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Showing Off Paris Property Prices

Volume III, Issue 4

Last weekend Yolanda Robins (Property Search Consultant) and I sped off to London on the Eurostar (2 hours 35 minutes from Gare du Nord to Waterloo Station) to visit the annual Vive La France French Property Show and meet with colleagues who are our finest resources.

John Howell & Co. was the first stop — his 5 level Covent Garden historical glassworks building houses more than 30 attorneys and property specialists that do nothing but property legal work for all of Europe OUTSIDE of England! John and his staff are co-hosts of our Living and Investing in France Conferences providing an array of expertise in French laws related to immigration, tax and property. For those who intelligently plan their property purchases with a structure that will minimize their tax and afford them the luxuries they want, John is the perfect resource. He and his chief French attorney, Laurence Daurignac, will be speaking at the conference in New Orleans which starts two weeks from tomorrow.
We also had the opportunity to meet with several lending institutions — our favorites being Banque Patrimoine et Immobilier and Abbey National. New relationships are burgeoning with other lenders who have jumped on the Expat bandwagon, and as these unfold, we’ll keep you informed.
A newcomer on the scene for us is Moneycorp, the global leader providing corporate foreign exchange and cash deposit services. With the concern of exchange rates at the top of our list, learning how to hedge our bets is very valuable and useful. Alexander Wright, Director of Private Client Services, Windsor, assisted by Doug Johnson, Private Client Manager, San Francisco and Mark Rickard, Sales Manager of Moneycorp will be leading this discussion at the New Orleans conference. They had a booth at the show providing me with an opportunity to discuss my personal need to transfer dollars to euros on a monthly basis.
In today’s FPI, we report on the Vive La France show, but more importantly, the latest Paris property prices were just revealed — with no shock for us that prices continue to rise with the same fervor as they have been for years, averaging as high as 13% for all of Paris. Scroll down for the details.
On a note of lifestyle, we’re reporting on the Marais’ hottest new urban resort, a residence hotel that was sold as a Leaseback — those lucky devils who bought into it last year must be very pleased it’s getting the press it seems to deserve. Just around the corner from my own humble abode and a stone’s throw from my favorite haunt, Au Petit Trou de Bretagne, I chose to bring you a tidbit of history attached to this little corner of Paris. Also, we present news about Paris’ newest Memorial to the Holocaust, the Shoah, just opened this week. I hope to visit it this weekend and report on it in full this coming Monday in Parler Paris.
News also is that Paris is making a concerted effort to “label” restaurants with no smoking policies and today we provide you with a list you can carry with you — don’t we non-smokers love that fresher air?!
Yolanda Robins brings us two hot properties in Paris and Imoinvest brings us a stunning estate in Limousin you are sure to drool over.
So, scroll down, take your time to read it all and enjoy a glass of red or white, French wine, of course.
A bientôt…

Adrian Leeds
Editor, French Property Insider
Email: [email protected]

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Volume III, Issue 4, January 27, 2005
In this issue:
* Vive La France, London Style
* Paris Prices Continue a Steady Rise
* Popping Up Population of Paris
* The Early Bird Comes Late to Living and Investing in France
* Leaseback Property Becomes Paris’ Newest Urban Resort
* Finally Smoke Free Paris Dining
* The Everlasting Little Hole on the Street
* Hot Paris Property Picks: Two Special Offerings in the Heart of Paris
* Hot Property: Head South for Limousin
* Classified Advertising: apartments
France Shows London a Good Time
By Adrian Leeds

The annual Vive La France French Property Exhibition last weekend in London filled the entire Olympia Exhibition Centre, a massive hall that housed 600 exhibitors and accommodated an expected crowd of almost 40,000 over the three day run of the show.
When you first enter, you can be overwhelmed with the scents of France…herbs and soaps from Provence, sausages and cheeses from Corsica, olives and nuts, wines and champagnes, jellies, jams and mustards, baskets, linens, onions and garlic, breads and croissants…a cornucopia of French products getting scarfed up by the willing British at Sterling prices (they don’t care!).
On the other side of the hall were the French property exhibitors for the seriously-interested prospective property purchasers. Real estate agencies from all over France posted photos of their latest and best properties. Lenders and money brokerage services were well-represented. Property attorneys, such as John Howell & Co., and the Chambre de Notaires were there doling out advice. Everyone was laden with bags of materials and information– brochures, booklets and business cards.
Striking is the contrast of the British interest in France vs the American one…as Paris is virtually non-existent for the British. Almost all of the agencies promoted properties outside Paris. The Eiffel Tower as the symbol of Paris was hardly visible. While it may be a broad generalization, the British aren’t dreaming of a
“pied-à-terre” in “Le Marais” like Americans are. Instead, they long for a stone cottage in Languedoc-Roussillon, or a half-timbered home in Normandy they can renovate and call their own.

It is fascinating to me that while we both speak the same language, or at least one that resembles the other, our worlds are distinctly different and our cultures cross less than one might imagine. The British have a huge network of resources for buying property in France that we Americans don’t and while we can make use of many of their resources, they don’t have the same needs, wants and desires, nor do they follow the same laws (thanks to the European Union), and therefore we feel less comfortable with their offerings.
Nonetheless, for anyone interested in property in France, this is THE show to attend and for a day of frivolity in France while actually in the heart of England, it’s a huge adventure.


Arr Price per M2 Evolution
1st 5,694 16.7%
2nd 4,845 13.4%
3rd 5,204 14.9%
4th 6,342 16.8%
5th 5,801 10.3%
6th 7,045 14.6%
7th 6,357 5.5%
8th 5,653 6.5%
9th 4,482 15.2%
10th 3,769 15.5%
Arr Price per M2 Evolution
11th 4,189 20.6%
12th 4,273 18.4%
13th 4,264 11.3%
14th 4,660 11.7%
15th 4,820 11.3%
16th 5,308 7.7%
17th 4,357 11.9%
18th 3,724 10.1%
19th 3,232 13.7%
20th 3,614 16.5%

The Latest Paris Property Prices
By Adrian Leeds

The Chambre de Notaires de Paris just announced on January 19th the latest Paris and Ile de France property prices for the year from 3rd quarter 2003 to 3rd quarter 2004. It was a record year in terms of volume of sales for both Paris and the area surrounding the city.
The increase in sales in Paris suburbs indicates that Parisians are moving out of the city to find lesser expensive housing, more space and land. Paris is still showing enormous gains in price, with the exception of four arrondissements, whose performance is less than in previous quarters: 8th, 5th, 16th and 7th. Arrondissements showing substantial gains are the 11th with 20.6%, 18th with 19.1% and the 12th with 18.4%. In fact, the entire northeast quadrant of the city is appreciating above the average of 13%.
The price per square
meter rose above 7,000 euros for the first time, led by the 6th arrondissement with 7,045 euros and trailing far behind is the 7th with 6,357 euros per square meter. In serious competition to the Eiffel Tower’s bourgeois neighborhood, is the Marais with 6,342 euros per square meter in the 4th and prices there rose 16.8%. Parts of the Right Bank are catching up to the traditional hot spots of the Left Bank, and return on investment is looking more promising there. My guess is Le Marais has become quite a bit less Bohemian than one might think.

The Chambre de Notaire concludes that those who predict the Paris property market to plateau or falter in the near future would be presumptuous, given the consistent low lending interest rates which protect it from any kind of disaster.

For more information, visit http://www.paris.notaires.fr/hpr.php?cID=289 and to download a pdf of the entire report, visit

Paris is a Popular Place
As of January 1, 2004, there were 11,264,000 inhabitants in the Ile de France. 6,230,050 people mounted the Eiffel Tower in 2004 compared to 5,900,000 in 2003.
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Living and Investing in France
February 11 -13, 2004
Sheraton New Orleans Hotel, Canal Street

Click here to learn more https://adrianleeds.com/wp-content/uploads/newsletters/parlerparis/liveinfrance/LIF_NOLA/LIF_NOLA_home.html
or email Projects Manager, Schuyler Hoffman at :[email protected]/parlerparis

The Murano, the First Urban Resort in Paris
By Adrian Leeds

I watched The Murano to be built and sold. Located next to my most-frequented Picard (frozen food boutique) at 13 boulevard du Temple, between rues de Saintonge and Filles du Calvaire, it quickly became the chicest spot in the neighborhood for a drink at its posh contemporary bar.
The Murano was a Leaseback property — a real estate investment opportunity that combines diversification, safety, tax advantages, inflation protection and asset protection — and doesn’t require much capital to get started. Your income from this investment is actually guaranteed by the French government!
This month, the Maison de la France is heavily promoting The Murano. They describe it as… “The façade, the décor, the reception, the surroundings — it is as if one is entering into a new dimension of peace and serenity in one of the most exciting cities in the world, Paris.” And they added:

“Situated on the edge of the Marais district, the Murano is a stone’s throw from the chic Rue Charlot and Rue Vieille du Temple. At the top end of the Marais district, the neighboring architecture reflects all the charm and hidden treasures of historic Paris, escaping from the sprawling nature of urban Haussmannian form. On an artistic, cultural and commercial level, this area of the 3rd arrondissement is at the center of focus, as the cream of young artistic talent is enticed by the area’s inspiring qualities. Fashion show rooms, trendy boutiques and the ever-burgeoning art gallery scene — Azzedine Alaia, Barbara Bui, Antik Batik, Galerie Taddeus Ropac, Galerie 213, Galerie Dansk, Bo, APC — all fight for the attention of the quarter’s hipper-than-thou clientèle. Just a step from the Murano Urban Resort: Le Cirque D’Hiver, le Théatre Dejazet, the Picasso Museum and the Opéra Bastille. Within minutes is the Place des Vosges, the Centre Georges Pompidou, le Musée Carnavalet, and the Canal St Martin.”

Rates are up there with the finest of hotels: single and double rooms are 350-650 Euros per night, suites are 750 -2500 Euros and breakfast will cost you a bit more than the corner café at 20-28 Euros.
Those who invested in this Leaseback property are likely going to be quite pleased wit
h their returns and for those of us who are owners in the neighboring streets, we see it as yet another reason our property will appreciate!

To read their commentary in its entirety, visit
and for more information, visit the hotel Web site at http://www.muranoresort.com or contact the hotel directly at 0033 (0) 1 42 71 20 00 or email [email protected].

To learn more about Leaseback properties, visit

The New Holocaust Memorial Opens in Paris
The Shoah Memorial, located in the historic quarter of the Marais district, opened its doors on January 27, 2005. Paris will henceforth be the home to Europe’s largest information and research center dedicated to the history of the Holocaust.
January 27 is a significant date, as it marks the 60th anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz concentration camp. The date also coincides with the day declared, in 2002, Europe’s Holocaust Memory and Crimes Against Humanity Prevention Day. The opening date of Paris’ Shoah Memorial will be a tribute to the victims and survivors of the genocide.
The spacious buildings will offer a reading room with exceptional archives of photographs and documents, an auditorium for the Memorial’s film series, and awareness-raising initiatives and activities. Also available is a multimedia room housing documentaries, such as Stephen Spielberg’s recording of Holocaust survivors and their accounts of the tragedy. The memorial offers educational workshops for children and guided tours for students, in addition to public readings, films and lectures for the general public. Although the crypt has been maintained in its original form, an additional structure for those wishing to meditate has been erected along the walkway leading to the building – the Wall of Names, listing the 76,000 French Jews who were sent to death camps from 1942 to 1944.
A permanent exhibition on the fate of Jews during the Second World War allows visitors to encounter photographs, texts, document originals (posters, government correspondence, private letters, etc.) as well as objects that illustrate the history of Jews in Europe. There will also be temporary exhibitions year-round: from January 27 to April 17 2005, “In the pit of hell. Drawings by David Olère,”, and from May 12 to September 2005, “j2999ef Breitenbach. Faces of the Exile, 1933-1945).”
It is through understanding the past that the Shoah Memorial hopes to illuminate the future.
Mémorial de la Shoah/Shoah Memorial
Musée, Centre de documentation Juive contemporaine
17 rue Geoffroy l’Asnier
75004 Paris
33 1 42 77 44 72

Paris Restaurants — Totally Tobacco-Free?
From last October 26th, 2004, the City of Paris and the SYNHORCAT (National Union of Hotels, Restaurants, Cafés and Caterers) have joined forces to set up the “This is a totally tobacco-free area” label.
This label exists on a voluntary basis and concerns cafés, hotels and restaurants who declare themselves to be smoke-free. The aim is to promote the quality of the service offered by those Parisians who are motivated by the quality of the air within their establishments and by public health issues. The municipality will award the label following an on-site visit to verify compliance with its requirements.
Please find below a list of restaurants and cafés with the “This is a totally tobacco-free area” label.
FINDI Adhérent
Tourism Restaurant
Champs-Elysées/Musée du Louvre (PARIS 08)
Specialties: Italy
Average Price per Person: 40 Euros

Montmartre/Pigalle/Trinité (PARIS 18)
Opéra/Grands boulevards (PARIS 02)
Specialties: Vegetarian
Average Price per Person: 22.86 Euros
Saint-Germain des Prés/Musée d’Orsay/Montparnasse (PARIS 06)
Not classified
Tour Eiffel/Trocadéro | Saint-Germain-des-Prés/Musée d’Orsay/Montparnasse (PARIS 07)
Specialties: Local cooking
Average Price per Person: 60 Euros
Saint-Germain-des-Prés/Musée d’Orsay/Montparnasse (PARIS 07)
Bercy/Tolbiac/Bois de Vincennes | Saint-Germain-des-Prés/Musée d’Orsay/Montparnasse (PARIS 14)
Specialties: Brittany
Bercy/Tolbiac/Bois de Vincennes (PARIS 13)
République/Bastille (PARIS 11)
Opéra/Grands boulevards (PARIS 09)
Montmartre/Pigalle/Trinité (PARIS 18)
Opéra/Grands boulevards (PARIS 10)
Marais/Les Halles (PARIS 01)
Notre-Dame/Quartier Latin (PARIS 05)
Montmartre/Pigalle/Trinité (PARIS 09)
Montmartre/Pigalle/Trinité (PARIS 18)
Specialties: Italy
République/Bastille (PARIS 10)
Montmartre/Pigalle/Trinité (PARIS 18)
Specialties: traditional french cuisine
Marais/Les Halles (PARIS 03)
Editor’s Note: Online since 1996! Parisians d
it and you can do it, too — have a great three-course meal with wine and coffee in Paris $20 to $30 including tax and tip! Let the “Leeds Good Value Guide to Paris Restaurants” show you how to discover more than 200 good-value restaurants in Paris! Subscribers to French Property Insider receive a discount. Click here to learn how: http://www.insiderparisguides.com/restaurants/index.html

The Local Watering Hole Fills the Gap
By Adrian Leeds

My favorite little watering hole in the 3rd arrondissement is the most unlikely spot — an ancient bar no bigger than a minute with a clientele that mostly looks like it’s never changed its clothing or position at the counter.
It’s forever smoky and incessantly friendly. Omar owns it now…Omar of Chez Omar, Paris’ most lively couscous restaurant a few blocks down on rue de Bretagne. It’s at number 14 and the fitting name is “Au Petit Trou de Bretagne.” The original owner was Monsieur René, born in 1919 in Lyon, raised single-hand idly by his mother. At that time, life was difficult for an unmarried woman with a child, and so was deemed “l’enfant clandestin.” He wasn’t properly schooled, went to live on farms and worked from a very early age.
At 19, he returned to Paris to the 4th arrondissement and became a fireman until 1943. During this time, he moved to the 3rd and never left. The war was tormenting him at this time and he was considered an anarchist by his superior officers and as a result, he was asked to leave his position with the fire department. He took a pseudonym until the end of World War II, but a true patriot, he worked in two networks of the Résistence — the FTP and FFI.
At the end of the war, he was forced into taking odd jobs to survive — driver, postal worker, and other menial tasks It wasn’t until 1949 that he settled into working at Au Petit Trou de Bretagne. A sick proprietor put him in charge and there he met his wife, Renée, who he married in 1950 and who worked beside him long hard hours for all the following years. In 2001, M. René took a retirement and sold his Petit Trou, but continued to pay visits until he died in 2003.
Monsieur René is a personality disappeared now from the neighborhood, but his spirit lives on with those of us who continue to frequent “Au Petit Trou de Bretagne.”


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Live mid-market rates as of 2005.01.27 12:26:38 GMT.

1 U.S. Dollar equals 0.767746 Euros (0.764832 Euros last week)
1 Euros equals 1.30251 Dollars (1.30748 U.S. Dollars last week)
1 U.K. Pound equals 1.44497 Euros (1.43647 Euros last week)
1 Euro equals 0.692057 U.K. Pounds (0.696152 Pounds last week)
46,70 m2 (loi Carrez), three rooms, on the second floor, in a beautiful building recently renovated, without an elevator (will be voted on in 2005), sunny, parquet flooring, with interphone. Can be residential or commercial.
Asking Price: 410,000 Euros + 2% Finder’s Fee

Lovely studio in the heart of Saint-Germain-des-Prés on rue Mazarine minutes from the Marché du Buci. Newly installed terra cotta flooring, equipped kitchen and bathroom. Building refacing (ravalement) completed last year, on the 2nd floor with elevator.
Asking Price: 340,000 Euros + 2% Fin
der’s Fee

Gorgeous French Country Estate – Bauhaus Limousin

France, Center / South, Limoges

Four Bedrooms or More, 287m² , 629,000 Euros
This beautiful Bauhaus-inspired estate is nestled on a gorgeous private hectare of the rolling Limousin countryside with memorable panoramic views. A spacious, comfortable, and contemporary home offering relaxed country living within 10 minutes of all the city conveniences. Just a short non-stop flight from London, Southampton, Liverpool, Lyon and, of course, Paris. Within 3 hours are Bordeaux, Toulouse, the Dordogne region, as well as the beaches and marinas of La Rochelle.
The long springs and summers of the Limousin region make this home ideal for year-round living or a spacious place to spend the school holidays. Set on a gentle incline, the views of Couzeix and Limoges from every window are calm and inspiring. And the elegance of Limoges, voted the Garden City of Europe in 2001 and the home of France?s prestigious porcelain china creators, Haviland, Bernardeaud and Rayneaud, is yours to enjoy.
From the moment you enter this luxurious property, you feel the privacy of your domain. The inviting entry beckons you to come inside, and every room brings the outdoors inside with large sliding glass doors, reminding you that you are never far from the gardening, swimming, golfing, or the outdoor family fun that you enjoy. Within this well-planned home there is room inside and out for everyone.
The large entry hall and reception welcomes your guests whatever the number. The sitting room is perfect for small gatherings or just curling up and reading a book by the Louis XV fireplace. The spacious and contemporary salon is at the same time formal and comfortable, welcoming up to 12 guests around the leather sofa. The formal dining area provides an envious near-outdoor setting year round with its large sliding glass walls The eat-in kitchen, a traditional French design, is large enough to accommodate large parties while being comfortable enough for family meals. The office offers perfect isolation – ideal for deep private contemplation gazing upon the grounds, or a focused business meeting. Broadband connection is installed making it possible for you to manage your affairs quickly worldwide. The huge second level entertainment room and library offers you the possibility to install the home cinema you want with shelf space for your entire CD, Video, DVD, LP?s and book collections. The upper terrace offers yet another incredible view over the estate and is ideal for entertaining, family enjoyment during the warm days, or the twinkling starlight for a romantic evening. The bedrooms are all located on the east wing, bathed in the warm and gentle dawn year round. Each has its own bathing facilities and private terrace for sharing a morning coffee and croissant. Underneath it all is a 2 car garage, a laundry room, a storage / DIY room and, of course, a large wine cellar. The swimming pool can be used from as early as April. It is heated by the sun with extra plumbing to heat from the house furnace. At an ideal size of 13m x 6m, it is just right for both exercise and family fun. To add to your ease and comfort, the lawn is kept green and healthy with an automated sprinkler system.
This extraordinary home offers incredible value and the luxury of country living with all the conveniences you expect from a property that only a very few could possibly own. The contemporary open spaces assure that your own sense of style and décor will be easily and painlessly incorporated to give you the feel of ?home? in no time.
If you want quality and comfortable living in your own little part of France and easy access to major business destinations around the world, then Bauhaus Limousin is right for you.
for more information, email: [email protected]?cc=
[email protected]&subject= FPI_Bauhaus_Limousin_Estate_FPI_27-1-05



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