or in person any time* between now and August 31, 2006. That means that if you take advantage of the offer, your subscription to FPI will be a mere $19.50 — less than 39 cents an issue!!

If you subscribe for two years at the low price of $79.50, you will receive a coupon for $50 off the consultation fee of $290. While you’re calculating your savings, imagine that now your valuable, information and entertaining French Property Insider costs less than 30 cents per issue!!

Ridiculous, isn’t it? But, best of all, you will have all that great advice for a real bargain.

For the lover of France…the would-be French property owner… the dreamer of a new life in this glorious country…it doesn’t get much better than this. For a pittance, you’ll get all the services and benefits I’ve described, including 50 opportunity-packed and informative issues of French Property Insider.

Right now, and only until May 31st, the opportunity is yours. Take my advice. Don’t delay.

Click here to read a sample edition to be sure French Property Insider is right for you!

Or, click here to subscribe!

It’s that easy — and you’ll be on your way to making your dream come true! Become a subscriber today.

A la prochaine…

Adrian Leeds
Editor, Parler Paris
Email [email protected]

P.S. * Consultations are accepted by phone or in person Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. Paris time.

P.P.S. Of course, if for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your subscription to French Property Insider, you have my personal guarantee. You can cancel at anytime for a pro-rated refund. No questions asked.


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