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The Huffington Post says that Southern France is one of the best 10 places for a stress-free retirement…”With one of the best healthcare systems in the world — and of course, that classically French “Joie de Vivre” — Southern France can be both pleasant and practical for expat retirees. Residents can enjoy the natural beauty, temperate climate, country life in rural villages, rich history, and stress-relieving benefits of spending time in nature.” (

Business Insider reported that France scored in their top 10 spots in the Natixis Global Retirement Index where “France’s health care system is literally the best in the world –– just ask the World Health Organization. Apart from that, there’s a reason 79.5 million foreign tourists flocked to the country in 2011 (even more than the U.S.). The culture, scenery and those long summer vacations may give retirees the ‘Joie de Vivre’ they’re looking for.” (

Market Watch says France is Number Two as the “The Gallic nation has been described as the best example of a country where you get what you pay for: the museums, culture, food, wine, atmosphere and health care are all excellent. While living in Paris is extremely expensive, it is possible to buy a small apartment for around $200,000 in the countryside or small town. The Languedoc-Roussillon region in the south of France is along the Mediterranean and has a host of great towns to live in. Montpelier is a small city, Nîmes has Roman ruins, and Perpignan also would be a great place to retire. Elsewhere in Provence are towns like Arles, Nice, and Avignon and countless other charming towns.” (

Ok, so enough sales pitch about France. You probably already know all this and that’s why you’re even reading this Nouvellettre®! I didn’t come to France to retire, but it seems awfully likely I will after having devoted almost 20 years to creating a life here. With eyes on retirement, the trek to the South of France is the logical route, considering all it has to offer: weather, lifestyle, affordable property…and of course, the “Joie de Vivre” that all the articles talk about.

101-le-matisse-niceI have the pleasure of owning an apartment in Nice. You may know it as “Le Matisse.” It’s a sunny escape from ‘Gray Gay Paree’ that we offer as a short-term rental apartment year-round…when I’m not using it. The guests have all had as much pleasure in the apartment as I’ve had — which of course is the greatest compliment — comments such as…”A little piece of heaven on rue Massena! An amazing apartment — beautiful design and decor. The colors of the apartment are like out of a Matisse painting!”…”From the moment we entered the door, we felt the physical beauty of Le Matisse and also the emotional warmth of a place well loved. We thoroughly enjoyed the comfortable furnishings, the conveniences offered in the flat and the ideal location.”…”It’s been our favorite accommodations in our travel to Barcelona, Rome, Amsterdam and Scheggino.” And the list goes on…

7-5-13anotherNice37-5-13courssaleyaLIFNice-laceMassena MAIN

I’ve enjoyed my time in Nice so much that now I want to share the experience with you! For that reason, come this September, we are hosting the first Living and Investing in France Conference we’ve done since 2009…there in Nice!

Yes, Nice is nice. Nice is booming and ‘regentrifying’ — almost to the point of exploding. It’s the hub of the entire Riviera with an international airport and a multi-ethnic population bursting with Anglophones from Europe, the U.S., Canada and Australia, with Italians and Russians and North Africans and of course, the French. They are relaxed and friendly — way more so than the Parisians! The climate is “Méditerranéen” — sunny and mild. The sea is blue and calm. It’s a heavenly haven for the wealthy, for retirees, for tourists…and for Parisians who are tired of the long, gray winters like me!

It’s for this reason that this upcoming Living and Investing in France Conference will be held in my new second home — Nice — the last weekend in September when the weather is still gorgeous, but when the kids are back in school: September 27 – 29, 2013.

The idea to hold the conference came like a bolt of lighting over lunch with two of our best real estate agents. There are lots of Americans living on the Côte d’Azur, but they have always tended to gravitate to Cannes (for the film festival), to Villefranche-sur-Mer (for the Institut de Français) and to Monaco (to rub elbows with the world’s wealthiest). Nice was left to the British, the Italians and the Russians…until now. NOW we are discovering Nice for all its great times and glory…and for its true investment potential, too!

Nice has a less-seasonal rental market than any other spot in the South. As the business center of the Riviera with full-service for tourists, they flock to Nice all year long. While those who own vacation homes in the countryside shut them up from November to March, the Niçois are booking their apartments all throughout the year. And Nice is growing and changing and increasing in value faster than any other spot along the coast.

We believe, that if investment is what you’re after, Nice is the nicest. And it certainly got everyone’s attention. What’s so amazing about this conference is that everyone we spoke to got so excited about it that they couldn’t wait to be a part of it! The moment I asked, each one said YES! So, the line-up of speakers is AMAZING!…they are the cream of the proverbial crop of professionals from both Paris and Nice…all coming together for this very special weekend.

Hotel Ellington Nice 02We got really lucky because the conference venue is beautiful — the Ellington Hotel (yes, named after Duke himself) — and located in the heart of the city steps from all the important sights. Wait till you see the gorgeous terrace over which the conference room looks! (It’s here we’ll have cocktails!)

The schedule is packed with fun!…not only will we take a full day on Friday to learn everything you need to know about living and investing in France, but we’re going to show you some real properties during a property tour on Saturday…and on Sunday we’re going to take you on a tour of the entire Riviera from Cannes to Menton with stops at Villefranche-sur-Mer, Monaco and Eze!

This is a weekend of a lifetime you won’t want to miss.

First we’ll start on Friday, September 27th with one full day of presentations from our guest speakers. During the course of the day, we’ll break for coffee and snacks, have a three course gourmet lunch with wine and celebrate the end of the day with cocktails.

And meanwhile, you will discover…

* Why Invest in Property in France?
* How to Minimize Your Tax and Maximize the Benefits!
* How to Find Your Dream Apartment in Paris or Home in the Country!
* How to Buy and Own Property in France!
* How to Obtain a Mortgage in France!
* How to Reduce Your Currency Exchange Risk!
* How to Learn More About the Best Kept Secret in Offshore Banking and Investing!
* How to Renovate, Decorate and Rent Your French Property for Profit!
* How to Learn French and Speak Fluently!
* How to Meet Other Expats and Enrich Your Life!
* Plus, answer all the rest of your questions during a Q and A panel with the presenters!

Just look who’s coming to Nice to offer us their wise words…




Stéphane Adler, the Paris Notaire who has been handling our transactions since the year 2000!







Sébastien Bacoup, an “Expert Comptable” (CPA) from Atisse Audite & Expertise who has lived in the U.S., speaks perfect English and understands both sides of the financial worlds!






Mary Fort, of Banque Patrimoine & Immobilier, who has been working with us to provide our clients with mortgage solutions for 13 years!






Claire Healy, the Director of Attika International, a leading real estate agency in Nice and our best ally on the Riviera!




Beverley Holt, the “Ambassadrice” of Internations.Org and the city’s hottest networker who everyone knows or knows about!




Carole Jaskarzec
, an Account Manager for Moneycorp Currency Specialists with whom we have worked and trusted for many years!





Fréderic Latty
, Adjoint de Direction and Conseiller Pédagogiqueof the Institut de Français who may be responsible for more people learning French than anyone else in the world!



LIFNice-Martine di Matteo



Martine di Mattéo, of M. Concept, who is the reason our apartments are not only gorgeous, but stay rented!




Denis ZanonDenis Zanon, Nice’s Director of the Office du Tourisme, a friend of our endeavor who not only volunteered to provide our attendees with more than they could ever ask for in the way of materials and information about Nice and the Côte d’Azur, but also agreed to speak at the conference about the grand and exciting future of Nice! 



Peter A. Zipper, President of Caye International Bank in Belize who has been offering offshore banking solutions for more than 30 years!

It’s an amazing line-up, right? LEARN MORE ABOUT EACH ONE

That’s who you will meet the very first day!

30-7-13HotlEllingtonDuke Bar Patio 03The conference takes place at the four-start Ellington Hotel in a special meeting room that overlooks their beautiful terrace. It’s a ’boutique’ hotel in an elegant district of central Nice that is a short walk to the sea, Old Town, the best shopping and the most important sights. It’s sophisticated living in an authentically typical house of the region with ornate ceilings, designer furniture, parquet floors, original and unique ornamentation. Just having opened in January 2007 with 110 rooms, it’s contemporary, comfortable, cozy and charming. It is here where you will want to stay without a doubt, but if it’s booked up (by this late date), let us help you find other accommodations nearby!


At 9:00 a.m. we’ll start with coffee to get us up and ready for a very power-packed day of presentations. Don’t worry, we’ll break for coffee twice during the day and for lunch, we’ll dine together a sumptuous three-course meal with wine and coffee!…

Day 1, September 27, 2013:

8:30 a.m. Registration Opens – outside the conference room
9:00 a.m. First Things First – Opening remarks by Adrian Leeds
9:15 a.m. Why Nice is Nice! – Opening remarks by Special Guest, Denis Zanon, Director of the Nice Tourist Office
9:45 a.m. How to Obtain a Mortgage in France – Mary Fort, Banque Patrimoine & Immobilier
10:30 a.m. Coffee Break
10:45 a.m. How to Minimize Your Tax and Maximize the Benefits – Sébastien Bacoup, Atisse Audit et Expertise
11:30 a.m. How to Learn More About the Best Kept Secret in Offshore Banking and Investing – Peter Zipper
12:00 noon How to Learn French and Speak Fluently – Fréderic Latty, Institut de Français
12:30 p.m. Lunch Break – Included with conference



Check out the yummy menu! (Worth coming just for the lunch!):


Three-course lunch with wine and coffee/tea:

Entrée: Crab meat with tomatoes- purée of eggplants and mescaline salad (Nice specialty)
Plat: Braised chicken breast with herbs, creamy potatoes
Dessert: Crispy chocolate –Light custard sauce with pistachio taste

For our vegetarian friends:

Entrée: Crunchy vegetables’ millefeuille flavored with pesto and pepper juice with virgin olive oil.
Plat: Vegetables lasagna with basil and tomato juice
Dessert: Pine seed and white beets pie

2:00 p.m. How to Buy and Own Property in France – Stéphane Adler, Bonnart Stephane Adler et Chantal Lavisse Notaires Associes
2:45 p.m. How to Renovate, Decorate and Rent Your French Property for Profit – Adrian Leeds and Martine di Mattéo
3:30 p.m. How to Find Your Dream Apartment in Paris or Home in the Country – Claire Healy, Attika International and Adrian Leeds
4:15 P.M. Coffee Break
4:30 p.m. How to Reduce Your Currency Exchange Risk – Carol Jaskarzec, Moneycorp Currency Specialists
5:15 p.m. How to Meet Other Expats and Enrich Your Life – Beverley Holt,
5:45 p.m. Q&A with the Presenters

Then, before we say “au revoir” for the evening, we’ll toast the day over cocktails with your new-found friends.

6:00 p.m. Cocktail Reception – Included with conference


And you will make friends! Lots of friends — and this, in fact, is a really good reason to be there. This is your opportunity to meet other like-minded people who love France and want to have their stake in it, no matter how large or small. We have always found that the networking conference attendees do is one of the most valuable aspects of the gathering.

101-cote-de-paradis-niceAnother benefit as part of the conference is the OPEN HOUSE property tour you’ll be able to take on Saturday, September 28th. The way it works makes it free for you to choose what properties you want to see to get your imagination off the ground! In the afternoon from 2:00 to 5:00 p.m., our agents and staff will ‘man’ a variety of Niçois properties that you’ll be able to visit as you like — see just one or all! Most will be for sale, but some will not, and either way, it will give you a good idea of what you can buy at what price and how the property can be transformed to make a profitable rental. For sure we will show you my own apartment, a one-bedroom in the Carré d’Or I call “Le Matisse” and another we represent just next door, “La
Côte du Paradis

The weekend of activities does not end here. As a matter of fact, what’s coming on Sunday is the best part of all. It’s OPTIONAL, but you will not want to miss this opportunity.

LIFNice-tourbus30-7-13Villefranche-Sur-Mer-Cote-DAzur-FranceLIFNice-Eze by Adrian30-7-13St-Jean-Cap-Ferrat30-7-13Institut de Francais
LIFNice-mentonLIFNice-Menton Citrus Festival
30-7-13nice-promonade30-7-13Carré dOr30-7-13Vieux NiceLIFNice-blue-beach

Beginning at 9:00 a.m., we’re going to take a luxury coach bus tour of the entire Riviera with a professional guide, starting off from Nice, but spanning the coast all the way to Menton. Along the way, we’re going to see it all and make some key stops — at Villefranche-sur-Mer, where we will tour the Institut de Français and have lunch on the port (or wherever you like in this lovely sea-side village), the chic of the chic Monaco and Monte Carlo, Eze-le-Village that oozes charm and Menton, the last town before the Italian border that has more Provençal shops than any other.

Our guide will talk about everything we are seeing and you’ll be able to ask lots of questions. At the end of the afternoon, we’ll head back to Nice where you’ll get a full tour of this amazing city we have come to love before returning to The Ellington.

Shortly I’ll have the route penned out on a map and can publish it for all to see, but for now, here’s the plan:

We leave the Hotel Ellington at 9 a.m. and head immediately to Eze Village. We’ll have a full hour there to explore the village, make a stop at the famous Fragonard Perfumery and take in the atmosphere this ancient town exudes. Eze is the “eagle’s nest” 427 metres (1,401 ft) above sea level dating back to the 2000 BC built up as a fortified stronghold because of its proximity to Nice. You will not want to miss climbing the narrow stone paths to see the views and visit the artisan shops along the way.

The Fragonard perfume lab and factory is located just at the base of Eze Village where you can take a free tour of the facility and shop till you drop in the large shop that sells their finest fragrances and gifts. It’s definitely worth a stop! (We’ll all be smelling great!)

By 11 a.m. we’ll be taking a panoramic tour of Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat — considered the “Presqu’île de Rêve” (Peninsula of Dreams), is a perfectly preserved 282-hectare peninsula with more than 300 days sunshine per year. No wonder so many rich and famous have chosen to have villas here. Beaches and paths by the seaside pass luxurious villas and magnificent gardens.

After having our heads in the Cap-Ferrat clouds, we’ll head back west to the quaint port town of Villefranche-sur-Mer for a dual purpose. Only a few kilometers between Nice and Monaco, Villefranche is one of the deepest natural harbors of any port on the Mediterranean Sea having been settled in prehistoric times. The United States Navy made Villefranche the home port of the U.S. 6th Fleet between 1948 to 1966. Since the 1980s it has been used by cruise ships for its deep waters. It is also the most visited cruise ship port of call in France!

Those who wish to tour the Institut de Français in Villefranche with Adjoint de Direction and Conseiller Pédagogique Frédéric Latty, will have an opportunity to see the beautiful villa that houses the Institut on a personal and private tour while the students are gone! Frédéric is a long-time friend of Parler Paris/Parler Nice and will be speaking at the conference on September 27th about the best ways to go about learning French. He is taking his time on Sunday to greet us at the bus and take those who wish up to the Institut. What a special treat!

And there will be plenty of time for lunch in Villefranche-sur-Mer in any restaurant you like, whether on the port or in one of the tiny steep streets of the medieval village. We’ll have two hours there, so you’ll have plenty of time to explore, including the citadel if you like!

Our next stop is Menton on the “Basse Corniche” so hold on to your hat to see up-close the Riviera’s most beautiful enclaves: Beaulieu-sur-Mer, Cap d’Ail and Cap Martin. The road built in the 1860’s to bring people to the Monte Carlo Casino is lined with elegant 19th-century villas and gardens.

In Menton, you will have another opportunity to discover the old town, the sandy beach, shop for Provençal specialties and refresh yourself with a glass of rosé (or whatever!) before heading back to Nice. Menton is called “La perle de la France” (The pearl of France) and is France’s sunniest spot at the Italian border, thanks to a subtropical micro climate. It’s only about 25 miles from Nice and has easy bus, train and road links. This is a perfect place to take in the numerous unique craft and arts stores, as well as the renowned food and antique markets.

You may never want to leave! But once back on the bus and in Nice, we’re going to take a full tour of the key neighborhoods that make the most sense for investment before landing back at the Hotel Ellington at 6 p.m. These include: the Old Port, the Promenade des Anglais, the Carré d’Or, Nice Centre and of course, Vieux Nice.

The bus tour is optional for attendees and you need not be an attendee of the conference to take the tour — but you must at least be ‘sponsored’ by a conference participant. So, you as an attendee, can invite your friends to join you! (Reservations for the tour must be made no later than September 15th or we cannot guarantee a seat.)

The cost of the conference is a ridiculous bargain. We’ve priced it so that you can afford it and it gets less expensive the more people you bring with you. Actually, it’s about the same price as a two-hour consultation with little ol’ me!…but look how much more you get!

For only 377€, the first person you register gets the full first two days all inclusive — with all the presentations, the property tour, all the coffee breaks, the three-course lunch and the cocktails.

Add only 197€ for each additional person in your party and they will get the same great deal — all inclusive!

And to take the luxury coach tour of the Riviera, just add on 67€ per person for the entire tour with the professional guide (but, not including lunch).

Offering this conference is NOT for OUR profit. This is for YOUR PROFIT!

We’ve designed this conference so that you will get a taste of the Mediterranean lifestyle and learn all you need to know about living and investing in France without it emptying your pockets.

So, don’t pass this up. Register BEFORE AUGUST 15TH (after that the cancellation policy applies! See the registration form for further information) and make your plans to join us in Nice September 27, 28 and 29 for the time of your life now and for good times in your life to come.

It’s easy:




Don’t you want to come to find out why?!

A la prochaine…

adrianonthepebblesAdrian Leeds

Director of The Adrian Leeds Group, LLC

(on the pebble beach of Nice)

Respond to Adrian


P.S. Invite your friends. And don’t wait too long before you say YES, I’M COMING TO NICE IN SEPTEMBER! It’s an opportunity that hasn’t ever been offered before and may never be offered again. Don’t pass it up. REGISTER NOW!

P.P.S. If you’re ready to own a “pied-à-terre” in Nice before attending the conference, email me NOW!: [email protected]


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