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The Most Palatial Address in Paris

I’m not the only one to have this attraction to it — it’s also the best address in Paris. Nothing is more elegant and illustrious than living on the Place des Vosges.

Madame de Sevigné was born at Number 1bis and of course, Victor Hugo lived there from 1832 to 1848 at Number 6 (now a Ville de Paris-managed museum devoted to his memory). Cardinal Richelieu lived at Number 21 from 1615 to 1627 and the courtesan, Marion Delorme lived at Number 11 from 1639 to 1648. The ceilings at Number 14 were painted by Lebrun, but are now reinstalled in the Musée Carnavalet. Henri IV’s great minister, Sully occupied Number 7, now where you will find the tiny “porte” to the magnificent grounds of the Hôtel de Sully. The list of ‘luminaries’ who have occupied its walls is impressive.

So, when we discovered this “maison” (more of a house in the country than an apartment in Paris) nestled in the back corner of the courtyard at number 9 (next to the Michelin three-star restaurant, Amboisie), I swooned. Finding an apartment for sale in the Place des Vosges is virtually impossible, as they mostly get passed down within families, but we did it, and this one is the ‘diamond in the rough.’

The entry at number 9 is one of those grand arched doors. There is a key pad where you must have a code to enter, so don’t even try, or the Concierge will send you scurrying out! Once you enter, you discover a cobble stoned courtyard, a bit of statuary in the center, the windows of Amboisie on the right, the windows of the Hôtel de Sully on the left and a prestigious art gallery straight ahead. Turn down the little road on your left — it winds down what feels like a country lane to another courtyard, planted with roses, bits of more statuary and a few parked cars. On this courtyards sits an atelier, several small houses, a few garages and in the far corner, two walls of windows four meters high.

That’s the “Palace des Vosges”…the name we’ve given this ‘jewel’ which is to be our newest fractional ownership property.

It’s 84 square meters (900 square feet) with two bedrooms, two en-suite bathrooms and a powder room that will be added. The property comes with two closed parking garages — one will become storage units for all of the owners and the other reserved for parking a car. (Can you imagine — a parking space IN the Place des Vosges!?)

You enter through the main door which is part of a glass-paneled wall into a large and spacious living room-dining room-kitchen that has huge 400 year-old beams and stone…yes, stone…floors. The ceilings are at least four meters high. There is a stone spiral staircase that leads to the upper bedroom and a small staircase that leads to the lower bedroom. Being stacked one over the other, both bedrooms have spacious baths and closets and share the wall of glass panes that overlook the courtyard. The lower bedroom has an entry to a finished tiled cellar (for storing all those precious bottles of wine at perfect temperature!) and the upper bedroom has a charming oval window that overlooks the main living area.

The view from the windows looks onto the courtyard and has a perfect view of the upper floor of the Hôtel de Sully…quite stunning! We plan on privatizing the entry by using shrubbery and plants to create an enclosed patio where one can dine out or relax. There are plans to add a fireplace, improve the windows and garage doors and totally renovate and decorate the property to maximum palatial luxury.

“Le Palace des Vosges” will be no ordinary Paris apartment. We’re fortunate to have Interior Designer Martine di Matteo creating the royal setting for the “aristocrats” who will occupy its chambers. Martine’s design talents which combine French esthetics with Western comfort, convenience and functionality is well proven in the many luxury rental apartments she’s designed and decorated for Parler Paris Apartments. This past Friday, she and I spent the day at the Maison & Objet Interior Design Trade Show to find the perfect furnishings.

The “Promesse de Vente” (the first sales contract) will be signed on September 22, 2008 and by the end of December, the signing of the Acte de Vente (the final deed) will take place. The property will be owned by up to 13 different owners, each one with four weeks of usage, purely rotational in two-week increments, beginning May 2, 2009.

These thirteen lucky owners will share “Le Palace des Vosges.” Anyone who purchases a share may attend the Living and Investing in France Real Estate Conference absolutely FREE! Or, if you attend and then purchase a share, the registration fee will be refunded. Shares start at their lowest price for the first four owners and then increase as the shares are sold out. For a property such as this, the cost per meter per share is not only within the range of other fractional ownership properties in Paris, but is considerably less than some with not nearly as fashionable an address.

The legal documentation is in progress to be written by the attorneys of John Howell & Co, London so, if you are even remotely interested, it would be a good idea to contact us now. You will be put on a special mailing list to receive more information and a reservation contract. The first owners will benefit from choosing the best usage dates and purchase at the lowest prices.

Face it, you could be one of the illustrious residents of the Place des Vosges and one of the lucky owners of “Le Palace des Vosges.” And more than that, you could have four weeks in Paris when you like, living like Marie-Antoinette or Louis XVI.

Is it a dream or is it reality? Find out how to make this dream come true. Visit Palace_des_Vosges for more information or email Mary Ellen Gallagher or me at Palace_des_Vosges

A la prochaine…

Adrian Leeds
Editor, Parler Paris

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