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The Sacred and the Profane

My sister sent me a video of a French commercial that shocked me.







Not that I am a puritan, you understand. For crying out loud, I’ve been living in France a long time where the subject of sex is very open and very much a part of daily life, so that wasn’t what was so shocking about it. What shocked me is that she, of all people, sent it out. At least it was only to a small group of people she knew would appreciate it. Still, it was one of the most amusing animated films I’ve seen, the subject being the use of condoms to protect oneself from sexually transmitted diseases such as AIDS.

The French do have a way of creating advertising around the subject of sex (that we all know sells products and services better than anything) that is amazingly tasteful, even from an American puritanical point of view. That doesn’t mean that you’d ever see these commercials in any American media. God forbid! What would god-fearing Americans do? Put their hands over their eyes and tell their children not to look, too?

Here’s one for bottled drinking water you may appreciate, especially all you women who are trekking to the gym regularly to lose a little weight!: Bottled Water Commercial

Or when you happen to meet up with your husband, cars side-by-side, in this case driving a Hyundai?: Hyundai Commercial

Did you ever want to learn more about the French art of loving? Here you go — see this commercial by Aubade: Aubade Commercial

And this one is just so French, but advertises nothing!: Commercial for Nothing

We’re so used to seeing nudity in public places in France that no one stops to think much of it. One year (2000), rock star Johnny Hallyday performed a free concert at the Eiffel Tower with the girls from the Crazy Horse dancing nude beside him before an audience of 500,000. Did anyone blink an eye? No, there wasn’t even a lot of staring. (I was there and remember how shocked I was, not to see the nudity, but the fact that it could be done in such a public place!) If you want to see for yourself, click here: Johnny Hallyday Concert

Earlier this year, France banned the wearing of a burqa – a Muslim cover-all headdress, but in contrast at the same time, a video surfaced of a man running nude through the city streets to promote himself as a pole-vaulter! Can you handle this video?: Nude Pole-Vaulter

Hey, I’m not complaining. Are you?

A la prochaine…

adrian apresmidi_14-9-10Adrian Leeds
Editor, Parler Paris

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P.S. For those of you who are daring enough to watch the French condom commercial, email French Condom Commerical and we will send you the link!

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