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Now’s Your Chance to Have a Pied-à-terre in Paris…At a Fraction of the Price!

Look out over the rooftops of a Paris street from a balcony apartment

Reporting Your Secondary Residence in France

Meme for Prep My Future

How Good is Your French?

View of the sea from the garden of Le Jardin de la Promenade in Nice

We Want Your Opinion…About Fractional Ownership

A platter of Adrian Leeds' artichokes for artichoke day

Artichokes, Oysters, Paris, Strikes, Buses, Citizenship

A lovely furnished rental apartment in Paris

Timing Your Search for a Long-Term Rental in France

Slide from Adrian Leed's presentation on how to decide where to live in France

Where do You Want to Live in France? If not in Paris, Then You’ll Find Me on the Côte d’Azur!

Overcast skies and rainy streets of Paris

It’s Paris. You Don’t Come Here for the Weather. But, You Do Come for the Art and the Oysters! (Among Other Things)

The building facade for the studio apartment for sale on rue Francois Miron

Two Very Special Properties Worth Offering…and Therefore Buying!

Meme with poster on a wall in Paris which says I make Money like Claude Money

Learning About Global Finance in France

Screenshot of Adrian Leeds on an episode of House Hunters International

Your Insurance for Finding the Right Property

Fireworks display for New Year's in Nice

Bonne Année from Nice

The Eiffel Tower lit in red with white fireworks going off around it


Looking through the iron work grill on the rooftop garden at Andalla in Marrakesh

A Moroccan Christmas

The Adrian Leeds Group logo for Fractional Ownership

Is Fractional Ownership Right for You?

Emily in Paris taking a selfie

“Being a Parisian is not about being born in Paris. It is about being reborn there.” Sacha Guitry

Partial view of a laptop set up at a café table during lunch

Own a Share, Trust the Truthsayers, and Squat in a Café

Promotional meme for Coiff1rst Salon on rue du Faubourg Saint-Honor in Paris

Women: Sinfully Beautiful, Luxurious and Hot

Street view of Nice Old Town

Follow the Tracks

The Elegant houses in one of Bonn's chicest old neighborhoods

Bon in Bonn and Born in Bonn

Penthouse with Eiffel Tower View - Tour Eiffel during the day

Hot New Property for Sale: A Three-Room Penthouse with an Eiffel Tower View!

Fractional property Le Palais du Soleil in Nice under construction

Life-Changing Experiences

Julia Child teaching us all how to make a French Thanksgiving Turkey!

What Are You Thankful For?

"Christian Estrosi defends the demolition of the TNN and the Acropolis, an interview on BFM TV"

Shoring Up, Building In, Cleaning Up, Tearing Down, Planting Up

Adrian Leeds' toes on the beach in Nice, the sea in the background

Put Your Toe in the Water of France

The Grand Palais Ephémère, from the inside looking out at Ecole Militaire

A Walk on the Wild Side of Photography

Meme for Adrian Leeds Group moto knowledge is power, learn from the professionals

Don’t Be Penny-Wise and Pound-Foolish!

Poster for Parisiennes Citoyennes at the Musée Carnavalet

Shoring Up, Snapping Up, Standing Up and Gearing Up for 2023

View of the patio from inside at Le Jardin de la Promenade

By the Sea, For a Song!

Comic display of skeletons on the Berger House lawn in New Orleans

Keeping Up with the Boneses, Broken Windows, and Honoring the Saints

La Lanterne dining and living area

One Re-Sale Share Available at La Lanterne du Marais!

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