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Three Ways to Fund Your Next Vacation…

There’s a Yiddish expression for people like this…they say they have a “ferridicky tooches.” I don’t know if the spelling is correct…but it literally means “fire under the bottom”…and what that means, is that they simply can’t sit still — are always traveling, moving, doing, going.

My daughter has got it. Since graduating last spring, she spent the summer in Paris, the fall in New York, then decided to spend the winter in Miami (where she is now) and yesterday she told me she is moving to Barcelona for a couple of months! She wants to travel, take photos and write her stories…the makings of a real travel writer.

The problem is, she needs to earn money and reimburse me for all the borrowing she’s done now that she’s “on her own.” And now I have the perfect solution for her…and I have it for you, too. It came in the mail just today (!) — a letter from my old friend, Lori Appling, who runs the Ultimate Travel Writer’s Workshop and the Ultimate Travel Photographer’s Workshop.

Isn’t it amazing how life seems to work that way…so synchronistically? If you let it, the universe will just carry you along to the right spot…and here we are, in need of a solution to the age-old problem of earning a living using our best skills…and there it lands…the answer!

I’m talking about Lori’s letter. Have a read. Maybe it will be the answer to your “ferridicky tooches,” too! And remember, I know these folks from way back when. What they offer is worth every penny and what they say about it is true. I know lots of the people who have benefited from their advice, including Sue Wright, your contact for The Travel Writers Life, who will be visiting Paris later this year and staying in “Le Provençal!”

So, scroll down and read what Lori has to say, then click on the links to hear the call… or to
read more details about the February conference in Fort Lauderdale visit (You may also feel free to call Sue Wright toll-free at (866) 415-1425 or direct at (831) 274-2779 or email: [email protected]

A la prochaine…

Adrian Leeds
Editor, Parler Paris

P.S. Here’s Lori’s letter…

Dear Adrian and Parler Paris Readers,

Just five short weeks from now, you could begin to turn 2007 into the start of a lifetime of lucrative travel.

How lucrative? Well, how would you like to take home six figures as you travel the globe like a VIP — plus gain all kinds of perks and freebies on top of it?

I can’t think of a better way to escape the 40-hour, workaday world for something better… to live on permanent vacation… explore the world beyond the beaten track… have fun… meet new people… embrace life… and make $100,000 a year while you’re at it.

Last month I invited four savvy travelers to join me on a groundbreaking teleconference call to explain the secrets they’ve relied on to travel the world for profit.

As expected, the event sold out quickly. If you signed up — congratulations!

If you didn’t — or if you tried to but couldn’t get a seat — I recorded the call, and you’ll find it on our Web site for easy listening. You can sign up to hear the recorded broadcast here:

You see, by combining these tools — travel writing, photography, and hunting for bargains (also called “import-export”) – you can make a six-figure income traveling the globe like a VIP. And you can gain the freedom and flexibility you need to travel wherever and whenever you want… or live anywhere in the world you care to settle.

Hundreds of readers have already accessed the recording, and many of them signed up for our live, follow-up conference in Fort Lauderdale this February. (That’s when the experts who joined us for our teleconference roundtable will meet to divulge all their proven secrets.

You’ll find here more details about this February event, which we’re calling our Lucrative Travelers Conference: Follow this link for details:

If you’re interested in claiming one of the seats, I encourage you, first, to check out t

he audio recording of the teleconference call. It’ll give you a sense for the opportunities you’ll learn more about in Fort Lauderdale. But what’s more, just for listening to it, you’ll receive $500 off the February conference.

Plus, if you reserve your place for this Fort Lauderdale event before January 15, you’ll get an additional $500 by taking advantage of our Early Bird Discount. With the two discounts combined, that’s a full $1,000 off.

For more details about the event, please see my invitation here… and remember to reserve your spot as soon as possible. The remaining seats will fill up fast and, as I said, listeners of the teleconference call will receive $500 off the live event (which, if you act before January 15, you can combine with the Early Bird discount to save a total of $1,000).

To hear the call, go here:

And to read more details about the February conference in Fort Lauderdale go here:
Or, feel free to call Sue Wright today toll-free at (866) 415-1425 or direct at (831) 274-2779 or email: mailto:[email protected]

— Happy New Year.


Lori Appling
Director, AWAI’s Travel Division


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