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The 1st week, of the 1st Month, of the Number 1 Universal Year

Sunny Menton, in the southSunny Menton, in the south

Snowy Paris- Pby Patty SadauskasSnowy Paris- by Patty Sadauskas

Smoggy Eiffel Tower- by by Patty SadauskasSmoggy Eiffel Tower- by Patty Sadauskas

by Patty Sadauskasby Patty Sadauskas

Adrian's beretsAdrian’s berets

If you follow Parler Paris and Parler Nice, then you already know that I spent the holidays in the sunny south…the very, very sunny Riviera where the snowiest things were the flocked Christmas trees and phony Christmas displays. I had lunch outdoors “en terrace” most days as the thermometer registered 60° Fahrenheit, while Paris was 36° and foggy — although the “fog” is likely more like “smog” with Paris’ high level of pollution.

Paris is fighting its pollution with a new plan as of this month restricting traffic in certain zones for the first time. Vehicles entering Paris must be certified as of January 15th and marked by a sticker indicating their level of pollution — “Crit’Air” issued by the Ministère de l’Écologie et du Développement. Efforts began earlier last year with the permanent closure of the traffic lanes along the Seine between the Tuileries tunnel and the Henry IV tunnel. I must admit, the upper roadway seemed much heavier trafficked as a result, contributing to more pollution just a few feet away. Does it really make a difference? New reports will tell.

Meanwhile, the weather definitely seems to affect the mood of the people as the Niçois seems to be happier and more relaxed than the average Parisian. I know it definitely affects my own mood which is why it’s become so addictive to be here at least a few days every month.

Strangely, at the stroke of midnight on the 1st of January, 2017, the cold & flu I had been battling for several days mysteriously disappeared and lifted like a black cloud. It was weird that it left so suddenly…but I took it as a sign for things to come…a new and very different 2017 than the past year we have known.

Then, I received a notice from touting “Woo hoo, this is the moment you’ve been waiting for… 2016 is finally over. In the words of Leonard Cohen, “Hallelujah!”

According to the soothsayers of numerology, “we’ve just entered the 1st week, of the 1st month, of a 1 Universal Year (2+0+1+7=10, and 1+0=1). 1 is the number of new beginnings & fresh starts. It ignites ideas, inspires growth, and sparks lightning-fast manifestation.” And they say that this is the beginning of a 9-year cycle, from 2017 to 2025.

Whether you believe in or follow numerology doesn’t matter, but I can personally tell you that the prediction has already manifested itself for me. First was the lifting of the “sickies” on the dot of midnight and since then, a flood of good luck and prosperity has inundated me. People making the move to France, or making the decision to invest here hit the “tipping point” and the phone calls and emails are flooding in. Maybe it was the strong dollar (getting stronger against the euro by the nanosecond), or the low interest rates (well under 2%), or the strong U.S. economy…or maybe it was the election of Donald Trump, but Americans are planning to come to France in droves. If the soothsayers are right, they will be prospering from their 2017 decisions, too.

The new year kicks off, too, with the filming of yet another House Hunters International episode — my 25th! The crew of six (cameraman, sound engineer, director, “fixer,” the contributor and her friend, will arrive “chez moi” early tomorrow morning with their equipment, croissants and big smiles. This one is centered around a young dancer looking for a long-term rental apartment in the City of Light. The challenge when filming in the winter is lack of light during the short days and the bitter cold. You can therefore count on me wearing one of my many colorful berets — which one? Wait and see…

A la prochaine…

Adrian Leeds - Arriving in Aix-en-Provence, Photo

Adrian Leeds
Adrian Leeds Group

(arriving in Aix-en-Provence, by Tom Marquardt)


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P.S. We’re looking for a one bedroom/one bathroom apartment anywhere in Paris in which to film a House Hunters International episode THIS COMING SATURDAY. If you know of anyone willing to let us film in their apartment — it takes about 4 hours using light mobile equipment — please let me know IMMEDIATELY!! Email: [email protected]?subject=HHI_Filming_Saturday. Thanks!

P.P.S. While we often focus on Paris, our connections and resuources are found all over France. Many people are looking to other affordable areas in which to invest or live. We will be happy to help you fulfill your dreams in France, wherever you wish to be. Details on our services can be found right here!


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