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What Do You Do on Christmas Day in Paris?

I’ve stayed home in Paris almost every Christmas since having moved here. So many friends and relatives head this way while they have vacation Stateside, that someone has to take care of the “inn” I’ve affectionately called “Hotel Leeds.”

Warning to all those who contemplate owning an apartment in Paris: you will discover friends and relatives you didn’t know you had! Oh, it’s not so bad. In fact, it can be downright wonderful that they all come to you and you get to just enjoy the City of Light like a tourist.

This year, my daughter pried herself out of her new West Village “pied-à-terre” to spend three weeks with her mother and her boyfriend of more than five years. Her long-standing junior and high-school friends have been dropping by to say hello, showing off their bulging pregnant bellies or new jobs and their perfected English, now that they’re using it regularly in their adult lives.

This week we “rendez-vous-ed” for lunch with friends from Germany who came in for just one day (!) to visit Paris with two exchange students from Chile they are hosting this year…and again with a friend from Chicago who also came for just one day (!!), only to return again the next morning to the Windy (and very cold) City for Christmas Day. Paris is a ‘magnet’ for a “Bonne Noël!”

So, what does one do in Paris on Christmas Day?

While most Parisians are opening their gifts, slicing into a turkey or ham and pouring up the “Vin Chaud,” Jews and non-Christians are heading to the movies and then a Chinese dinner. It’s tradition! Most of my daughter’s friends from her school days in Le Marais are of mixed nationalities (making for an eclectic and quite beautiful group of young French), so they’re happy to join us at the big round table (seating 12) at our favorite Asian restaurant in Belleville, “Lao Siam” (number 49, rue de Belleville).

But if you’re not so inclined as to take on the tradition of non-Christians, and prefer something a little more in the Christmas spirit, let me make a few suggestions for great things to do in Paris on Christmas Day:

Erica Simone and Adrian LeedsA la prochaine…and a very Merry Christmas!

Adrian Leeds (with Erica Simone)
Editor, Parler Paris


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P.P.S. Reminder: I’ll be at La Pierre du Marais Saturday afternoon with Victoria, of “Divine Feminine Touch,” to learn the “Joy of Sex-y!” Hope you can join all us gals in learning the trade secrets from a woman who knows how to get a man and/or make yourself happy (!)…it’s sure to be an absolute blast! Scroll down for more information and to reserve your (“G”) spot or visit /frenchproperty/conference


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