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On Call with Steve Navaro: The Fractional Ownership Solution

The two new buzz words in French real estate are “Fractional Ownership.”

Fractional Ownership simply means the division of the property’s title or deed into legally divided portions or shares. This is done by creating a company which owns the property then allowing multiple owners or investors to own shares in the company. Those shares can then be purchased and owned by more than one individual. Shared ownership of the property also entitles shareholders to certain usage rights, and when the property appreciates in value, then so do the shares.

Here in Paris, and in other parts of France, Fractional Ownership is catching on like wild fire, rightfully so. As property prices have increased, investors who want only a few weeks a year to enjoy their Paris “pied-à-terre” are finding they can afford a much nicer, larger and more luxurious property for a lot less expense and effort than owning it on their own.

Steve NavaroSteve Navaro, a real estate attorney from Denver, Colorado, who with his wife, Suzanne, were so discouraged by the price of property in Paris, that in 2002, they developed a Fractional Ownership plan under the name of “Paris Home Shares” that would satisfy his desire to have his own pied-à-terre in Paris he could share with 11 other friends, relatives or perfect strangers.

Their first project, the “Villa Monceau,” a one bedroom apartment in the chic 17th district of Paris, sold out very quickly, so before long, they were looking to create another one.

Jardin Saint-PaulThe second property, “Jardin Saint-Paul,” a two bedroom apartment in the heart of Le Marais, was the first our own property consultation team found for them. It’s a gorgeous 17th-century building with exposed original stonework and wood beams, high ceilings and fireplace…all surrounding a tranquil garden just steps from the popular rue des Rosiers.

Most of the shares are sold and the renovation of the property is well underway. In fact, the heaviest of the construction work was expected to be completed by this weekend.

If you viewed the photos of this apartment prior to any work done on it, you may recall the arch leading from the living room to the bedrooms, stuccoed over and painted a bright mustard yellow. Ugh!

Jardin Saint-PaulWell, the construction crew recreated a 17th-century classic keystone arch of beautiful stone using a “trompe l’oeil” technique! Be sure to see the video of and by Liam Gallegos in his excitement over the newly created arch! Just click here.

Just this past October 21st, an owners meeting was held at Steve and Suzanne’s home outside of Denver. The weather was spectacular with blue skies with bright sunshine all afternoon. The owners came from both coasts of the U.S. to attend, to meet each other, and to enjoy some fine food and wine together. The first part of the agenda was to draw for the months of use and then they ratified the budget for the coming year, talking about the neighborhood in which the apartment was located, and shared their common experiences about Paris. The climax came when keys to the apartment were handed over to each of the owners. Check out these smiling faces!

For those of you interested, there are still a few shares remaining, but prices go up to 92,000€ on December 1st after the apartment is complete and ready to use.

A third property is in the offering now…their our most elegant apartment, yet! Located in the heart of the chic 7th arrondissement, one from the Esplanade des Invalides and a few minutes by foot from the famous rue Cler and the Eiffel Tower, this spacious two bedroom apartment will redefine the word ‘luxurious’ in Paris.

Steve and Suzanne are redesigning the layout to better utilize the space, which will result in larger bedrooms, each with their own bathroom. This classic French apartment occupies the entire 1st floor above street level in a “petit” Haussmann-style “pierre-de-taille” building, just 100 meters from the Métro station La Tour Maubourg, and just around the corner from the fashionable rue St. Dominique with its many shops, cafés, and famous restaurants. The Seine is two minutes away by foot.

Chez La TourAppropriately titled “Chez La Tour,” with the Eiffel Tower looming just overhead, it’s the largest and most luxurious of the Paris Home Shares family. Most of the shares are currently available at 99,500€ per one-twelfth share.

Before you click to the Web site to learn more about these two Fractional Ownership luxury apartments in Paris, let me tell you that you have an amazing opportunity to speak directly with Steve Navaro and ask all the questions you might have about Fractional Ownership and these properties in particular.

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