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It’s a new year and while there is a lot of regrets for what happened this past year, we have a much brighter future for 2016.

Sadly, a few crazy guys made world-wide history in Paris on November 13th that created just the kind of fear they wanted. A lot of Paris soon-to-be visitors ran for cover or for other destinations to find what they thought would be a safer haven. But Paris wasn’t the only place on the planet affected by terrorist activity — it’s taking place all over the world and in just about every corner, even where one least expects it…and it will, as long as we let it work…and it works well.

It scared a lot of people away from the City of Light and that alone hurt all of us, while not doing a thing to help the few innocent souls we all wish hadn’t been their target. As a result, there were last-minute cancellations, that compounded the suffering Paris had to endure. The city that is the world’s number one destination greatly missed all of the tourists that were expected to land on our doorsteps…and in fact, the actions not only showed how powerful is the emotion of fear, but it also showed a real lack of support by the very people who love Paris. We residents were both surprised and dismayed by the reaction.

Meanwhile, life for the residents went on in the City of Light just like it always does and we stood in defiance by showing they were not afraid to be “en terrasse!” In a very short time, we were all going about our business, hanging out in our favorite cafés and showing we would not be deterred. We also joked that Paris is likely the safest place on the planet at this time — now that what was done was done and security is greatly heightened. Everyone is acutely aware of anything suspicious and it’s going to be a whole lot tougher for the crazy guys to get much crazier.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not taking this lightly, but everyone knows that the risk of death by violence living in the U.S. is a lot higher than France, even with such random events. Just a few hours ago I watched President Barack Obama address the nation regarding taking unilateral action to tackle the problem of gun violence in the US. Guns are in the hands of the average American citizen, not just in the hands of the terrorists and as a result, death by violence in the U.S is 5.56 of every 100,000 people compared to France with 1.07  (

So, by coming to France, you’re actually reducing your risk and coming to a much safer place. It’s a big reason so many Americans live here, particularly women alone who are so much safer on the streets of the City of Light than just about anywhere in the world.

You know this makes sense, but maybe you were one of those who let fear get in the way? Or maybe your family asked you to cancel your trip and not to take the risk? And for those who didn’t come when we needed you most, you likely let it cost you not only a lot of money, but the vacation you had been dreaming of…for what was no good reason at all.

The bottom line is that we at the Adrian Leeds Group now have our beautiful bouquet of Paris luxury vacation apartments available without the pleasure of welcoming many of you lovers of Paris. The apartments miss you. We miss you. And we’re willing to do something to offer you a big incentive that makes good sense for booking your next visit to Paris.

Unlike an “Airbnb,” our apartments are professionally decorated, equipped and managed to ensure a perfect stay. Almost all of them are owned by North Americans just like you. Almost all of them were designed, renovated and decorated by Martine di Mattéo — the best designer in Paris. All of them come with a concierge, a designated housekeeper and are more than fully equipped so that they are missing nothing.

If you have any problem during your stay, there is your own concierge to assist you. This is not what every Airbnb can claim. When you rent an apartment that is not professionally managed, you take a risk that is likely going to affect your stay a whole lot more than you can imagine. And apartments ‘for rent by owner’ are not necessarily less expensive — there is a market price and we compete effectively as do all the others. So, don’t be fooled into thinking you’re getting a bargain.

As I said earlier, we’re going to give you a reason to come back…and come back SOON! Pack your bags NOW and make your plans. Contact us within the next 6 weeks and get ONE FREE NIGHT for stays of 5 nights or more or SAVE 10% off a booking of stays less than 5 nights! Book BEFORE February 15th for stays in January, February, March, April, August, or November 2016 — and save up to 20% during these particular periods (already priced at a bargain!). (BTW, you will find air fares will be great during these periods, too! I was able to book a round trip Paris-New York in January for under $600!)

So, don’t give into the fear. It’s what they want. Instead, take a stand and show your support. Come visit the City of Light — the city you love — at a bargain — when it’s as safe a city as there ever was.

Visit Parler Paris Apartments and choose from any one (or more) of our luxurious apartments, all located in the center of Paris designed to make your stay absolutely perfect. We stand behind each and every one of them and we stand behind our beautiful city, too. Be among us.

Happy New Year!

A la prochaine…

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