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“Jolie” July on the Banks of the Seine


8-7-13meteo8-7-13NY TIMES DOWDGoodbye Old World, Bonjour Tristesse8-7-13Akrobatas today-and-tomorrow-06Akrobatas Stories8-7-13quaistbernardpicnicQuai Saint-Bernard

Oh my God! The weather report arrived by email this morning and sun is predicted for every day this week until and beyond when I leave for New Orleans on Thursday. It’s shocking to finally have such beautiful weather in Paris! I swear, we had forgotten what the sun looked like!

In an Op-Ed article by Maureen Dowd on Saturday in the New York Times titled “Goodbye Old World, Bonjour Tristesse,” she wrote: “The French have higher rates of taking antidepressants and committing suicide than most other Europeans. And while arguing about how to move forward, they feel trapped in the past, weighed down by high unemployment and low hopes, the onerous taxes that drove Gérard Depardieu to flee, conflicts with immigrants, political scandals, Hollande fatigue, Germany envy, economic stagnation, a hyper-elitist education system, and cold, rainy weather that ruined the famous Paris spring.”

I completely agree. It’s been wreaking havoc with my own moods, too, in spite of a normally sunny American disposition and positive outlook. But now that the weather’s better, I guarantee we’re going to see smiles on everyone’s faces again, at least for a while…until La Rentrée when work and bad weather begin again!

In the last two days of sun and warmth, there have been more pretty women in pretty dresses on the streets than I can remember, showing off their legs and fake tans (I am also guilty of using “autobronzant” to tan the winter whites). It makes you want to run out to the Summer Sales and find a few new sleeveless frocks of your own! (Although experience says they don’t get worn much, are therefore not very ‘cost efficient’ and take up much-needed space in the closet for coats and sweaters.)

In honor of the surprisingly beautiful weather, Antonio Meza and I organized a joint picnic on the Seine Sunday evening to revel in the sun and welcome in the moon. Antonio’s “Akrobatas Stories!, Creative Empowerment Tools” are all about happiness this month. He questions, “Is happiness something that can really be obtained?” And he responds, “I think there are two indispensable elements to live a happy life: anticipate your tomorrow, but enjoy your NOW.” And that’s what we did: enjoy our NOW.

(Antonio is speaking at Parler Paris Après Midi on September 10th, with his colleague, Amanda Frost, of “The Make it Happen Circle” sponsored by Akrobatas Creative Empowerment Tools. Be sure to be there! For more information, visit Parler Paris Après Midi)

On the Quai Saint-Bernard just near the Pont Sully, there is a grassy plain where we spread our blankets, uncorked the wine and spread out the picnic goodies. Just down the path are four semi-circular amphitheaters where dancing takes place…Salsa, Tango, Swing and others. It’s free and for everyone! The Tango pit was wall-to-wall with some of those pretty women in pretty dresses and while most had their eyes closed in order to follow instinctively their partners’ moves, one could tell they were smiling on the inside thanks to the warm weather and the beautiful evening on the banks of the Seine.

Coming soon…”Les Bals des Pompiers” (the Fireman’s Balls) and “La Fête du 14 Juillet” (Bastille Day), so stay tuned for Wednesday’s Nouvellettre® when I divulge some secrets on how to make the best of these upcoming holidays in France!

A la prochaine…

adrian July4th BurgerAdrian Leeds

Director of The Adrian Leeds Group, LLC

(Eating a real hamburger at Joe Allen Restaurant on July 4th)

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