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Five Easy Pieces…Here’s Your Chance to Own a Fraction of France!

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Maybe you can only spend a few weeks a year in France and therefore you rent an apartment whenever you come? Maybe you’d love to buy a property in France, but can’t afford it without a mortgage…and can’t get a mortgage? Maybe you just want to make life as pleasurable and easy as possible and don’t want the responsibility of home ownership?

Regardless of why, owning a share in a beautiful property in France could easily be the perfect solution to a way of “having your cake and eating it, too”…because rather than “costing” you money, fractional ownership will reward you with profit while at the same time providing a beautiful place to live while in France! Then, when you’re ready to make the move more permanent, you can easily sell your share to make a purchase of your own property. That gives you the time to really get to know France!

Fractional Ownership is NOT a “Time-Share.” It is a hybrid of direct ownership and time-sharing, combining the best elements of both. Ownership brings together a few individuals in a single property with shared usage and shared expenses. Most fractional property opportunities in France are properties that have been purchased, renovated, and decorated by one developer who then sells off the shares to individual buyers. Most of these offerings are six to thirteen shares to minimize the investment amount while maximizing the size, location, and quality of the property.


The properties we represent must comply with our exacting standards and with a proper legal structure to reduce the risk to “zero” for new shareholders. We represent only well-designed properties that make a valuable investment and are a pleasure to own and enjoy.


Our criteria are:

• A property that is highly desirable, well located, well designed, decorated, and appointed—a “jewel” that is unlike any other of its category
• A usage calendar that is attractive to a wide variety of owners
• Legal structure and supporting documents must be 100% correct to avoid any conflicts among owners
• Quality management must be in place to keep the property running smoothly and remove any unnecessary obligations by the owners
• Owners should be like-minded

We have shares available in five fabulous fractional properties—two in the glorious countryside, one in Paris, one in Nice and one in the illustrious Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat. That gives you plenty of opportunity—whether you want the peace and greenery, or action in an urban environment or just a seaside escape, it’s all here for your choosing.

Let’s start with Paris: MA MAISON MIRON

Fractional Property in Paris, Ma Maison Miron

1 share available (Share F) at 76,700€, a studio in one of Paris’s oldest buildings dating back to the 14th-century, on rue François Miron in the 4th arrondissement of Paris.

For more information, visit our website or email us.

If what you prefer is sunnier weather by the sea, then maybe your answer is: 99 PROM

Fractional Property in Nice, 99Prom

13 shares from 59,700 € to 67,700€, a seaside studio with a private garden located directly on the Promenade des Anglais in Nice. Plus, take a trial stay before you buy your share!

For more information, visit our site or email us today.

Not far away, just “down the road” from Nice, but in the Riviera’s most exclusive enclave is: LA VILLA PLAISANCE

Fractional Property in Villafrance-sur-Mer, La Villa Plaisance

13 shares from 85,700 € to 93,700€, on the Peninsula of Billionaires—Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat with 2 bedrooms/1 bathroom.

For more information, visit La Villa Plaisance or email us.

In the countryside, we have one in Provence: CHEZ MIRABEL

Fractional Property in Provence, Chez Mirable

1 share available at 97,500€, in a four-level stone village house with 3 bedrooms/2 bathooms in the heart of Provence at 9 rue Général de Gaulle in Mirabel-aux-Baronnies.

For more information, visit our Fractional Ownership page or email us today.

And, one in the Occitanie on the west side of France: MAISON-BIZE

Fractional Property in Occitanie, Maison-Bize

10 Shares from €55,700 to €63,700 in a 200-year-old beautifully restored village house in Southwest France with 4 bedrooms/2.5 bathrooms located in Bize-Minervois in the Southwest of France.

For more information, visit our site or email us.

Choose from any of these or even two (one in a city and one in the countryside!) for a perfect “séjour” in France!

A la prochaine…

Adrian Leeds in the garden terrace at fractional property, 99Prom in NiceAdrian Leeds
The Adrian Leeds Group®

P.S. Fractional ownership is a perfect way of combining lifestyle with investments! To learn more, visit our site today!


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