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A Different Part Of Paris


May 14, 2002


About once a month, always on a Sunday, I take a long and
fast-paced "stroll" with a close friend with whom this has
become a delightful habit. Each promenade takes us in a
different direction, to a different part of Paris we haven’t
seen before.

Our most recent jaunt first took us in the direction of the 10th
arrondissement, an area of Paris seen by tourists "en route" to
the Gare du Nord or the Gare de l’Est, which are both situated
only a few streets apart, right in the heart of it. These
stations harbor the trains that head north and east: the
"Eurostar" to London, the "Talys" to Amsterdam and the "TGV"
(Train de Grande Vitesse) to Strasbourg.

From Place de la République, where most of the important
political activity takes place (Jacques Chirac gave his
acceptance speech here last week), we angled over to the quays
of the Canal St. Martin. The trees are leafy now, bright green
but not brilliant, lining the romantic waterway where boats and
barges still travel up and down, the locks still let the waters
in and out, and the life along the edge still seems carefree and

The 1938 French film, "Hôtel du Nord," was shot at the real
"Hôtel du Nord" on the east side of the canal, now a restaurant
and cabaret with weekly comedy shows
( Last August, the
film was shown outdoors at a nearby park on a giant inflatable
screen while we lounged on the grass of the lawn, the real hotel
and the canal as a backdrop. Quelle bonne idée!

Balancing along the edge of the canal and turning right into the
neighborhoods of the 10th, we came upon a contemporary apartment
complex surrounding a park/playground/sports fields accessible
only by pedestrian walkways. It is a Paris even few Parisians
see and we felt transmigrated as if to another planet. It’s
amazing to me that Paris never ceases to expose a new and
different part of its "persona" no matter how long I live here.

Our final destination took us into the 19th, into the
crescent-shaped Parc des Buttes Chaumont, one of the highest
peaks in Paris, where a man-made grotto, waterfall and
suspension bridge overlook a tranquil lake, on 25 hectares of
rolling green hills and woods with a large variety of trees and
shrubs. We circled the entire park and crossed on the interior

Two and one half hours, and at least 4 kilometers later, we
ordered up a "chocolat chaud" and a "café crème" at a corner
brasserie overlooking the statuesque brick city hall of the 19th
before trekking back down the hills and home.

Another typical day in the life of a "Parisienne"…

A la prochaine fois …


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Issue Number 38, May 14, 2002

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*** From the Inside–Property in Paris
*** Living it Up in Paris and Provence
*** Letting You in On a Secret
*** Last Chance to Write it Off
*** Savage Love and Tongues
*** Writers: Try Reading 90,000 Books in Paris

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"Savage/Love" and "Tongues"–both theatre pieces by Sam Shepard
and j2999eph Chaiken, starring Bremner Duthie, Marc Feldman and
Richard Dubelski. Directed by Lory Leshin. June 6/7/8/ at 8 p.m.
at L’Atelier du Plateau, 5 rue du Plateau (at the end of the
alley). Tickets: 8 to 11 euro. Métro Buttes-Chaumont or
Pyrénées. Kitchen and bar open one hour before the show.
Reservations and Information: 01 42 41 28 22,

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By Elizabeth Reichert

The American Library has been serving the Paris Anglophone
community for over eighty years: they sent books to doughboys
during World War I, published the review Ex Libris from 1923
-1925, to which Stein and Hemingway contributed, and provided
writing and reading space to such members of the expatriate
community as Richard Wright, William Styron, and Irwin Shaw.

Today the American Library has 90,000 books, some of which were
part of Sylvia Beach’s circulation collection, 450 periodicals,
microfiche databases, Internet access for members, special
collections, and children’s story hours. They also sponsor
"Evenings with Writers," an event which began in 1933 and
included such figures as Colette, Stein and Gide among others.
Check out their Web site:, the bulletins in
the library, or the FUSAC to learn about current "Evenings with

You must become a member to use the American Library’s research
services or to check out their books.(The evenings with writers,
however, are open to the general public.) Membership fees range
from 8 euro (single day passes) to 70 euro (year-long passes for
seniors and students), and on up to 122 euro (year-long family

In order to take out a membership card you must supply the
following: a valid ID card with photo, an electricity or gas
bill sent to your current address, a recent photo, a student
card valid for at least six months of study, twelve hours per
week (if you are a student), and the membership fee payable by
cash or check. The American Library is a non-profit organization
subsisting on private donations, grants and membership fees–so
the fee is worth the services. If you are interested in donating
more money, inquire at the information desk and ask for the
Director, Kay Radar.

The American Library in Paris, 10 rue du Général Camou. Tel: Métro: Ecole Militaire, RER: Pont d’Alma. Open
Tuesday to Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Editor’s note: Elizabeth Reichert is the author of "Writer’s
Insider Guide to Paris", for novelists, journalists, poets,
dreamers, and doers alike. To read more, click here:


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