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“Les Belles Filles, Bonne Bouffe Et Vieilles Pierres”

We saw some familiar faces and lots of new faces at yesterday’s Parler Paris Après Midi. WYNN JONES, SANDY ZAYAS and PATRICIA LAPLANTE COLLINS joined us once again. I can count on them to come and keep the conversation going. Patricia has invited me to speak at an upcoming Paris Soirée — so we set a date for November 16th if you want to mark your calendar and join us there. (To be on her mailing list, send an email)

We hadn’t seen LAURA GOLBUFF in several years, a past member of Parler Parlor (the French-English conversation group — — not to be confused with Parler Paris Après Mid!). Now she’s in London working for an international cancer charity, but still yearning for Paris. LEE LADY was a familiar face, too, having come to Parler Parlor once before. A retired Hawaiian, he dreams of trading palm trees for geraniums in window boxes. And don’t be confused, Lee is a man with a Lady’s name. GAR WESTFALL, a retired marketing/ad man and who is also living in Hawaii, came to Paris to visit friends and eat, eat, eat. We agreed, Hawaii is a long way to come — 12 hours time difference — half-way ’round the globe.

PORTER SCOTT and JOCELYN CARNEGIE came for their first time. Porter is the antiques specialist who’s taking me to the Marché aux Puces for furnishing the rue de la Huchette apartment. He’s got a first name that should be his last. Jocelyn is our IL property search specialist with a woman’s name who is a clone for Hugh Grant (even his mannerisms). He’s working with Berkeley student, KATEN BUSH, who also graced our afternoon, to find her the perfect pied-à-terre (and I hear he did!). CAROLINE PRINSEP has just joined her husband here in Paris and hopes to help Expats decorate their apartments…wonder if she had a chance to chat with Porter and Jocelyn?

NANCY IOTT just changed her whole life by selling her restaurant of 30 years and becoming a single woman with a mission to move to Paris. Ladies out there, don’t you want to tell her how great it is to be a single woman in Paris?! She was with friend, DARENE JERZ, who just here visiting and helping Nancy see her future path. Nikole Nugebauer, a school teacher from California, has spent the last two years in Paris and is hoping to stay on, seeking students to tutor or teach them English

PATRICIA SALOOM has taken the “3-month dip” with her little Yorkie, leaving more dogs and cats behind in Santa Fe. Her accent gave her away, though, as a native Louisianian. ERIC TOLBERT had his pup, “Fergie” with him, too. He retired from the army and he and partner moved to Paris on Christmas Day 2002 as a gift to themselves. KAREN DELANEY came to Paris for the cafés, bistrots, jazz clubs and to “flee America.” HELEN BECKER originally came for a job, but wants to stay in Paris and seeks investment opportunities.

ERIN COWGILL (not “Cowgirl”) is multi-faceted…artist, photographer, sculptor, massage therapist…I can see her talent’s all in her creative hands. BEVERLY TABOR came to Paris with a husband who works for an American company, says she has a “normal” life here as a “trailing spouse” and is learning French, French cooking, taking photos and partying. JENNA FELLING came with a boyfriend and will be on tour managing musicians in 2004. She wants to stay so came to see how others make life in Paris work for them.

JUSTIN MCCARTHY entered with a bouquet of yellow roses which I gladly accepted. He’s an attorney from Canada who says is particularly well informed of all the complicated legal and administrative details that immigrating to France and setting up shop entails. Don’t we know what that means!? He had a friend with him named PHILIPPE (we never learned a last name) who I saw was getting lots of attention from some of the ladies next to him — and was blushing as a result. Another attorney, PETER KENTON, who has been in Paris 44 years and a master toastmaster, is still enjoying every moment of Paris, as he said…”les belles filles, bonne bouffe et vieilles pierres.”

A la prochaine…

Adrian Leeds
Editor, Parler Paris
E-mail: [email protected]

P.S. To see full photos from yesterday’s meeting, visit the site The next meeting is just following our Working and Living in France Conference…October 28, 2003, 3 p.m. to 5 p.m.

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