Après-Midi Recap

William Jordan May 2021

William Jordan Zooms for the Adrian Leeds Group May Après-Midi

William Jordan is not new to Après-Midi. In fact, he’s spoken four or five times over the years because what he has to say is always fascinating. A retired U.S. diplomat who has lived outside of the U.S. for 27 of the past 39 years, he was in the Foreign Service for 30 years (1981-2011) as a political officer specializing in the Arab world and France. His overseas assignments included Arab nations such as Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Syria, Jordan and Algeria and his responsibilities included reporting and analyzing foreign policy trends (especially as they related to the United States), as well as internal politics, including the rise of radical Islamist forces. And now you know why his talks are so enlightening!

The topic was: “Overseas Americans are Citizens, too: Why Changing Washington’s Opinion of Overseas Americans Matters.” This discussion was devoted to the real issues Americans face living overseas and how and why they are treated unfairly or not from the US government’s point of view. It promised to be enlightening and informative.

If you watch France24, the national news channel that broadcasts in French, English and Arabic, then you may have seen him comment on political issues there. He’s also the ‘man in the know’ for BBC Radio, Radio France International and lectures on foreign affairs at the French Ecole Militaire and at the Paris campus of New York University. Since May 2020, William has been president of the Association of Americans Resident Overseas. In addition to that, he has joined the board of the St. Petersburg (Florida, not Russia) Conference on World Affairs. He’s one of those Americans in Paris who has made important contributions to our lives and of whom we, as Americans, are unduly proud.

We had about 135 people tune in from all over the U.S. and Europe for William’s discussion of the trials and tribulations Americans face at the hand of the U.S. government. I can tell you that you won’t want to miss this. If you did, have no fear! You can watch it in its entirety by clicking here.

And, special note: as you get to the end of the video—thanks to AARO and William Jordan—he makes a special AARO membership offer during his presentation!

16 months membership for the price of 12
Offer is good until 31 May 2021
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