Après-Midi Recap

Jonathan Hadida, Nice – January 2024

French tax specialist Jonathan Hadida

Jonathan Hadida with Hadida Tax Advisors, wowed a SRO attendance at Après-Midi in Nice on Thursday at Restaurant Oscar. For 1.5 hours he talked “tax,” and not just any “tax,” but taxes a U.S. citizen would pay OR NOT by making France a full time home.

In fact, according to Jonathan, a U.S. citizen, retiring in France, could easily end up paying quite a bit less tax than if he stayed in the U.S. Jonathan is animated and funny, in spite of the subject which many people take very seriously…too seriously in my humble opinion. I’ve seen too many people driving their lives based on the taxes they will pay OR NOT, rather than considering that the reason they work hard is to have enough money to enjoy life the way they want…then they deny themselves the pleasure!

One of the things one can learn living in France, in a socialist democracy such that it is, is that money is not what makes you happy. Security, yes. Pleasure, yes. But, money for the sake of money is a commodity you can’t take to your grave. So, ask yourself: How much money do you really need to live the life you want? Fortunately, in France, you need a whole lot less than if you’re living in the U.S.

We recorded the session, but discovered when it was way too late that the microphones were not active and therefore we have this fabulous video of Jonathan making this important presentation, without any audio! My apologies now and forever for the lack of technical expertise that prevents you from seeing it for yourself…but have no worries…Jonathan works with us on many webinars and presentations, so you will have another chance very soon!

Jonathan started Hadida Tax Advisors with the goal of providing top-quality service to expats in and around France. A lawyer by trade and an accountant at heart, Jonathan holds a Masters’ Degree in International Business Law from McGill University, a J.D. from Osgoode Hall Law School (common law degree), and an LL.B. (civil law degree) from Université de Montreal. Jonathan is an attorney licensed with the New York Bar. A long-term expat himself, Jonathan has worked in international tax positions in Canada, Belgium, India, Switzerland, France, and the United States.

The Hadida Tax Advisors team is passionate about taxes, relishing in the challenge of finding the best possible solution for every client to achieve success. The team assists individuals with their tax compliance and consulting needs in both France and the United States. Our team takes the time to understand your situation and can assist individuals in completing all necessary tax return filings, including:

• US individual and/or business returns
• French individual returns, wealth tax declarations, and French rental



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  1. NilaLu on January 29, 2024 at 9:25 am

    Please have Jonathan do a zoom meeting soon. so we can all be there 😃 .. thank you

    • Adrian Leeds Group on February 8, 2024 at 9:37 am

      Jonathan will be presenting at our next Financial Forum on March 21st. Hope you can join us!

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