Après-Midi Recap

Lynn Heyman – September 2022

Lynn Heyman presenting at the Adrian Leeds Group Apres-Midi in Paris

Lynn Heyman’s bio doesn’t do her justice.

Book cover to Paris Moments, but Lynn Heyman“Lynn, a New York City native, has an illustrious career teaching French language and literature. She has studied and spent years in Paris and throughout France, where she returns often. A seasoned world traveler, she now resides near San Diego, California.”

She told me over lunch that she rarely tells much about herself, but when I explained that our audience wants to hear more about her than her book, she agreed to being more open and we actually learned a lot! This is a prolific author who has written many books under a pen name, of which she won’t and can’t divulge for family reasons. She’s lived in many cities, has traveled to many places and has had a fascinating life that includes dying on the operating table, but having been brought back to life. Her congenital heart disease is what almost got her.

Lynn attended the University of Massachusetts in Amherst as well as La Sorbonne in Paris. In addition, she did studies a the Université de Strasbourg in “Le Français des Affaires” (business French). She was awarded on numerous occasions by American Association of Teachers, the French government, the Québec government and by the Université de Pau in France. Lynn has 38 years of teaching French under her belt at High School and University levels. One of the many feathers in her cap was being hosted by King Mohammed VI in Morocco.

Without a PowerPoint presentation, and just herself and her latest book, Lynn read excerpts, talked about her experiences in France and answered a whole host of questions.

Her latest book, Paris Moments A Novel, takes place in France . . . but of course!

“Brie Beaumont Taylor is a literature professor in desperate need of a sabbatical. Her spontaneous return to France, sets off an unexpected adventure. Her travels take her between glamorous Paris, the City of Light, and to Cannes on the glittering Riviera during the legendary Cannes Film Festival. Brie’s encounter with an alluring Frenchman sparks emotions that become a catalyst for her own renewal and healing. She experiences a rebirth that brings her into her own power–a power she thought she had lost. She soon realizes there is a very tangible danger from which she must protect herself, a danger that has followed her all the way from America. “Paris Moments” blends romance, mystery and friendship together in a perfect rapport.”

Her protagonist is very much like Lynn herself—and while this book is fictional, it mirrors much of Lynn’s personal story, so it could be a kind of memoir. One of Lynn’s close friends who is an author in her own right, sitting next to me at the event, whispered in my ear that “Lynn has many stories to tell!” I’m sure she is right about that, and since I’m enjoying Paris Moments so much myself, I am sure that not only will you enjoy it, too, but any subsequent novels Lynn writes in the future!

We recorded the session, however, because of technical difficulties, it ends about 20 minutes in, for which I sincerely apologize. You can view it here, anyway, if you like.


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