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Arm Chair House Hunting, Tax Complaints, A Mouse Named Marielle

House Hunters International on iTunesHouse Hunters International on iTunes


House Hunters International is a special feature of the HGTV network. From Australia to New Zealand, they’ll take you on a journey around the world to see some of the remarkable places the people on House Hunters International have made their homes. Paris and Nice are two of their most filmed parts of the world…and rightly so!

If you’re looking to view our House Hunters International episodes (or any others for that matter), then a large number of them are available, either free on HGTV or for purchase on iTunes and At only $2.99 for HD and $1.99 for SD, this is your chance to purchase your favorites or missed episodes.

For example, on

1. House Hunters International: Best of France 2009

Six of the 10 are our episodes!

2. House Hunters International: Best of Paris 2014

Four out of five are ours!

3. House Hunters International Renovation 2 Seasons 2016

Check out #5, “Perturbed in Paris.” It’s one of ours!

On iTunes, open your iTunes app, and search for House Hunters International under the category “TV Shows.”

On the HGTV website, click on “Full Episodes” on the upper right corner of the screen. Often, one of our shows is made available, such as this one  — Big Move to Paris.

Rather than just watching, wouldn’t you like to star in your own episode of House Hunters International with me? It’s fun and rewarding – and once it airs on International television, viewed by many millions of fans around the world, you will have a record of your new home for perpetuity.

Whether you are getting ready to rent or purchase a home in France, House Hunters International may be interested in your story. HGTV is looking for energetic individuals, couples and families who are passionate about their search for a new home or vacation property to be part of the House Hunters International television series. This hit series takes viewers behind the scenes as you work with a real estate agent (me!) to decide which home or apartment is best for you.

They’re looking for fun personalities and interesting stories. If this sounds like you, apply now! They are currently casting all across France! If you’re interested in appearing on the show, contact us at [email protected]?subject=House_Hunters_International.



Fortune Trump

Americans Living Abroad

Americans Are Giving Up Their Citizenship at Record Rates, but not because of Trump.

As much as we’d like to blame #45 for the record numbers of citizenship renouncements (last year, a record 4,279 people renounced their citizenship), the blame can be placed on American taxation. In fact, I’m in the process of acquiring my French citizenship for the simple reason that I’d personally like to have a choice. Compliance with U.S. tax regulations is the ultimate hassle and expense for citizens living abroad and a lot of us are fed up. So fed up, that many are willing to cut the ties, which means paying back taxes for five years, plus an exit tax in some cases, then make an appointment at the U.S. consulate to formally give up citizenship.

“You have to come clean with the U.S. before you can give up your citizenship, and you can’t put the blame on Trump for this one.” Quote:

If you’d like to end citizenship-based taxation, read and sign this petition to push for the end of CBT (Citizenship-Based Taxation) and move towards TTFI (Territorial Taxation for Individuals). The campaign will run until October 22, 2017.  There is a new landing page for the petition.

This petition is sponsored by Republicans Overseas, but NO MATTER what your political persuasion, this is a good petition to sign as R.O. is advocating for ending our citizenship-based taxation woes. We need to keep at them, write to your congress people (see the example letter below for you to edit and send – all Congresspersons have online submission forms — just Google contact NAME OF CONGRESSPERSON) and let them know that “enough is enough” — we are tired of having to do two tax returns every year and spend A LOT of money to be compliant with the USA – just to show them we owe NOTHING.

For more information from Democrats Abroad, visit their website.


Senator XXX /Representative YYY

Washington, D.C. 20500 USA

Dear Senator XXX /Representative YYY,

My name is XXX, and I am an American citizen currently living overseas in France. I am writing to urge you to include the RNC’s Resolution on Territorial Taxation for Individuals into the Tax Reform Package currently under review by the House Ways and Means Committee.

You are entirely correct when you state that the American tax code has grown out of control. Overseas Americans bear the full brunt of this complexity. The United States is the only developed country that implements a system of citizenship-based taxation (CBT) which requires overseas Americans to file and pay taxes both to their host country and to the United States. This system creates huge complexity and inequity due to the overlapping tax systems being applied to any American living overseas. It is also a great financial burden to complete tax declarations twice according to two different country’s requirements. Isn’t it time that we implemented a tax code for the 21st century and moved away from a taxation system shared only by the State of Eritrea?

Territorial Taxation for Individuals is an America first platform:

• Territorial Taxation for Individuals is tax-revenue positive because it eliminates current loopholes that allow wealthy foreigners not resident in the United States to generate substantial income in the United States without paying their fair share of tax. Under the current tax system, wealthy foreigners can buy and sell businesses and assets in the United States and invest in stocks and bonds and pay little or no tax on the gains.

• Territorial Taxation for Individuals would allow for an increase of American exports. Overseas Americans are the most effective advocates for and exporters of American-made goods and services. However, due to CBT, Americans working overseas are at least 35% more expensive to hire than their foreign counterparts. Territorial Taxation would make employing Americans overseas more affordable, and more Americans working overseas will lead to more exports of American goods and services. An increase in American exports leads to more American jobs at home in America as well.

• Territorial Taxation for individuals will attract skilled immigration to the U.S. and support the RAISE ACT. Worldwide Taxation inhibits skilled immigration to the U.S. as doing so has serious tax implications for these individuals’ foreign businesses and income. Territorial Taxation will draw skilled immigrants who can then recreate their business successes within the US and create more American jobs. Without addressing the worldwide tax implications for skilled immigrants, the United States will not be able to effectively compete in the global marketplace for top talent. Without addressing the worldwide tax implications, any renewed push for skilled immigration will encounter very significant challenges.

• Territorial Taxation would end the discriminatory costs of tax compliance on overseas Americans. Overseas Americans pay extremely high costs to file their American tax returns as a result of CBT and FATCA (“Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act”).

Territorial Taxation is an America-first policy, but it is also important on a personal level: it is an American citizen-first policy.

I live and run a business in France. It costs me nothing to file my personal French taxes as I am able to do it myself in a few minutes online. But it costs me €XXX per year to have my US tax return prepared. This burdensome cost was based on a very simple tax return that only included a small business, reporting of my French day-to-day bank accounts and rental property. There were no deductions of any kind, except for the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion. The final document for one couple was over 50 pages and was so complicated that a professional preparer had to be hired at huge cost.

I urge you on both a personal level and for the good of our country as a whole to include Territorial Taxation for Individuals in the Tax Reform Package. I appreciate your consideration of this matter. Should you be interested in further details, I can be reached at XXX.

Your city, your country
Voting in your state XXX



Marielle in Paris - By Maxine Shur

Maxine SchurMaxine Schur

Marielle the mouse has worked her dressmaking magic for nine days and nine nights to create nine beautiful dresses for Madame Sooree’s nine daughters. Finished at last, Marielle goes to bed, but when she wakes up, the dresses are gone! With no time to lose, Marielle must overcome her fear of heights to take a wild ride with her friend Pierre-the-Pigeon to recover the missing party dresses, which have been scattered across Paris.

The book includes a quiz for readers to match each party dress with the Paris scene that inspired it.


Jeanne B. de Sainte Marie has been an avowed daydreamer since childhood, and now she dreams up fictional worlds for children’s books. She has also applied her colorful, engaging style to travel note-books, Advent calendars, magazines, and materials for vehicles, including a fabric design for seats on Paris city buses. Jeanne grew up in Michigan, but has lived in Paris for many years. She studied fine art and textile design at the University of Michigan and the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs in Paris.


Maxine Rose Schur is an award-winning children’s book author and travel writer. She has written 10 books for young people, including picture books and historical novels. A former professional actor, she gives guest lectures and teaches writing workshops. She has a bachelor’s degree in theater arts from the University of California at Berkeley and a master’s degree in liberal arts from Stanford University.

To purchase Marielle in Paris, visit our Recommended Readings page.

A la prochaine…

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Adrian Leeds
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P.S. Monday Oct. 23 our brand new House Hunters International episode “Champagne Problems in Paris” airs. Details on our HHI page. Set your DVRs now!


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