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Music in the Streets and Money in Your Pocket

A kids choral group in chef garb singing in front of the Opera House in Nice
A kid's choral group in chef's garb singing in front of the Opera House in Nice


Covid-19 struck again. The contributors of the House Hunters International episode with whom we were scheduled to tape this week in Lille came down with a case of Covid-19. This is the second time that the taping of my 50th episode has gone awry. This meant cancelling the airline flights, rearranging my plans for all week and unpacking. Now, we’re trying to reschedule it for sometime this summer when I will still be available and the contributor is back to good health.

This left me with a free week in Nice, but the calendar filled up very quickly. At least I get to do all the things I wasn’t able to do otherwise…but am still looking forward to getting to know Lille at some future date.

In the end it wasn’t regretful to have the time in Nice. It has been a chance to meet with clients and visit their new properties, and to visit other properties on the market, of which there aren’t many. One of our clients recently purchased a beautiful, rather impeccable bourgeois apartment overlooking Place Garabaldi that had been appointed and decorated with both intelligence and taste. She and her husband snapped it up fast, smartly and rightly so. The view on the Place from its many balconies is breathtaking, especially at the moment while the Mimosas are in full bloom. They could fall right out of bed immediately into any one of both lines 1 and 2 tram stops, and will also benefit from increased value from the renovation that will soon take place to extend the Coulée Verte, just adjacent to the Place. What a fabulous investment they have made!

View of Place Garabaldi for the apartment of a client of the Adrian Leeds Group

View of Place Garabaldi

Last night was the annual Fête de la Musique all over France, and Nice had its fair share of musicians on the streets. A choral group of kids in chefs’ toques and garb, sang French songs led by their adult conductor/instructor, standing in front of the Nice Opera House. It was very sweet and endearing.

My street was exceptionally loud, most of which was coming from the new sushi restaurant in our building, situated just under my balcony. (I pray this is temporary for that night only!) There were also several groups that paraded by making a variety of different sounds, both good and bad. The street was hoppin’ even more than usual on a summer night…this night’s sun setting as late as 9:16 p.m. in Nice (in Paris the sun set at 9:57 p.m.).

View of the Fete de la Musique festival on rue Massena

View of the Fete de la Musique festival on rue Massena

The best spectacle of all was some sort of bathing suit contest taking place on the Promenade de Paillon. The beauties were of all ages and types, proud to show off their bodies, some taking it very seriously and others just having a lot of fun with it. The ladies had drawn quite a crowd while a timpani band played on the side. It was tough not to smile at the unorthodox scene.

A bathing suite contest in Nice

A bathing suite contest in Nice

A bathing suite contest in Nice

A band playing in the park during Fete de la Musique


Splashpage for Modern Finance: Shaping the Future of Investing

Brian Dunhill of Dunhill Financial Services

Brian Dunhill

On a more serious note, but one worth mentioning…this past week, Brian Dunhill of Dunhill Financial, published an article by staff member Anya Berezow titled “Top Five Investment Mistakes Made by Americans Abroad.” If you didn’t see it for yourself, you may want to have a read. When you’re living outside the U.S., like we are, our perspective on finances changes, dealing in two currencies and dual systems. We can easily make mistakes…naturally.

Here’s Dunhill Financial’s Top Five Mistakes:

1. Over Investing or Not Investing at All
2. Buying Foreign Mutual Funds
3. Pay Fees for Non-U.S. Investments
4. Failing to Report Taxes Right
5. Put Money into a Non-Qualified Foreign Pension Plan

Be sure to read their explanation of each investment mistake, but meanwhile take note—they have the perspective an expat needs in order to make the most of their assets. As the article avows, “Investing abroad can be lucrative and exciting, provided you are cautious, sensible, and willing to understand local culture, laws, and idiosyncrasies before you expect returns.”

Dunhill Financial is where you might want to start to organize your financial life for success. Even if you are already working with an advisor in North America, they likely won’t have the global perspective Brian and his team have for expats.

For more information about Dunhill Financial, and to get to know our other financially-related trusted resources, visit our website.

Logo for the Adrian Leeds Group's financial planning for expats services

A la prochaine…

Adrian Leeds in NiceAdrian Leeds
The Adrian Leeds Group®

P.S. We have developed relationships with a number of financial and tax experts to assist our clients. For more information, please visit our Global Money Services page today.

P.P.S. Next week I’ll be traveling in Portugal for our annual summer vacation. Nouvellettres® may or may not be published as I take this one break from the usual work week…but never say never, and never say forever…so stay tuned for what may or may not come!


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