Après-Midi Recap

Craig Carlson July 2021

Adrian LeedsGroup Après-Midi with author Craig Carlson on Zoom
Craig Carlson, Photo © by Meredith Mullins

Photo ©Meredith Mullins

Craig Carlson, author and restaurateur, delighted us at Après-Midi on Zoom not only with his own gift of gab, but with his husband, Julien Chameroy, at his side to recount some of their incredible stories at restaurateurs. His “Belle Maman,” Elisabeth, joined in to show us a plate of “cuisses de grenouilles”(frog legs) she was about to prepare for their dinner and to be at their side as Craig read the story about having discovered a bed of “escargots” (snails) they found, prepared, cooked, ate and smuggled into the United States!

We heard all about the recent filming of an Emily in Paris episode at one of the diners and how Craig met actress Cheryl Ladd just after having arrived in Paris. His stories of his journey doing business in the City of Light will amuse and enthrall you, both in the form of his funny and poignant books as well as during this two-hour Zoom meeting with him, Julien and Elisabeth.

About Craig Carlson:

With a background in journalism, Craig received a B.A. from the University of Connecticut. After graduation, he moved to Los Angeles where he studied at the University of Southern California, receiving an M.A. in film production. After winning the prestigious John Huston Directing Award, Craig wrote and directed a short film, Wheel of Torture, which went on to win awards at the Chicago Film Festival as well as the Lucille Ball festival of comedy.

In 2003, Craig completely shifted gears and decided to open the first American diner in Paris. After more than a decade in business, Breakfast in America continues to serve authentic breakfasts and burgers to customers from all over the world. Pancakes in Paris is Craig’s debut memoir about the experience. His follow up book, Let Them Eat Pancakes, was published in July 2020.

Watch the entire two-hour session here.


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  1. Paula Wulff on September 8, 2021 at 2:00 pm

    Will you be continuing your Apres-Midi sessions via zoom for those of us who can’t get to Paris at this time. I am especially interested in the upcoming Susan Herrmann Lomis session next week. Many Thanks.

    • Adrian Leeds Group on September 10, 2021 at 10:09 am

      For September we will be meeting in-person only at the Cafe de Mairie in Paris.

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