Après-Midi Recap

Jonathan Hadida – March 2023

French tax specialist Jonathan Hadida

Jonathan Hadida, started with the goal of providing top-quality service to expats in and around France and that’s what he so clearly showed during his two-hour presentation and Q&A at Après-Midi. Two of his team members based in Paris also attended.

We had a full house of expatriates looking for answers to their myriad of tax questions, and they got them! Jonathan made it very clear from the beginning, that a U.S. retiree in France could easily end up paying less tax in France than if they had stayed in the U.S.! And that advance planning, especially in regard to purchasing real estate, is the best answer to their tax management. One thing we learned for sure, is that trying to do your tax returns yourself is counter-productive as costly mistakes are possible if one doesn’t have the same level of knowledge and experience!

A lawyer by trade and an accountant at heart, Jonathan holds a Masters’ Degree in International Business Law from McGill University, a J.D. from Osgoode Hall Law School (common law degree), and an LL.B. (civil law degree) from Université de Montreal. Jonathan is an attorney licensed with the New York Bar. A long-term expat himself, Jonathan has
worked in international tax positions in Canada, Belgium, India, Switzerland, France, and the United States.

The Hadida Tax Advisors team is passionate about taxes, relishing in the challenge to find the best possible solution for every client to achieve success. The team assists individuals with their tax compliance and consulting needs in both France and the United States. Their team takes the time to understand your situation and can assist individuals to complete all necessary tax return filings, including:

• US individual and/or business returns
• French individual returns, wealth tax declarations, and French rental property income reports

For more information, visit our site or his website.

Even if you couldn’t be there, you don’t have to miss the session! Be sure to watch the video of the entire session.


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