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A Paris Feast of Brocantes

The “Brocante de Noël” on rue de Bretagne Satruday, November 29th

A Paris Feast of Brocantes

Parler Paris–your daily taste of life in Paris and France

Monday, December 1, 2003
Paris, France

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Dear Parler Paris Reader,

Every year at this time, rues de Bretagne, Eugène Spuller and Place Turenne come alive with dozens of stands for the annual “Brocante de Nöel” (rummage sale) of the 3rd arrondissement. hordes of shoppers forage through someone else’s leftovers…second-hand clothing, antique post cards, small furniture items, bric-a-brac…you name it. This year I noticed more colorful and cable-knit sweaters than ever before and hand painted glasses and coffee cups. For gourmands, there are sausages, cheeses, wines, breads, patés and the finest that France has to offer. They were cookin’ up crêpes and hot sausage sandwiches, serving up “vin chaud” and offering wine “dégustations.

This weekend was no exception. From early Friday morning till late Sunday evening, and even in the pouring rain Sunday, it was almost impossible to maneuver the sidewalk alongside the casual strollers and through the alleys of merchants displaying their wares on boths sides of the streets. A brocante is always eye candy — so many fascinating odds and ends to feast your eyes on.

And Paris is awash with brocantes this time of year…so, take advantage of what’s to come and enjoy! (Remember, dates are in reverse day/month/year and times are on a 24 hour clock.):

Dates : du 05/12/2003 au 14/12/2003 10h-19h –
BOULEVARD AUGUSTE-BLANQUI Boulevard Auguste-Blanqui 75013 PARIS
+33 1 34 08 77 77

Dates : du 06/12/2003 au 07/12/2003 –
RUE DES MARTYRS Rue des Martyrs 75009 PARIS
+33 1 34 08 77 77

Dates : le 07/12/2003 –
COURS DE VINCENNES Cours de Vincennes 75012 PARIS
+33 1 46 15 66 31

Dates : du 13/12/2003 au 14/12/2003 –
1, PLACE DE LA NATION 1, place de la Nation 75011 PARIS
+33 1 34 08 77 77

Dates : du 13/12/2003 au 14/12/2003 –
AVENUE DE FLANDRES Avenue de Flandre 75019 PARIS
+33 1 46 15 66 31

A la prochaine…

Adrian Leeds
Editor, Parler Paris
E-mail: [email protected]

P.S. For those of you traveling to Paris over the holidays, I’ll be here and the IL Paris office will be open for personal consultations. See Cconsultation Services for more information and how to book your time with us.

* * *

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