Après-Midi Recap

Lindsey Tramuta – February 2023

Author Lindsey Tramuta at a Paris cafe

I’ve been following Lindsey Tramuta since her first blog in 2017, “Lost in Cheeseland!” That simple beginning launched an impressive journalistic career as a bilingual French-English culture and travel journalist, bestselling author, podcaster, and editorial consultant. Since 2012, her work has appeared in: The New York Times Style Magazine, The New York Times, Condé Nast Traveler, Fortune Magazine, Afar Magazine, Travel & Leisure, Eater, and Vogue, among other international publications. Based in Paris for over 15 years, she is the author of the bestselling book The New Paris: The People, Places & Ideas Fueling a Movement and The New Parisienne: The Women & Ideas Shaping Paris.

When not traveling across Europe, Lebanon, Botswana, and the U.S. to report stories, Lindsey can usually be found drinking coffee and curling up with a book alongside her husband and two cats.

Lindsey wowed a large group of devotees at Après-Midi with her viewpoint on how women from all corners of the globe are shaping Paris in a way that Emily in Paris doesn’t portray…the truth about the dynamism of the city. We kept her busy fielding questions well after the 5 p.m. end of the session—no one wanted to leave or stop learning from such an interesting and intelligent expert.

Even if you couldn’t be there, you don’t have to miss the session! Be sure to watch the video of the entire session.


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