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Welcome Back To Paris Our American Friends

“America probably could not have won its freedom from the British during the American Revolution without the help of the French.” The Statue of Liberty, a gift to the United States by France, was prepared for shipping in the 17th arrondissement before it graced New York waters. On June 15, 1885, inside 214 wooden packing crates, she arrived at Bedloe’s Island

Welcome Back to Paris Our American Friends

Parler Paris–your daily taste of life in Paris and France

Thursday, September 11, 2003
Paris, France

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Dear Parler Paris Reader,

It would be impossible for me to ignore today’s date, even though I’d really like to — who wants to relive that terrible moment when we watched the death and destruction before our very eyes?

Ever since “9-11,” life in Paris hasn’t been the same and I’m sure that’s true for just about everyone and everywhere.

Yesterday, I noticed, that an excessive number of friends and a couple renting my guest room landed at Charles de Gaulle and I can only assume that they were all avoiding flying on the 11th for superstitious or even respectful reasons. Nevertheless, I am thrilled to see you all back in town!

Ever since “9-11” and then a barage of anti-France publicity starting with reports of anti-semitic activities, French opposition to the war in Iraq and now the deaths from the intensive heat wave this past Summer, the English we’ve heard on the streets were British, Irish and Australian accents — not American ones. Overnight stays by American tourists went down nearly 40 percent in May compared to 2002. Beliee me, we’ve missed you.

France is making a big effort to get you back. Have you seen the new campaign on the French tourist site: “Let’s fall in love again?” They’re trying to prove to the American people that 1) Americans have always been and will always be welcome in France, 2) France will never forget the help Americans gave them in both World Wars, 3) that France has implemented “a very successful zero tolerance policy” towards anti-semitic attacks and that 4) in light of our common history, there is much more that brings us together than divides us.

Be sure to read Patrick Goyet’s message to American Friends and the testimonials we’ve received at Parler Paris. You can post your own message regarding any or all of these issues by going to the International Living Bulletin Board.

Truth is, that now’s a GREAT time to come! Hotels and apartments are more available than ever before and many are offering special offers and promotions. Museums and tourist destinations are not nearly as crowded and at restaurants you may find a last minute table without a reservation.

And for those of us living here, Paris is still Paris. So little has changed in our day-to-day lives, with the exception of missing our American friends who used to come visit us much more often. Welcome back.

A la prochaine…

Adrian Leeds
Editor, Parler Paris
E-mail: [email protected]

P.S. IL’s rue Mazarine pied-à-terre has more openings for rent this Fall and we hope to have our new apartment on rue de la Huchette ready for mid October, plus my entire apartment is available for rent while I’m at the International Living Live Overseas Conference in Newport Beach October 31 – November 10. For more information on all the apartments, visit our French Property Insider site and for more information on the conference, visit our International Living site or email Michael Whetstine

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