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Pricing the Perfect Paris Pied-à-Terre

Volume IV, Issue 3

The Chambre de Notaires just reported the prices for Paris and vicinity for third quarter 2005. Hot off the press — the figures will wow you (at least, they did me!) as Paris continues to boom with no end in sight. Read below which areas of the city make the best investments and which don’t…

We also take you to the 2nd arrondissement — the rue Montorgueil area — also known as the “Sentier.” This is an area of the city to be seriously considered for investment and to be watched, as values climb and livability becomes tops. Read about two of our recent clients who found heaven in the Sentier.
Moneycorp brings you predictions on what we can expect from the euro/dollar rate of exchange — a very important subject for investors buying property in France with the weaker U.S. dollar. Moneycorp is the perfect solution to reducing your currency risk when making transfers from one to the other. You’ll get the best rate of exchange you can get and the service is excellent — I personally use Moneycorp regularly.
UCB (formerly Abbey National) has news on the mortgage front — as they are starting to provide loans on Leaseback properties! There’s a new Leaseback property on the coast near Toulon, so with interest rates still under 3%, maybe now’s the perfect time to consider making this kind of investment.
Tomorrow morning, Yolanda Robins and I head out early for London via the Eurostar to attend one day of the annual Vive la France French Property Show. Forty-thousand people are expected to fly through its doors over the weekend, but we intend to get a jump start as we go expecting to meet with agencies, lenders and other services of the industry who help us provide a comprehensive service to those wishing to invest in France. Rest assured, we will be reporting on our finds next week.
A bientôt…

Adrian Leeds
Editor, French Property Insider
Email: [email protected]

P.S. Don’t delay to register for the upcoming Paris Living and Investing in France Conference March 17 – 19, 2006. There is nothing else you can do in less time and as inexpensively to learn all you need to learn to make your dream to live in France come true than take advantage of this 3-Day power-packed conference with expert speakers from France, Europe and the U.S…visit https://adrianleeds.com/wp-content/uploads/newsletters/parlerparis/liveinfrance/LIF_PARIS_2006/LIF_PARIS_2006_home.html for more information.
Volume IV, Issue 3, January 19, 2006

In this issue:
* Paris Property Continues to Appreciate
* Euro vs. Dollar Update
* Life on rue Montorgueil

* Leasebacks a Great Investment Option
* Latest Interest and Exchange Rates
* Knowledge is Power — Upcoming Conferences
* Vive La France Show – January 20 – 22
* FPI Property Consultation, Search and Relocation Solutions
* Today’s Currency Update from Moneycorp
* Next Parler Paris Après-Midi: February 14
* Hot Property Picks: Montorgueil Masterpieces
* Leasebacks: France, Mediterranean Coast, Toulon
* Classified Advertising: Coming Soon…Parler Paris Apartments

Paris Price Power — Up Again for Third Quarter 2005
By Adrian Leeds

Wow and Wow again and again, is all I can say. Paris has shown an appreciation of property that just doesn’t stop. All those nay-sayers who keep hawking that the Paris bubble will burst are proven wrong one more time. Two arrondissements, the 10th and the 19th, have broken the 20% mark! Only one arrondissement had an appreciation of under 10% — the 5th, with 9.5%, still nothing to sneeze at! The average for the city is up by 4.8% from the previous quarter (2nd), compared with 3.2% from the 1st quarter, for an annual augmentation of 14.7%!
The average price per square meter is 5,138 euros, but the most expensive neighborhood in town continues to be the 6th arrondissement with 7,829 Euros/m2 (+14.1%), followed by 7th, with 7,340 Euros/m2 (+13.5%), to the 4th at 7,124 Euros/m2 (+14.8%) which stays ahead of the 5th at 6,515 Euros/m2 (+9.5%) and the 8th at 6,259 Euros/m2 (+10.8%), and ahead of the 1st at 6,440 Euros/m2 (+15.2%), then the 3rd at 6,009 Euros/m2 (+15.9%).
In contrast, the least expensive arrondissement is the 19th at 3,931 Euros/m2 (+20.5%), followed by the 20th at 4,255 Euros/m2 (+16.8%), to the 18th at 4,465 Euros/m2 (+19.7%) to the 10th at 4,607 Euros/m2 (+ 22.4%) and to the
13th at 4,814 Euros/m2 (+11.4%).</fo nt>

Keep in mind that although the growth continues, the valuations published by the Chambre de Notaires are approximately 30% to 50% less than current market valuations.
There are several factors contributing to this variance. First is timing. There is approximately a 90-day period from the time an offer is made on a property until the time of closing. Thereafter, the numbers may not be reported until up to six months to the Chambre de Notaires. Secondly is the reduction in the purchase price, which can be attributed to direct payments made to the agent to help reduce notaire fees; listing of inventory of fixed furniture such as built-ins and appliances; and under-the-table cash transactions, which are illegal but do occur. Finally, the figures are diluted as they are reported by an arrondissement in its entirety and do not account for differences by neighborhoods. For example in the 18th arrondissement, a property in the heart of Montmartre near Sacre Coeur or on Rue des Abbesses can be sold for about 7,000 euros per square meter or more, while a property near Chateau Rouge or Max Dormoy, will be listed for about 4,000 euros per square meter.
So, how does this information help you as a buyer?
The trends for particular neighborhoods is extremely important if you’re concerned about appreciation. That may not be your goal, if your property is an investment seeking to achieve high rental return, likely in areas of the city where appreciation may be lower than in others. For example, rental return is best in the 6th arrondissement, but your investment will be the highest and appreciation lower than the average. In contrast, appreciation is at an all time high in the 10th (Canal St. Martin, Gare de l’Est and Gare du Nord) where rental return is poor, but property is still low and more affordable.
We use the Chambre de Notaire figures more to help us understand the trends to use as a guidepost when researching properties. Do not consider these figures as absolute, otherwise, you may be disappointed to find that the market valuations are higher than your expectations and appreciation is lower.
Whenever Yolanda Robins and her team of Property Search Consultants put together a portfolio of properties to visit, market comparables are analyzed to insure the buyer is paying a low or fair price for the property.
Editor’s Notes: For more information about property prices, contact Property Search Consultant, Yolanda Robins, at [email protected] or visit the site at http://www.paris.notaires.fr/ and to download their full reports, click here: http://www.paris.notaires.fr/art.php?cID=320&nID=867

      What has Caused the Euro to Fluctuate Against the Dollar and What Does the Future Hold? Update for January 2006
By Doug Johnson, Moneycorp

During 2005 the Euro lost over 14% of its value against a resurgent U.S. dollar. This move meant that had you purchased a property priced at Euros 200,000 in April 2005, you would have paid $260,000 (22nd April 2005 – 1.3000). If you had purchased that same property in November you would have paid 236,000, a saving of $24,000 (4th Nov 2005 – 1.1800). So what caused the U.S. dollar to appreciate so much? And will it continue to do so through 2006?
There are many underlying issues as to why the U.S. dollar was so strong in 2005, however, the primary reason for its appreciation was the continuing expectation that interest rates would go higher. At the start of the year interest rates stood at 2.25% and by December 2005 finished the year at 4.25%. The net result of these successive hikes meant that the attractiveness of the currency to overseas investors — due to higher yields — increased significantly and consequently helped traders and investors look past the U.S.’s bulging trade and budget deficits. The U.S. was also starting to show strong signs of economic growth and stability. Housing prices were on the up and consumers’ appetite for spending was near all time highs; both positives for the U.S.
At this stage it is also important to evaluate the economic climate within Europe during 2005. Germany, Europe’s largest economy, had spiraling unemployment levels and the manufacturing sector was crippled. This acted by and large as a drag on the European economy. Furthermore, both Italy and France were experiencing economic uncertainty, and although the European Central Bank (ECB) raised rates for the first time in 29 months it was not enough to inspire confidence in the European Union.
So what lies ahead for 2006? With the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) having given its clearest signal yet that the interest rate cycle is drawing to a close, attention will once again focus on the major structural imbalances which remain evident in the U.S. economy. A swelling trade deficit (which stands at 6% of Gross Domestic Product) is a major concern to investors. Many realize that a weaker U.S. dollar is one way to help rectify this imbalance. In addition to this, the European economy seems to have weathered the storm and is showing the first signs of a recovery and of growth. The market expectations for European growth should increase the possibility for another 25bps rate hike from the ECB. In summary, the year ahead promises to be another year for big moves in the currency markets and in particular Euro/U.S. dollar. This just heightens the fact that having a comprehensive purchasing strategy for your currency is all the more important.
Therefore, looking at the current levels, a sensible strategy for so
one buying property in the Euro zone would be to secure as much of the currency needed straight away — thus fixing the cost at the outset. If all the funds are not available, the exchange rate can still be secured by purchasing one or more “forward contracts.” This involves putting down a 10% deposit to secure the current rate of exchange which can then be held for up to two years. This way of buying currency is flexible and can accommodate changes in the time scale originally agreed, due to delays in the purchasing process etc. The worst thing to do is sit back and do nothing!

There are often many factors influencing the foreign exchange markets and because of this it is impossible to predict future rates of exchange with 100% accuracy. Moneycorp, however, are world renowned for their market views, and Reuters consistently rank them in the world’s top three most accurate currency forecasters. Although they cannot predict the future, the Private Client Consultants will implement a strategy, free of charge, to help you manage your currency risk as efficiently as possible.
Editor’s Notes:
To contact the Private Client Team at Moneycorp Inc., call (415) 678-2770, send an e-mail to [email protected] or visit the web site http://www.Moneycorp.com/pservices/overview.asp
Doug Johnson of Moneycorp will be presenting at the Living in France Conferences. For more information, visit https://adrianleeds.com/wp-content/uploads/newsletters/parlerparis/liveinfrance/index.html

The Bertram’s Near Perfect Paris Pied-à-terre

Living on the Oldest Shopping Street in Paris — Rue Montorgueil
By Adrian Leeds

As I gazed out the tall ancient window onto rue Montorgueil and down the entire stretch of rue Marie Stuart, the marble tiles in their fanned patterns glistening from the day’s light rain, creating the illusion of the street as a silvery snake, I breathed in the aromas from the fresh produce shops, fishmongers, fromageries, bakeries and restaurants below. Here was old Paris at our feet…the oldest shopping street in the city, once adjacent to Les Halles, when Les Halles was the central market for the city known as “Le Ventre de Paris” and not the “urban planning disaster” of today as Mayor Delanoë has called it (soon to undergo massive renovation).
I found myself on rue Montorgueil this past week again and again. Certainly not a bad spot in town — in fact, has become one of the city’s finest and most “vivant” quartiers.
On this particular occasion, it was to celebrate with a toast of champagne the final closing of the purchase of FPI client James Bertram’s pied-à-terre for his college student daughter as a permanent resident and for himself and his wife as a respite from their Hong Kong home. James and FPI Search Consultant Ellen Jung j2999se visited dozens of apartments before discovering this one — which upon entering, “floored” me as just about one of the most perfect Paris pied-à-terres I’ve ever seen. I’m the first to admit there is no such thing as the “perfect” Paris pied-à-terre — but this one qualifies better than most!

Mezzanine with a Delightful Staircase

A little more than 50 square meters, not counting the mezzanine that easily doubles as a second bedroom or study up a narrow, but delightful staircase, the one-bedroom apartment oozes with charm yet has all the delightful amenities…high ceilings, stone walls, wood beams, fireplace, Jacuzzi tub, modern kitchen and bath, lots of storage…and a location that never quits. In the bedroom, a huge ancient fireplace makes a perfect alcove for the bed. Two tall windows look out onto a lovely courtyard and see lots of sky, one of them at the end of the tub for two, open to the bedroom but up a few steps. The modern “American-style” kitchen has stools at the counter and opens onto the salon so not one inch is wasted. Ready to move in with not one iota of work to be done, daughter Gillian, only need to have her bed delivered, buy a few household furnishings and move right in.
No wonder they were happily popping the cork! James was playfully imitating Ellen’s ceaseless energy to ferret out the best of what Paris real estate agents have on their books…walk the streets, climb the stairs, shuffle her clients from one apartment to the next until they come up with something as irresistible as this.

Place to Play the Piano

Earlier in the week, I had the pleasure of visiting another Sentier neighborhood apartment on behalf of friends moving here with a grand piano needing a very special space — a place to tickle the keys hours every day without a complaint from the neighbors and enough space to unfold chairs for concert recitals.
ocated in a 17th-century hôtel particulier on the “rez-de-chaussée” (ground floor), this 150 square meter, three-bedroom loft with massive skylights, large spaces and beautiful wood floors screams for a shiny black grand piano in one corner and friendly folks to fill the salon to hear his notes.

I described the neighborhood as “colorful,” “vivant” and full of life in the heart of the city. The “grossistes” (wholesalers) and “uzines”(factories) along the side streets are being replaced by chic boutiques and restaurants. On one side is rue Montorgueil for all their shopping needs. On the other is rue Saint-Denis where I spotted a few “girls” in the doorways — although the street is quickly becoming gentrified and too expensive for the world’s oldest profession.
Restaurants abound and I am discovering more new and interesting ones all the time. A stroll down rue Tiquetonne is dining out heaven…one after another of great little bistrots. And for fashion, the quartier is screamingly hip with designer boutiques and faddish fun.
Now is a great time to get in on the ground floor of the hip 2nd — the Chambre de Notaires reported that the 2nd arrondissement is showing massive appreciation of 16.4% from third quarter 2004 to 3rd quarter 2005, at an average of 5,666 Euros/m2, but with true comparables of 7,000 to 9,500 euros/m2.
UCB Finance for “Leaseback” Investments in France is Now Available
From UCB (Formerly Abbey National)

Skiing a few weeks in the French Alps or sunbathing on the French Riviera while taking advantage of a tax free investment and guaranteed income the rest of the year is now a dream come true thanks to “leaseback” investments!
Why is “Leaseback” an Attractive Option?
France receives more visitors than any other country in the world and the French themselves often rent properties for their holidays. In order for them to have somewhere to stay and to boost the French tourist industry, the government gives incentives to those prepared to invest in quality rental properties (called “Résidences de Tourisme”).
Launched in the 1970’s to develop winter sports resorts, Résidence de Tourisme developments have grown in number and more than 1180 exist today. They are available in many parts of France, including Paris, Normandy, Brittany, the Alps and the Côte d’Azur. Three groups ­ Pierre & Vacances, Lagrange and Odalys ­ share two thirds of the market and propose opportunities for investment for private individuals in the programs they manage.
Benefits can indeed be enticing. You benefit from a full VAT refund on the investment and also a contractually guaranteed income from the management company in charge of the lettings, hence the term “leaseback.” You own your property in France and can enjoy your home a few weeks (up to 6) per year, while the management company looks after all the upkeep of the property and will be required to return it in good condition at the end of the lease (minimum 9 years).
Leaseback Finance Under UCB Colors
Starting at a minimum mortgage amount of 50,000 Euros, UCB can finance your investment for up to 80% of the price – including VAT and furniture. This offer is available on all products, for a term ranging from 7 to 25 years, including deferred payment period (capital and interest), and is available for salaried employees as well as the self-employed.
In order to benefit fully from the scheme, with UCB, there are only 3 essential conditions:
* the property must be new (or being built)
* it must be in a development approved by UCB
* it must be let out to the management company


Interest Rate Indexes
(on 01/01/2006)

3 month Euribor: 2.49%
12 month Euribor: 2.78%
TEC 10 : 3.35%
Source: UCB

Exchange Rates (on 06/01/2006)
Euro 1 = £0.6887
£1 = Euro 1.4520
Euro 1 = $1.2094
Sources: Boursorama

Editor’s Note: For more information contact Mirela Alecsuc, [email protected] or Yolanda Robins, [email protected]
Upcoming Conferences
Living and Investing in France Conference
March 17 – 19, 2006
Chez Jenny, Paris

Living and Investing in France Conference
May 26 – 28, 2006
Sheraton, New Orleans

There are more reasons than we can count for why we chose to hold this important event in the U.S. city that came close to total destruction this past year.
First of all, we love New Orleans. It’s Adrian Leeds’ home town with a heritage that dates back to the Spaniards who settled there to
the French who turned it
into the country’s most cultured and fun-filled city. It’s one of the most visited U.S. cities, is host to such important events as the Mardi Gras and the Jazz Festival, has centuries of history not to mention great food, music and art.

The devastation it suffered has touched the hearts of people worldwide. We want to show our complete support to rebuild New Orleans to even better heights by bringing back tourism to the city’s economy as quickly as possible. This is one vital way to achieve that goal. We urge you to come and join forces with us in these efforts!
Or contact Project Manager Schuyler Hoffman at [email protected]/parlerparis to be put on a special mailing list.

5th Paris Poetry Workshop
Paris, France
May 14 – 19, 2006

This is your opportunity to spend five days in Paris as a poet among poets. Over the past four years, the Paris Poetry Workshop has become a tradition in the English-speaking Paris poetry community, offering poets from the U.S., Canada and Europe the opportunity to come together for a week of intensive workshops, lectures and readings. Anyone who’s been to Paris already knows about the inspiration and stimulation of the senses the city affords; this is a chance to see and experience a side of Paris not readily accessible to the average tourist. Participants generate new work, hone their craft, share and support one another’s creative endeavors, make new friends and expand their literary horizons. This is your chance to become part of this exciting and vibrant community. For more information visit: https://adrianleeds.com/wp-content/uploads/newsletters/parlerparis/poetry/parismay2006.html

NEW DATES: May 15 – 19, 2006
Chateau de Saint-Loup

The Art of Trompe l’Oeil Workshop originally scheduled for December 29 – January 2, has now been postponed until May 15 – 19, 2006, and will be held at the fabulous Chateau de Saint-Loup. Join a unique community of artists, engaging in hands-on painting and conversation with internationally renowned trompe l’oeil muralist and educator, Yves Lanthier. An award-winning artist, Yves has created large oil paintings and elaborate trompe l’oeil that adorn the ceilings and walls of many East Coast mansions and Palm beach estates, including Celine Dion’s estate in Jupiter, Florida
Vive la France Show
January 20 to 22, 2006
London, Olympia

The new, revamped Vive La France Show is the biggest French Celebration on this side of the Channel!
NEW – In addition to Brasserie Roux, Club Gascon, Le Gavroche and Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons Salon de Thé, newcomer Mon Plaisir – London’s oldest French restaurant – will be serving you scrumptious dishes at the show. Delicious!
NEW – Enjoy what the French refer to as “The 7th Art.” International French Language Channel TV5 will be hosting a mini-cinema at Vive La France just for you — bonbons anybody?
NEW – France is renowned for its stylish design and our new interior style area will showcase some of its most eclectic examples – from Maison de Famille’s roomsets to Casapop’s sexy apron creations complete with beads, frills and lace!
Have you ever tried a glass of William Pear’s or blackberry cordial? Come to the show and try the world’s most flavorsome blackcurrant variety from award-winning Merlet & Fils, all the way from Poitou-Charentes.
Also… Beauty and style tips from our fashion gurus on the catwalk; Celebrity Chefs including Raymond Blanc or hot-blooded Jean-Christophe Novelli; Irresistible Chocolate and Champagne Seminars; The UK’s biggest French Property Exhibition; Superb gifts including a free trip to France with SeaFrance, a refreshing gift from Kronenbourg and much more! Treat yourself or your friends and family this side of Christmas: secure your tickets now and save £2 per person Have a fabulous Christmas and see you at the show!
Open 9:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily
Box Office: 0870 380 0144

FPI Property Consultation, Search and Relocation Solutions
Let French Property Insider expert property consultants find your dream home in France for you. We consult with you to help you make the best decisions, ferret out the finest properties to meet your criteria, schedule the visits and accompany you, negotiate with the agencies and owners, recommend the notaires and other professionals, schedule the signings and oversee the purchase with you from start to finish! You could never do it so easily on your own. Let us take the time and effort off your hands.
FPI Offers More Relocation Solutions!
Let our experienced relocation expert help make your move easy and hassle-free. We offer complete property and relocation services normally only provided by employe
r hired relocation firms..
.but at a price much more affordable for individuals.

Solution #1: Property Consultation and Search Services
Solution #2: Purchase Assistance
Solution #3: Getting a Mortgage in France
Solution #4: Property Appraisal Service
Solution #5: The “Après Vente”

Apartments for Rent: Long-Term

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Compare currency values easily and quickly by visiting: https://adrianleeds.com/frenchproperty/loan/moneycorpconvertor.html
Charts http://www.Moneycorp.co.uk/members/charts.asp The charts below are updated every ten seconds.
The prices shown are “inter bank” exchange rates and are not the rates that you will be offered by Moneycorp. Your rate will be determined by the amount of currency that you are buying. Please speak with an Moneycorp dealer or your consultant for a live quotation.

Parler Paris Après-Midi

NEXT MEETING: February 14, 2006 AND EVERY SECOND TUESDAY OF THE MONTH, 3 p.m. to 5 p.m.
This is your opportunity to meet every month, often with local
professionals who can answer your Working and Living in France questions. You are invited to come for drinks and share your questions and comments about what it takes to create a life here, own property and enjoy what France has to offer. It is also an opportunity to network with other Parler Paris readers.

Upstairs at La Pierre du Marais
96, rue des Archives at the corner of rue de Bretagne, 75003 Paris
Métro Lines 9, 3 et 11, stations Temple, République or Arts et Métiers

FOR SALE BY NOTAIRE: In the Highly Valued 10th
*** Paris, 10th Arrondissement, 5 rooms, approx. 160m²
Beautiful apartment in a cut stone, Haussmannian building. Living room, kitchen, 2 bedrooms, bathroom, shower room, two toilets, laundry and cellar. With high ceilings.
Asking Price: 1,130,000 Euros + 2.5% Finder’s Fee

HOT PROPERTY PICKS: Montorgueil Masterpieces
Each week French Property Insider features a range of properties which we believe are on the market at the time of writing. These properties are featured in order to give readers a sample of what is currently available and a working example of prices being asked in various regions of France and districts of Paris.
As we are not a real estate agency. These properties do not constitute a sales listing. For those readers seriously interested in finding property in Paris or France. you can retain our services to do the whole thing for you. For more information, visit https://adrianleeds.com/wp-content/uploads/newsletters/frenchproperty/insider/propertyconsultation.html
*** Paris, 2nd Arrondissement, 3 rooms, approx. 65 m²
In a lovely building on rue Montorgueil, this duplex is full of charm and just like a house. Living room, fully equipped American-style kitchen, bedroom, office, bathroom. High ceilings, exposed beams, hardwood floors, south-east exposure.
Asking Price: 420,000 Euros + 2.5% Finder’s Fee
*** Paris,
2nd Arrondissement, 3 rooms, approx. 92 m²

Between Montorgueil and la Place des Victoires, this superb loft style apartment has a large living room with windows like an atelier, one bedroom (2 possible). Beautiful contemporary finishings, in perfect condition.
Asking Price: 590,000 Euros + 2.5% Finder’s Fee
*** Paris, 2nd Arrondissement, 3/4 rooms, approx. 118 m²
On the third floor of a stone building with elevator, a beautiful apartment, renovated by an architect. Living room with fireplace, dining room, fully equipped American-style kitchen, 2 bedrooms, bathroom, toilet, cellar.
Asking Price: 690,000 Euros + 2.5% Finder’s Fee


France, Mediterranean Coast, Toulon

Studio 18m² to 19m² Euros 61,000 to Euros 77,000
One Bedroom 30m² to 33m² Euros 104,000 to Euros 123,000
Two Bedrooms 53m² to 53m² Euros 192,000 to Euros 192,000


Nestled within Europe’s largest and most impressive bay area, surrounded by high wooded hills topped with ancient forts, the perfect marriage of sea and mountain. Excellent investment opportunity within student residence located in the heart of Toulon, a fabulous international setting, just 5 minutes from the marina and within direct proximity to university centre where many prominent educational facilities meet. Toulon is an ‘old town’ with squares, terrace cafés, wall murals, excellent shopping, a modern railway station, and lots of lovely old buildings with wrought-iron balconies. Set at the crossroads of both northern and southern Europe with less than 4 hours travel from Paris on the high speed TGV train and just a short ferry ride over to Corsica.
This new build is only a few minutes walk into the town centre and close to a municipal park with direct access to public transportation including bus, train and future tramway stations. The development comprises 7 floors with a total of 89 studio to 2 bedroom apartments. There are a great number of stadiums and pools close to the residence, frequently used by the student population. Toulon is easily accessible and within a reasonable distance from most popular Mediterranean destinations including Aix-en-Provence (78km) and Marseille (64km). Cannes is approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes by car. Toulon hosts its own international airport.
An established management company specializing in student residences reinforces the quality of this highly sought after property. Realistic pricing for the area and hassle-free maintenance make for an appealing investment venture. With up to 4.85% guaranteed rental income and a 19.6% tax refund, this investment cannot be missed. France is one of the strongest outlets for foreign direct investment and among the worlds top investment destinations – the perfect reason to choose Leaseback.
Let us help you secure a mortgage in France with interest rates as low as 3%. Visit https://adrianleeds.com/wp-content/uploads/newsletters/frenchproperty/loan for more information.
Don’t forget that with your FPI subscription you are entitled to a discount on the purchase of any Insider Paris Guides. You’ll find details of the guides at http://www.insiderparisguides.com/. When ordering, a box will pop up allowing you to enter the following:
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Report, cl
ick on



1 square meter = 10.7639104 square feet

1 hectare = 2.4710538 acres

For more conversions, refer to: http://www.onlineconversion.com/



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