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Adrian Leeds – October 2022

From Survival to Success in the City of Light!

Adrian Leeds taking a break on set for House Hunters International taping in Lille, FranceIt was a 70th Birthday Celebration! I brought in pastries from Chez Omar to share with everyone while I shared my reflections on 28 years of living in France…Over 100 people joined me to hear the story of how I got to where I am today…from moving to France on a whim with my family, through a challenging divorce that left me virtually penniless, to finding my true path helping people create their own new and best lives in France.

We’ve never had such a large turn-out before and it became SRO. It was not rehearsed and totally candid…but, if you want the entire story, you can read the Nouvellettres® of October 10th and 17th in which I detail the story in two parts. This session was more extemporaneous and interactive with the audience, full of laughs and loads of fun.

Thanks to everyone who attended! Thanks to everyone who brought gifts and cards! Thanks to everyone for being so supportive all these years.

The session was recorded. In order to watch the gathering live in its entirety, just click here.

Notes about Adrian:

Adrian Leeds was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. She attended the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City and spent a year on a kibbutz in Israel before settling into family life and building her career—first in Knoxville, Tennessee, then in Los Angeles, California.

She has more than 21 years of experience in marketing and public relations—first with Levi Strauss & Company, then with television station promotion, broadcast sales, media buying, and advertising.

In 1994, she moved to Paris with her family for a one-year “sabbatical”…and never left.

Adrian has a passion for writing and publishes three online publications a week (since 2001!): Monday and Wednesday’s  Nouvellettres®, and French Property Insider, all of which have a large following.

She created the first online Paris restaurant guide in 1996, Adrian Leeds’ Top 100 Cheap Insider Paris Restaurants (no longer available), and is currently working on a memoir about how she carved out her dream life in France from nothing but a little resourcefulness—and a lot of chutzpah.


Some photos taken by Meredith Mullins

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