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The Sky's the Paris Limit:Special Paris Price Report

Volume III, Issue 14

Today’s issue is chock full of valuable information.
First, the latest Paris and Ile de France property prices were reported just two days ago by the Chambre de Notaires, only a few days after “Le Point” reported in full about the earlier quarter’s statistics! Tant pis. You’re getting the hottest scoop right here. And guess what? Paris is up, up, up and away again with a whopping 14.2% average increase of 2004 over 2003.
As a property owner, this makes me very happy. As a buyer, I know I better get into the game before it gets even more expensive. As an investor, I’m watching the trends and seeing them continue to go up as long as certain elements remain in place. Scroll down to the first article to read all about it.
Second on our board today is a new and special report about the much talked about Leaseback program written by property attorney John Howell. Buyer beware…John says Leaseback properties are for the lazy investor and won’t have as good a return as a pied-à-terre you own, use and enjoy and then rent out to vacationers. Sellers of the Leaseback properties are sure to want to convince you otherwise, but all you have to do is read John’s report, do the numbers and realize that unless you don’t care about using it or living in it later (for retirement like many of our clients envision), then it could work for you as a hassle-free and sure investment. If what you really want is a little piece of Paris or other spot in La France Profonde, then don’t even bother.
More to come…Robert Anthony tax attorney here in Paris provides with an in-depth look at tax issues for non-residents…and Jean Taquet answers a question about the ability to get a work permit in France in his monthly Q and A column. Gretchen Van Blaricom is inviting conference participants to come visit Burgundy and cook up a storm with her in her 18th-century Presbytere in Rogny les Sept Ecluses at a big discount.
Moneycorp was rated #1 — we’re not surprised. Don’t transfer another dime into euro cents until you’ve talked with them and learned how to save on the rate of exchange and Abbey National reports on this month’s rates and financial news.
In honor of Prince Ranier III, Pascal Fonquernie, resident of Monaco, offers insight into the rich and famous who make it the rich and famous spot on the planet it is and we bring you three fabulous apartments in Monaco to make you drool.
Scroll down, too, for all you need to know about the Working and Living in France Conference May 20 – 22 you should attend if you’re thinking of buying in France or moving here for any reason. And if you’re thinking of taking the plunge this year, we give you good reason to book your property search before June 1 to do any time this year — as you’ll save big bucks by doing so.
So, now’s the time.

A bientôt…

Adrian Leeds
Editor, French Property Insider
Email: [email protected]

P.S. For those of you in Paris, I hope to see you next Tuesday at Après Midi.


Volume III, Issue 14, April 7, 2005

In this issue:

* Pushing the Paris Property Limit
* Do You Get Your Money Back with a Leaseback?
* Can You Hide from the Taxman?
* Getting a Work Permit: Jean Taquet’s Q and A
* Cooking it Up in Burgundy
* Moneycorp Ranked #1 in Prediction Power
* Today’s Rates of Exchange by Moneycorp
* News from Lender Abbey National
* Prince Ranier is Our Loss, But Money in Monaco Reigns
* The Conference from the Original Creators
* Book Property Services Before June 1 and Save
* Hot Property Picks: Monaco!
* Classified Advertising: Leeds Apartment Available July 22 – August 1


Paris Prices Push the Limit? Or is the Sky the Paris Limit?
By Adrian Leeds

Dist Price/M2
1 5,818 +14.8%
2 4,929 +13.1%
3 5,303 +14.0%
4 6,469 +15.1%
5 6,387 +19.1%
6 6,968 +11.2%
7 6,424 +11.0%
8 5,844 +6.8%
9 4,502 +15.8%
10 3,919


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