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“Today, Eat Cheaper in Paris”

You can eat cheaper in Paris now! Hard to believe isn’t it? But as of today, the Value Added Tax (VAT or TVA) has been lowered from 19.6% to 5.5% in order to give the dining-out market a boost. There is hope that you’ll see more fixed-price menus at reduced prices to lure in new diners. Of course, it will be interesting to see if the restaurateurs will pass on the savings to the consumers or pocket their new profits.

You don’t need to be rich to dine well in Paris – you just need to know where to go.

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The Finance Ministry is responsible for the change in tax assessment and to keep the public informed, has created a Web site: États Généraux de la Restauration,

Passage MolièreThey claim the restaurant industry is suffering as a result of today’s economic climate, and as a result, tourism was down in the beginning of the year. But I must admit, I haven’t seen it in central Paris. While the weather is beautiful, Parisians are dining out. Not a table was to be had last night at l’Esperluette, a tiny little bistrot in the back of Passage Molière in the northeast part of the 3rd arrondissement where we celebrated Parler Paris team member, Florence Richburg’s, birthday. (This is one of those tiny hidden corners of Paris one must know about or randomly discover.)

It’s true. I dine out twice a day. The local supermarket only sees me occasionally to stock up on toilet paper and cleaning supplies. Fresh food just spoils sitting in my tiny fridge since I’ll never get around to cooking and eating at home. (I just love an empty, clean refrigerator!) So, the tax difference may affect my own pocketbook substantially, that is if I can scout out the “restos” which are passing the 14.1% savings on to their consumers.

The electronic restaurants guide I’ve been writing since 1996 was and still is based on good-value dining — designed to help people like me have a great meal in Paris at a pittance. If you read most of the guide books or dining articles in travel magazines, you’d think it was expensive to eat well in Paris. The reviewers must have had a big budget or been ‘comped’ by the restaurant! And yes, of course a really fine meal will cost you a really fine centime, but here are loads of bargain bistrots that don’t ever make it to the press. (We try to keep those for ourselves!)

If you’re planning on celebrating July 4th here in Paris and want to know where to get a good burger, Joe Allen is where (30, rue Pierre Lescot, 1st). This American restaurant in Paris for more than 30 years is sponsoring a special Independence Day Party with a “Taste of America” menu. If you think their burger is good, try their Salade Niçoise! (Don’t tell the French, but their version is better than any other Niçoise you’ll find anywhere.) Visit

Wonder if their burger will be a bargain this year?


A la prochaine…

Adrian Leeds
Editor, Parler Paris, with Florence Richburg at L’Esperluette


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P.P.P.S. A special happy birthday, too, to little Jack Harris, born June 30, 2009 to Rachel and John Harris of Knoxville, Tennesse. He has the special title of being my “ex-step grandchild!”


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