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Eleven Points of Interest

View of the kitchen/living room area of fractional property in Paris, Le Charles V


Before training down to Nice on Friday with our Interior Architect/Designer, Martine di Mattéo, I had a chance to take new photos of our most recent Fractional Ownership property, Le Charles V. Until now, the photos on the website were simulations of what we expected it to look like after the renovation, but now that’s it (almost) complete, you can have a look at the real property for yourself.

Le Charles V one-bedroom bathed in light on the 5th floor

Keep in mind, that the brown armchairs will soon be replaced with golden-yellow ones, the chairs at the dining room table will be painted white and the light fixture over the dining room table will be reduced in size or replaced (because now that it’s there, we believe we can improve upon it).

There are only two shares left (Share letters C and D), so I suggest you make a move to get your share before they are all gone! We do not have another Paris property in the pipeline, so this may be your last chance for a while! See our site page for Le Charles V for more information and to see the latest photos.


Do you know about the new France channel TV?

Logo for France channel TV

It’s a new French streaming platform available in the US!!! Inspired by Britbox, an SVoD service dedicated to British content, this new French streaming service is 100% dedicated to French culture and creation, calling itself the first “Culturtainment” platform, to attract all American Francophiles, French learners and French living abroad to simply enjoy the best of what France has to offer.

It brings together the largest diversified range of French programs, with the biggest selection of movies, series, documentaries and magazines, live shows, cartoons for kids and live, online broadcasting of France 24 international news channels, both in French and English. This new platform intends to promote France and French audiovisual creation around the world. relying on a large library of French cinema (350 to 400 movies), from “César et Rosalie,” with Yves Montand to “Rien à Déclarer,” from Dany Boon, but also including “Contre Enquête,” with Jean Dujardin, and “Arsène Lupin” by Jean-Paul Salomé with Romain Duris.

France channel also includes a large library of video content allowing one to fully discover French culture, in the areas like gastronomy, tourism, history, luxury, lifestyle and art de vivre with flagship programs e.g. “Secrets d’Histoire,” “des Racines et des Ailes” and “Échappées Belles.” “Daily soap,” a French series which achieved great success in France, is also available to the American public. New content is added every week to enrich the offer. France channel is also positioned as a tool for learning the French language with a selection of programs available with subtitles in both English and French. It’s available on the Web, thru Apple and Android mobile apps, as well as on the Roku store. Soon, it will also be accessible thru Struum, a new platform launched by the former CEO of Disney, Michael Eisner.

I met with the creator, Julien Verley, an ex Canal+ and France Television executive, over lunch at Café Charlot last week. He agreed to offer a special free trial to our readers! You can get a FREE 7-day trial WITHOUT our special code, but WITH THE CODE “AdrianLeeds,” you will get ONE MONTH for the price of 50¢ for handling!

If you’re in the U.S., then you need no VPN, but if not, be sure to choose U.S. when you turn on your VPN, then click on START YOUR 7 DAY FREE TRIAL and use the code “AdrianLeeds” to get your special one-month trial, thanks to France channel TV! You will be asked to include your credit card information and you will be charged just 50¢.

Then, have fun watching French movies, TV and other programming!


If you missed the Webinar sponsored by Dunhill Financial, “Is Renouncing My US Citizenship Worth It?”, no worries. The entire discussion on Zoom is available on YouTube for your viewing interest and pleasure. Visit YouTube today!

Cover slide for Dunhill Financial Webinar


When we arrived in Nice, in my mailbox was the beautifully produced Nice Magazine, published by the Mairie de Nice, directed by the mayor himself, Christian Estrosi. The cover, titled “Nice à Bon Port,” indicates the focus of the issue—the Old Port of Nice, soon to undergo massive renovation…for the benefit of the Niçois.

Cover for Nice Magazine promoting Nice a bon port

First off, I am always impressed by the ability the cities have to communicate with their residents and citizens, but in this case, Estrosi does an even more brilliant job at marketing his city as well as his projects…of which there are many! For the Old Port, the city claims, “The new developments, resulting from extensive consultation with residents, will permanently transform an outdated organization and the appearance of an entire neighborhood, making it a mecca for the art of living in Nice.”

Planned for the transformation includes 110 trees and 1,150m² of vegetation to be planted around the Place Île de Beauté, zero percent sulfur by 2026, zero stopovers on the “Infernet” Quay, 5,000 square meters dedicated to the “Pavillon de la Méditerranée” with a potential of 20,000 visitors/year (I personally believe it will be much more than that).

A key element of the overall redevelopment program, the Infernet Quay, will be the gateway to the port from the Promenade des Anglais and Rauba Capeu, thus reconnecting the area to the city. The project consists of ensuring an urban and landscape continuity between the pedestrian seafront, the lighthouse pier and the port. The current parking lot, today a hot asphalt lot, will be replaced by a vast garden with a view of the sea, restaurants and shops under a protective canopy. The open space below will be dedicated to the creation of the cultural, technological and scientific center, called the “Pavillon de la Méditerranée.”

Distant view of Nice and the port of Nice

Anyone owning property on and around the Old Port will greatly benefit from these improvements and I’d urge our clients to consider purchasing in the district before it becomes unaffordable!

If you visit the Nice Website, then you have access to all the magazines, but this particular one can also be downloaded here as a PDF.


Once Martine and I landed in Nice, we both had much to do. She went off to visit one of her big projects—a spacious three-bedroom apartment on the Promenade des Anglais—that our clients purchased sight-unseen and as of this writing, haven’t even seen it yet, even under construction. Martine is holding them off until it’s ready enough for their eyes. Meanwhile, she spent hours installing every last little crystal bulb in the chandelier that hangs over the round living room space, made of all rounded windows, that juts out over the Promenade, with a view of the Baie des Anges…to die for!

Martine di Mateo installing the crystals on the chandelier in the Nice apartment

Are you jealous? I am!


Logo for House Hunters International on HGTV

“A Newlywed Homecoming in France,” our newest House Hunters International episode is scheduled to air this Thursday, July 28th at 10:31 p.m. Eastern Time (9:31 p.m. Central Time) and Friday, July 29th at 1:31 a.m. Easter Time (12:31 a.m. Central Time)

“A French native is returning to France to take advantage of a work opportunity in Montpellier. While her American husband adores French food, culture and charm, he’s having a hard time syncing with her idea of the perfect space.”

Adrian Leeds taping an episode for House Hunters International

This is the episode we taped in Montpellier in February of this year. So, don’t miss it! Visit our site to learn more.

To view it from outside the US, you will need your VPN (Virtual Private Network) and login via a US-based service provider (such as Cox, Verizon, Comcast, etc.)

Click here to view it live.

Once it airs, we will also provide a video link so you can view it.


The Cirque du Soleil has come to the South of France. The Quebecois circus is now the largest contemporary circus producer in the world—founded in Baie-Saint-Paul in June 1984 by former street performers Guy Laliberté and Gilles Ste-Croix. The entertainment company expanded rapidly through the 1990s and 2000s, growing from one show to 19 shows in over 300 cities on six continents. The company employed 4,900 people from 50 countries and generated an annual revenue of approximately US $1 billion in 2017. The multiple permanent Las Vegas shows alone play to more than 9,000 people a night, 5 percent of the city’s visitors, adding to the over 100 million people who have seen Cirque du Soleil productions worldwide. It’s impressive to say the least. (Source)

Aerial act from Cirque du Soleil in Nice

When I heard about their performance in Nice, I scarfed up a couple of tickets. Our Sales and Search Consultant, Jennifer Parrette, and I attended their Saturday afternoon Nice performance at the Palais Nikaia, a simple Tramway #2 ride away to the Cadam stop, and a short walk. The indoor concert hall and the multi-purpose facility opened in 2001, are located very close to the Côte d’Azur International Airport, and seats between 1,500 and 6,250 persons depending upon the configuration, with an upwards maximum of 9,000 capacity including those standing. Everything was easy about it. There wasn’t an empty seat in the house for the performance.

The Palais Nikaia

The Palais Nikaia

Inside The Palais Nikaia wth stage set for Cirquie du Soleil

Inside the Palais Nikaia with the stage set for Cirque du Soleil

The show we saw was “Corteo,” about a clown named Mauro who has passed away, but his spirit is still with us. “Instead of mourning, the funeral cortege celebrates the here and hereafter with laughter and exuberance.” As with all Cirque du Soleil performances, we were blown away by the amazing acrobatic skills of the performers, as well as the beautiful costuming and the sets and the sheer creativity of their magic.

Another aerial act in action at Cirque du Soleil in Nice

It’s tough to decide what acts we liked best, but the one that might have impressed us most was a woman, a “little person,” suspended from a big bouquet of balloons, who was bounced around the entire theater by the people in the audience allowing her to land on their hands and they would give her another push into the atmosphere! The audience participation was fun and in good spirits. Their website notes, “Look at the skies, laugh from the bottom of your soul.”

Performer in Cirque du Soleil suspended from helium balloons

As usual, the French audience was amazingly well behaved. They entered without a lot of fanfare, gave the performers an enthusiastic appreciative applause, and left without a lot of fanfare. We felt very satisfied with the two hours of “magic.”


Program cover for Pink Parade Pride celebration in Nice

While we were at the Cirque du Soleil, the annual Gay Pride Parade took place on the Promenade des Anglais. I missed it entirely, but Martine did not. She had a perfect view while she was working at the apartment on the Promenade and took these photos. What cracked her up were the comments from the construction workers who watched from the balcony of the apartment…you can just imagine what they might have had to say, right?!

Construction works with a view of the Pink Parade from the apartment balcony they were working on

The Pink Parade de Nice takes place every year in July, and has since 2004 bringing together gays, trans, bis but not only…even a few straights, such as myself to support the goal of equality. Associations are also present (Aglae organizing company, LGBT, DNA, Amnesty International, and others), to support and try to change the public’s behavior.

The crowds at the Pride Parade in Nice

This year it took place on July 23rd, right at the same moment I was watching the acrobatic acts at the Cirque du Soleil! Fourteen associations from the region were present from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. on the Promenade des Anglais, and in front of the Théâtre de Verdure, to present their activities to the general public—with speeches by the associations before the departure of the demonstration.

Colorfully dressed Drag queens at the Pride parade in Nice

The procession took place on the northern side of the Promenade des Anglais to the Hôtel Negresco. A minute of silence was observed, before the unfolding of a gigantic rainbow flag, 120 meters long. The marchers then passed on the south pavement to join the Théâtre de Verdure, at the level of the village of associations. To end the afternoon in a good mood, 90 minutes of artistic animations took place on the Promenade.

I really hated missing it, but one can’t be everywhere at the same time!


I’ve been collecting fine art photography since I fell in love with the work of Steven Arnold—an artist living and working in Los Angeles in the 1980s and 1990s who battled AIDS and died of it in August of 1994, right before we moved to France. His photos, drawings and paintings surround me in my Paris apartment, always reminding me of his extraordinary talent and of the man I had truly admired…even worshiped. His presence is always with me.

During the course of the last few years, a documentary was made about his life: “Steven Arnold: Heavenly Bodies,” which was shown compliments of the Fahey/Klein Gallery at Paris Photo at the Grand Palais in Paris in 2019. I played a very small role in the documentary, but once had the pleasure of presenting it at the ASVOFF Film Festival in Paris.

Adrian with Steven Arnold and his photos, circa 1992

Adrian with Steven Arnold and his photos, circa 1992

Now, the Fahey/Klein Gallery is pleased to present “Theophanies,” an exhibition of works by this multidisciplinary California artist, Steven Arnold. “The exhibition has been curated as a limited retrospective of Arnold’s surrealist tableau photographs, supported by a small selection of drawings, paintings, sculpture, and films. Theophanies features previously unseen photographs and includes an installation inspired by Arnold’s elaborate Los Angeles-based Zanzabar Studio.”

Promotional photo for the Steven Arnold exhibit in Los Angeles

When I learned that Fahey Klein was giving this exhibition and opening on August 11th, immediately I booked tickets to Los Angeles to attend. I will be there, so I hope all of you Angelenos will join me, too, and discover the work of Steven Arnold…

Steven Arnold: Theophanies
August 11 through September 24, 2022
Opening Reception August 11th, 7–9pm

Visit the gallery’s website for more information and/or download the PDF here.

(Special note: If you intend to be there, be sure to RSVP!)


Nothing gets in the way of my Sunday afternoon beach time when I’m in Nice. All week long I dream about the two hours I’ll spend there, when I watch the goings-on, float on the aqua blue sea and take in the warmth of the sun. This Sunday, Martine was working away like the Energizer Bunny she is, but I gently coerced her into taking this short amount of time to rejuvenate our bodies and ourselves with a little tiny bit of R&R. She finally agreed, donned a bathing suit, grabbed the towel and beach chair and we headed off to park our tooshies on the “galets.”

The beach was packed with sunbathers. The water was perfectly warm and absolutely heavenly in which to swim and float. The people-watching was a blast. One very tall, muscular and handsome man, was heavily tattooed and wearing printed swim trunks that so resembled the tattoos on his skin, that we couldn’t tell what was leg and what was clothing. Then, we couldn’t help but eye four young swarthy men, all about the same size, all wearing only their underwear (not swim trunks), and all of whom had extremely beautiful and muscular bodies. They puzzled us for a while until realizing that perhaps they were some of the performers at Cirque du Soleil the night before! (But, we will never really know!)

4 hunky men in the sea in their underwear at the beach in Nice


The Grand Place in Lille

The Grand Place in Lille

Tomorrow I’m headed by plane all the way north again, close to the Belgium border, to the town of Lille for the taping of my 50th episode of House Hunters International! This is our third attempt at scheduling the taping, so keep your fingers crossed that the entire crew is Covid-free and we can get this episode finally “in the can.” You’ll be hearing all about it in next Monday’s Nouvellettre®!

A la prochaine…

Adrian Leeds with Martine di Mattéo on the Beach in NiceAdrian Leeds
The Adrian Leeds Group®

Adrian with Martine di Mattéo on the beach in Nice

P.S. We’re looking to add members to our consultation and search team…must be either North American or Anglophone who has cultural experience from living in North America. You must be living in France—primarily Paris and environs. You must be self-motivated and independent, enjoy working closely with clients and familiar with the sales and management of French property. Your level of French must be at least “survival” so you can navigate without too much difficulty. You must love working with people, and above all, you must be willing to learn and grow. Contact us for more information and to apply.


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