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How to Sell Your Script

One thing I discovered over the years of testing various talents (or lack of!) is that constructing thoughts by using words on paper is not much different than creative expression working with paints on a canvas — both elicit the final results of an image, real or imagined. Both arts require a creative spirit, naturally…but without the learned skills, the realization can end up sloppy and communicate badly.

If you love putting your thoughts and feelings into words — words that will be meaningful to others — then do yourself a favor to hone your skills and perfect your ability to communicate your ideas.

There are lots of ways of doing just that…because here in Paris, the literary arts are so highly respected and appreciated. We are surrounded by some of the most brilliant wordsmiths in the world, who come here not only to write, but to share their knowledge, skills and experience with others who have the same burning desire.

Last Fall, Judith Merians, a Hollywood Entertainment Lawyer, Studio Executive and Consultant to Independent Producers for the last 30 years, taught an eager group…on how to write a script that would sell and how to sell a script that was written. It was so true…most writers write because they have something they need to say, a story to tell, an idea that must be conveyed, without understanding how to turn it into a saleable item. Lots dream of seeing their names on the silver screen and their characters come to life in technicolor, but don’t know how to get it from paper to film.

Judith Merians has been an entertainment lawyer and executive, literary agent, and film school professor in Los Angeles for over 25 years. She has participated in hundreds of development and production meetings, worked with untold number of writers, and bought innumerable scripts and films for the Hollywood studios. She brings to these workshops the inside information on how buyers think, what they need, and the ways to impress and influence them.

Judith taught us about “Date” movies, “Chick Flicks” and “Niche Market” films. We learned that the story must fit the budget and that a big budget film must have a star role. We learned we must write a “log” line that sells the story in just a few words. And we learned that living in Paris can be a real “cachet” and have appeal to the producers to spotlight the writer as someone special. I walked away after three hours of all the valuable insight itchy to start working on that next great hot script!

Then, this past Spring, Judith came to teach us how to tell and sell an idea, make it clear, communicate a story in dramatic and visual ways, and describe a full length work in a few action-packed verbal minutes…all during a 3-hour session about how to write the screenplay pitch that really sells. We learned how to write a good “logline” (a one sentence description of a story) and construct a pitch that would really sell a script idea. Merians is a formidable instructor whose series of scriptwriting technique workshops is growing in popularity among those who “wannabe” and those who already are.

But, don’t distress if you missed one or even both…because Judith is back with another great workshop!…this coming September 15th.


Studios review over a 1,000 scripts a year and choose about 12 for production. Each script is read by a reader who recommends to her boss “pass,” “consider” or “buy.” A screenwriter has to get past a script reader who has read every type of story in innumerable scripts looking for a gem. Judith will teach you what hooks a reader’s interest…and what makes her toss a script on the rejection pile.

Join us for this 3-hour session, at La Pierre du Marais, only 30€ per person! Spaces are limited, so register now!

Saturday, September 15, 2007, 3 p.m. to 6 p.m
Upstairs at La Pierre du Marais
96, rue des Archives at the corner of rue de Bretagne
3rd arrondissement, across from the Mairie de 3ème
Métro Temple, République or Arts et Métiers
3 hours, 30€

For further details and to register, please visit /frenchproperty/conference/ or email Judith Merians at [email protected]

See you there!

A la prochaine…(and happy writing)…

Adrian Leeds
Editor, Parler Paris

P.S. You won’t want to miss this incredible opportunity to learn expert tips on how to hook the script reader and sell your script. Seating is limited so don’t be disappointed — register today by contacting Judith Merians at [email protected]

P.P.S. The next Living and Investing in France Real Estate Conference will be held in Paris, France on October 13, 2007. Learn how to make your France dream come true! For more details and to register, visit /frenchproperty/conference/


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