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American Expats Share Their Love Of Paris

American Expats living in the City of Light are Paris’ best emissaries. They are the most enthusiastic group of transplants you will ever hope to find anywhere. With them has come an amazing amount of talent, creativity and entrepreneurial drive. Paris loves them for all these reasons and they love Paris with unbridled spirit. I have loved getting to know some of them.

Warren and Jean Trabant fit this description. Warren first came to Paris as a photo editor for the Marshall Plan in 1951…and never left. In the 1980’s, he and Jean started a publication called the “Letter from Paris” and during that time, wrote an in depth look at the city titled “Paris Confidential.”

Jean is now gone, but Warren still resides in a lovely residence on the corner of boulevard Raspail and rue de Rennes — a very chic spot. He was always a discerning man and nothing has changed about that…if you click to see the photo at
/parlerparis/issues/pparis18-12-03.html, you’ll see that Warren doesn’t want to waste a single meal on something mediocre.

Another American Expat to have graced our paths is young and talented Elizabeth Reichert. A Vassar College graduate in literature and a student of ballet, this beautiful and brilliant woman devoted herself to writing about Paris and France. She took the original manuscript of Paris Confidential, devoured it as if it were her own, reorganized it, updated it, rewrote, edited and added to it until she had the ultimate guide to Paris.

Paris Confidential 2003 is not just another Paris guidebook for the causal tourist. This is a book for those who want to get beyond the surface of Paris, to the place forever full of the hidden secrets and charms that make any personal encounter with a city something rare and unique. Quite aware of what most visitors are attracted to – romance along the Seine banks, intellectual debates around a café table, miles of masterpieces at the Louvre, lewd cabaret revues, fine food and drink everywhere – Warren, Jean and Elizabeth share with you the details of the city we have come to know and love, a rich and exciting, private city that lies beyond your typical attractions.

Since the first edition was written, the city has changed and with it, so must Paris Confidential. Still showing you how to get to know Paris as true connoisseurs know it, the 2003 edition puts the new on your map. Keeping all the classics – the infinitely rich history, the tidy green gardens, the treasured restaurants, and the marché shopping sprees – Paris Confidential also takes you through the Paris of right-now, where one can view up and coming contemporary artists in the galleries on rue Louise Weiss or sip mojitos with the artsy-intellectuals who have moved from the Café de Flore terrace to the bar-filled, gritty-hip rue Oberkampf.

On the one hand, Paris is still that beautiful and magical city of wide avenues and exceptional museums, food, and gardens that attracted the likes of Hemingway, Fitzgerald and so many others. But on the other, it is also an increasingly cosmopolitan and international city, full of contrasts, thick with changing histories, and on the move toward the future.

Only in Paris can you drink wine while watching flamenco dancers twirl in the surrounding studio spaces (Le Centre de Danse in the Marais). Only in Paris can you walk the sewers and the catacombs of an ancient city. Only in Paris can you wander the world’s most luxurious flea market at Clignancourt and eat sausage at Chez Louisette, a classic guinguette where the wait staff sings like cabaret divas from the past. Only in Paris can you enjoy an aperitif in a café where Verlaine, Baudelaire, and the Beat poets grew dizzy from their beloved absinthe (Le Caveau de Bolée on the rue de l’Hirondelle).

It is these only-in-Paris finds that make this city special. And these are the points that Warren, Jean, and Elizabeth have discovered, explored and described with unerring accuracy and shrewd insight, so that you, the lover of Paris, will find a city you hadn’t yet imagined.

A la prochaine…

Adrian Leeds
Editor, Parler Paris
E-mail: [email protected]

P.S. Paris Confidential makes a great gift for someone soon to travel here. To get your copy of Paris Confidential, click here.


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