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Hot and Cold, Plugged and Drained, Africa and Corsica, Pioneer and Portraits

Photo of four women by Julia Margaret Cameron
Photo by Julia Margaret Cameron


I’ve always loved my “chaudière”—water heater. It’s gas-operated and heats the water as it runs through it, sending it to the radiators all through the apartment and to the kitchen and bathroom for endless hot water. With a chaudière, one never has to worry about running out of hot water…until it breaks. Mine gets regular service, as it should, because the “calcaire” (lime deposits) can build up and cause it to malfunction—something I never want to happen.

The chaudière “chez moi” is now 15 years old and it began acting up. While I was in Nice, the repairman came to fix it in my absence. Two days later I got a call from my neighbor that water was dripping from her living room ceiling which is directly below my kitchen…where the chaudière lives. Sure as you know it, it was malfunctioning and sending a steady stream of water onto the kitchen counter, flooding the floor and dripping into my neighbor’s living room ceiling. The repairman and my plumber came to the rescue, but there was nothing to do except clean up the mess, stop the chaudière and wait until I returned to Paris.

The chaudière in Adrian Leeds' apartment in Paris

Adrian’s chaudière

I came home late Sunday night a cold apartment with no hot water. Fortunately, a little space heater took the chill out of the rooms and the auxiliary little hot water tank in the linen closet next to the bathroom heated up enough water for one bath, so it was manageable for a few days…but hopefully it would not be needed for more than that.

The little tank was installed by the same plumber at the same time as the chaudière 15 years ago in order to improve the water pressure in the bathroom since the old pipes were just spitting water previous to that. The plumber is a really smart guy who I’ve worked with all these years, and who I completely trust. He convinced me it was time to install a new chaudière, but the bad news was that it was to cost a ton of money. I winced, but agreed to proceed. What was my choice? No heat; no hot water?

The plumbers working in Adrian Leeds' apartment in Paris

During the installation, he discovered one of the radiators leaking. The leaking radiator is likely what caused the chaudière to malfunction to begin with, but it was too late. I thought of the question: Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Tough to know, but either way, I’ve now agreed to another half-ton of money to replace the radiator and have them all checked for leaks. That took place on Saturday morning.

All this is happening in advance of the entire renovation that will soon take place to repair the beams in my apartment the structural problems in the building. Bad timing! You may recall this additional dilemma I’m facing? Unfortunately for me, my apartment is the only one affected and I’m the only one in the building who has to move out for almost one year. (Read all about it in this past Nouvellettre®)

The severe cracks in Adrian Leeds'apartment in Paris

The severe cracks in Adrian apartment

The original plan was to move in January for six to eight months to allow the contractors to begin the work on the structural beams in February, but the homeowner association voted against paying for the move. As a result, I have sued the association as it’s not my responsibility to pay for the costs of moving out…then moving back in, when the fault of the problem is not mine. They got smart and asked for mediation to which I agreed. This takes place on December 20th, but until then, life is up in the air.

Either way, I now have heat and hot water and the workers will, too. I just have to pray that they don’t damage any of this during the construction! And, I’m in the market for a furnished rental apartment in my immediate neighborhood for up to one year! Thank goodness, I know just who to call to make that happen…me! Ha!

Stay tuned for updates…


Sometimes the best resources are under your nose and you don’t know it because you’re just too close to see it. My daughter’s first and closest friend from when we moved into Le Marais in 1997 and she went off to “collège” (junior high school) was Rokia. Years later, Rokia’s mother, Véronique Husson, an accomplished mosaic tile artist, became a valuable resource for many of our clients and me as she created and installed some of the most beautiful mosaic tile work you’ve ever seen in both their apartments and mine.


Erica, Adrian, Véronique and Rokia

Véronique at work on a tile project

Véronique at work on a tile project

My daughter went off to the U.S. for college and life, Rokia got married and had a son, but we all stayed close friends over all these years. Meanwhile, we all evolved. Rokia studied the art of massage, not only perfecting massage, but becoming an expert in lymphatic drainage.

“Lymphatic drainage massage has become a popular form of massage due to its potential health benefits. It’s a gentle form of massage that focuses on the lymphatic system, which is part of the immune system. Your lymph system includes organs, vessels, and tissues that move or drain a water-like fluid called lymph from other parts of your body into your bloodstream.” (Source)

Some of the benefits include:

• Reducing bloating and puffiness
• Targeting cellulite and fat cells to aid in faster weight loss
• Enhancing skin radiance
• Alleviating post-injury swelling
• Maximizing post-liposuction results
• Relieving body tension

Rokia demonstrating her Lymphatic drainage massage technique

My daugther encouraged me to try it and Rokia offered up a session. I couldn’t refuse, especially at the end of the insanely intense day I’d had while the plumber was replacing the chaudière and making a huge mess in the kitchen. It was a welcome reprieve. I went to Rokia’s apartment near the Palais Royal and lay down on her massage table in her living room. She proceeded to spend the next hour (in truth, I’m not sure how long I was in her capable hands) to massage my face…and only my face.

She has incredible hands and technique. The feeling was sensational and I didn’t want it to stop. By the end of the session, all of the tension of the day’s events melted away along with the fluids in my lymph nodes.

Rokia took before and after photos so I could see the difference. There was no question that there was more definition along my jaw line and my skin was glowing. So was I. Now, I can’t wait to return for a full body massage—with or without lymphatic drainage—as it’s tough to find a great masseuse. And finally, I think I have…right under my own nose!

Rokia's book on Self Care

Rokia calls her service “Les Sens Ciels,” meaning “Heavenly Senses” but a play on words from “essentielles,” or essentials. To contact Rokia or learn more, Ask for Rokia Safie at +33634046202, email her, or visit her website.


A long-time resident of Corsica and an American friend of long-standing, is currently showcasing her artwork at “Le Bonheur est Dans l’Instant.” This exhibition “laboratory” is dedicated to artists eager to share their creations and, by doing so, engage with spectators, buyers, and fellow artists. Whether through international group or solo exhibitions, photography, visual arts, installations, poetry, cinema, and more, all forms of artistic expression find a welcoming space here. The gallery serves as a platform for experimentation, placing the artist and their work at the core of interactions with buyers, collectors, and spectators. In doing so, it provides an alternative to the conventional spirit and practices of typical art galleries.

Promotional post for the Portriats of Nomades exhibit

Linda Calderon

Linda Calderon

This exhibition, titled “Portraits Nomades d’Afrique et de Corse,” showcases the work of my friend, Linda Calderon, and another artist, Catherine Millet. Linda’s work is particularly intriguing, as I discovered that the eye of my iPhone camera could distinguish the image better than my own real eye. You must see them for yourself to understand what I mean!

Work by Linda Calderon

Work by Linda Calderon

The “vernissage” (opening) took place Friday evening, but the work will be up till December 23rd, and other events will be taking place in which you can participate:

72, rue Amelot, 75011 PARIS
M° Saint-Sébastien Froissart, Ligne 8

Thursday, December 14, 6:30 p.m.
Guided tour by storyteller Saïdou ABATCHA (to be confirmed)

Friday, December 15, 6:30 pm
Photo slide show Catherine MILLET
Accompanied by Sourakata KOÏTÉ – Le griot de Paris, Cora Mandingue player

Saturday December 16, 4:00 pm
“LE VO’DU'” – projection, photos by Catherine MILLET, sound by Sophie PILLODS
In the presence of Vincent HARISDO, Choreographer and Vo’du’ Master (to be confirmed)

Sunday December 17, 4:00 pm
Presentation of fashion designer Almen GIBIRILA

Wednesday, December 20, 6:30 pm
LES PEULS: slide show by Catherine MILLET

Thursday, December 20, 6:30 pm
Reading of a selection of texts by Sony LABOU TANSI by actor Jean BOISSERY

Friday December 22, 6:30 pm
“FANFAN MATTEI, Figure du possible”, a Corsican shepherd and poet.
A film by Fabien DELISLE (2010) (to be confirmed)

Saturday, December 23, 4:00 pm
Dismantling and cocktails

In fact, you’re invited all the time. Everything’s free, but it’s a good idea to make a reservation! Email them today.


Julia Margaret Cameron exhibition at the Jeu de Paume

The name of the exhibition is “Capturer la Beauté,” and that’s the truth. Julia Margaret Cameron’s photos from the 1800s on display at the Jeu de Paume will take your breath away…or at least they did mine. Driven by a quest for beauty and aesthetics, Cameron sought to capture the personality of the subjects who posed for her. This was an innovative approach at a time when photography, still a new technique, was valued above all for its documentarian utility.

Portraits by Julia Margaret Cameron on exhibit at the Jeu de Paume

The story is surprising, how a 48 year-old woman (yes, a woman) of Franco-British origin in the 1860s was given a camera as a gift and how she approached photography as an art rather than a craft. She was a pioneer on more levels than I can count. Now 160 years later is this inaugural large-scale retrospective dedicated to the artist which marks a significant milestone.

Portrait by Julia Margaret Cameron

The exhibition meticulously gathers about a hundred photographs, which span from her initial exploration of photography to noteworthy historical and literary compositions. Additionally, the exhibition showcases her an impressive collection of portraits featuring her contemporaries. Cameron’s photographic career was short, from 1863 to 1874, but her work had a notable impact on modern photography, particularly her portraits, with their tight framing and artistic blurring.

Don’t miss it. It’s on until January 28th, 2024 at the Jeu de Paume.

A la prochaine…

Adrian Leeds in a before and after comparison photoAdrian Leeds
The Adrian Leeds Group®

Adrian before and after her lymphatic draining massage

P.S. Our Offices will be closed from December 24th through January 1st and all French holidays and annually. This means we ask you to remember that we don’t work weekends, holidays and the week between Christmas and New Years. If you were planning on using these holiday times to visit properties, please reconsider. Happy Holidays to all!


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