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Share in the Oldest Building in Paris and/or a Million Dollar View on the Riviera!

The million dollar view from the fractional property La Belle Terrasse

I had the extreme pleasure last week of visiting La Belle Terrasse, a luxurious one-bedroom Fractional Ownership property with shares ready for purchase and ready for occupancy.

Aerial view of the cost along Villefranche-ser-Mer in France | La Belle Terrasse


La Belle Terrasse is our “jewel in the crown.” It’s a one-bedroom apartment located in the Old Town of the romantic Romanesque village of Villefranche-sur-Mer with a spacious terrace on the “front row,” meaning that it’s directly overlooking the sea with nothing to obscure the view—and that view on the port and the peninsula of Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat is drop-dead stunning! I call it “The Million Dollar View.”

The apartment is located at 9 rue Pasteur at the end of one of the village’s primary streets, rue Poilu, on which there are lots of restaurants and amenities, parallel to the port overlooking a sweet “Place” with a working fountain—Place Conseil. The entry to the property is dated on the door in carved stone—“1789”!

Fountain outside fracitonal property La Belle Terrasse

If you know Villefranche-sur-Mer, then you know that with so many levels, easy access is very important. There are a minimal amount of stairs to the front door of the apartment and it is easily accessed by stretches of flat paths (for easy rolling of your suitcases) from the available parking on both the east and west sides. There’s a flat pathway from the Place du Conseil that takes you directly to the local train station (four minutes by foot) that takes you all along the coast and in the other direction. You can take the same flat street (rue Poilu) with just a few steps to the main parking lot at the entry to Villefranche-sur-Mer (four minutes by foot). The location is ideal in a town that is normally quite challenging. It’s also just a short walk to the buses on the Basse Corniche, so you don’t need a car in order to explore the entire Riviera.

The entry stairs and front door to fractional proplerty La Belle Teraasse in Villefranch-sur-Mer France

Just at the Place du Conseil, is something very obscure indeed. This is the very the beginning of rue Obscure, a hidden medieval street that runs 430 feet long under the buildings, so it looks more like a tunnel than a street. It was built in 1260 as a pathway that let the soldiers shuffle through the village with ease and it’s one of Villefranche-sur-Mer’s not-so-hidden treasures. At the other end of rue Obscure is a plaque cemented into the ground—a rendering by artist Jean Cocteau that reads:

Quand je regarde Villefranche
Vois ma jeunesse
Fassent les hommes qu’elle ne change jamais

Jean Cocteau became our inspiration for the apartment’s design and décor. It underwent complete renovation and an update to make it just as luxurious as are all of our properties. We’ve done the floors in a classic terrazzo, updated the kitchen, created a new and larger bathroom, and decorated the entire apartment “haute gamme” in classic Provençal/Côte d’Azur style, all at the hands of designer Christine Collier.

Living and dining updated at La Belle Terrasse

The moment you enter, you have a view of the sea from the kitchen window, and another fabulous sea view from the living room/dining room. East facing with a broad expanse, the light pours in all day long, and as lovely as the apartment will be, it’s the larger-than-10-square-meter terrace where we will be sure to find you! And the terrace is heated it so that you can use it all year long.

Renovated kitchen La Belle Terrasse with the window to the sea

Terrasse and view La Belle Terrasse

The kitchen is on this main level as you enter, leading directly to the terrace. It is fully equipped with absolutely everything you need to cook gourmet meals—all while gazing out the window to see the aqua blue sea below. Also on this level, just as you enter, is the toilet with a sink as is a washer/dryer and lots of storage.

Just eight steps to the right takes you to the living room/dining room, bathroom and bedroom. The living room has a floor-to-ceiling window on the sea and a complete mirrored wall behind the sofa bed allows you to have non-stop views of the sea while you’re lounging, watching TV or dining inside.

Renovated living and dining at La Belle Terrasse

The large and spacious bathroom is just to the right as you enter the salon, with a luxury shower, double sink, towel warmer and great make-up lighting.

Beautiful updated bath at La Belle Terrasse

Further on is the bedroom, also large and spacious, with a floor-to-ceiling closet that will house more than you’d ever need. There is a dresser and a queen size bed that can separate to twins for those who prefer sleeping apart. The window in the bedroom overlooks Place Conseil, the charming Villefranche-sur-Mer buildings, and when open, you can hear the trickle of the fountain in the Place. Just below that window of the yellow stuccoed building is a fuchsia Bougainvillea that will put a smile on your face every time you pass through the Place and when you see it from the window.

Updated bedroom with views at La Belle Terrasse


My personal goal is to provide you with the best possible Fractional Ownership property on the Paris market—something you can love owning and using, that you will have for many years and then later easily resell or be proud to leave to your kids. You’ll find the price of the shares to be very reasonable—a lot less than others on the market, simply because we don’t have to overcharge to make ends meet.

Current shares available:
Shares 1 through 9: €73,700.00
Shares 10 through 13: €77,700.00

Special note about tiered pricing: The first group of shares are always priced the lowest. They get more expensive as they are sold out and become less and less available. Be one of the first to buy a share and save money! That makes your share immediately more valuable, too, as the shares are sold and the price goes up.

The owners will share all of the annual costs of operating the property, which means spreading the costs thinly among them. They will all have a voice and share the responsibilities, making this virtually hassle-free. The operational costs include:

* Taxe d’Habitation
* Taxe Foncière
* Electricity
* Building homeowner association charges
* Telephone/TV/Internet, insurance
* Housekeeping/concierge
* Accounting, reserve fund
* All U.S. and French tax filing

Annual dues are currently estimated at 990€ the first year and reduced the following years due to some first-time costs.

In addition, there will be a small reserve fund of 385€ for future repairs and replacement as well as a security deposit of 1,500€ held on account.

For more information, visit our La Belle Terrasse page.

To reserve your share, email us today!


Great news!

One share of Ma Maison Miron has just come up for re-sale!:

Share D with the next usage dates of March 31st through April 13th and September 29th through October 12, 2022—now available for purchase!

Everyone in Paris knows the building. Tour buses drive by to point it out to tourists. A trail of spectators stroll by daily to stop for a look, take photos, and marvel at the beauty of this “colombage” (half-timbered) structure that sends one back in time to when Paris was a medieval town and life centered around the Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral.

The building exterior of the fractional property in Paris Ma Maison Miron

Located at 11-13 rue François Miron in the 4th arrondissement, and in the heart of Le Marais, it’s just steps from the Hôtel de Ville (City Hall), the area around the Eglise Saint-Paul, and very close to the Seine River. These were once two houses: number 11: At the sign of the Reaper (this name is engraved on the front) and number 13: At the Sign of the Sheep, at the corner of the tiny rue Cloche-Perce. It was restored in the 1970s and combined to make one apartment building.

The apartment is a studio of 18 square meters (194 square feet), with two square-paned windows overlooking the beautiful buildings opposite on the street. You can choose between the elevator or the ancient balustrade staircase to take you to the third floor and down the hall to enter its door. Just inside, the magical space oozing with charm is framed by exposed beams on the ceiling and in the walls.

Sitting/dining area for the fractional property in Paris Ma Maison Miron

It is beautifully decorated, luxuriously appointed, and fully equipped (missing nothing!) by our illustrious Interior Designer, Martine di Mattéo.

Living/bedroom area for the fractional property in Paris Ma Maison Miron

Click here to learn more about it and see all the photos.

Price of the share 75,900€ + Reimbursement to owner for security deposit, reserve fund, and pro-rata portion of 2022 dues + attorney transaction fee of 750€.

The share will be sold on a first-come/first-serve basis. When you make your request, we will connect you with the owner to whom you can make your offer.

Don’t miss out, contact us TODAY!

A la prochaine…

Adrian Leeds in Villafranche-ser-Mer wearing a black leather jacket, black beret, and red scarfAdrian Leeds
The Adrian Leeds Group®

Adrian in Villefranche-ser-Mer

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