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Summertime and the Livin’ is Easy…

A bicyclist taking a break on the Promenade in Nice at sunset

With the heat at its summer height, and now even hotter with the effects of global warming, the best time of day to be out is either early morning or early evening. The sun goes down just before 9 p.m. in Nice at this time of year, so there is nothing more pleasant than an after-dinner stroll along the Promenade des Anglais as the sun is setting. There are still people on the beach, the water is still blue, but inky, and the horizon line is barely discernible. Sometimes the sky takes on a pink glow, against which the planes fly almost silhouetted as the street lights light up the arc of the Baie des Anges. It’s magical. I’ll never tire of it, as it washes away any and all of the tension (and sweat) from the day.

Graph charting the temperature changes in Nice, France

Nice is at its height of bustling, too. The tourists have clearly descended on the seaside town, maybe even more than in previous years. One hears just about every language (with the exception of Russian, this year) on the streets and in the restaurants. The restaurateurs and the shopkeepers must be awfully happy to have so much business, making up for lost Covid-19 times. Everyone is happy, in spite of the heat, as the seawater is warm and luscious and so far, the skies have been blue and clear.

People on the beach alongside the Promonade at sunset in Nice

Sunset over the sea in Nice, France

While I love living directly on what I affectionately call “the parade route,” on rue Masséna, this time of year is the only time the street can be challenging due to the crowds and the various entertainers. A sushi restaurant opened up on the ground level of my building recently and now the tables and chairs spill out onto the sidewalk in front. One evening I was faced with an obstacle course exiting around a baby’s pram blocking our door. On top of that, the restaurant had posted a large sign on a stand promoting their menu which was also blocking the entry. They didn’t immediately respect my wishes, but every time they block the entry, I complain again, but nicely. Eventually they will get the message!


Wednesday morning I will be getting on an Air France plane to Paris, then connecting for a long-haul flight to Los Angeles for one reason only (although there will be many other benefits): to attend the opening of “Theophanies,” an exhibition of works by the multidisciplinary California artist, Steven Arnold at the Fahey Klein Gallery. I’ve written about this before (see our Nouvellettres® from May 9 and July 25), so you shouldn’t be surprised, but I am extremely excited!

Brochure cover for the Steven Arnold exhibit at the Klein Gallery in Los Angeles

The opening is Thursday evening, August 11th. That doesn’t give me much time should the travel plans go awry…and forget jet lag—no time to be feeling the ills of a nine-hour time difference! Basically, I’m thinking positively—that nothing will go wrong since all roads have led to this moment in time.

My daughter, Erica, and I will be wearing our Steven Arnold inspired clothing which is sure to be a big hit with the other Arnold aficionados. I’m expecting a lot of our old L.A. friends in attendance, so it will be a kind of family reunion, considering all of Steven Arnold’s entourage from the early 1990s—we called ourselves his “disciples.”

Steven Arnold artwork prints on clothing

For those of you living in the Los Angeles area, I’d encourage you to join us!:

Steven Arnold: Theophanies
August 11 through September 24, 2022
Opening Reception August 11th, 7–9 p.m.

To attend the opening, or learn more about it and the artist, Steven Arnold, visit the gallery’s website and/or the website for Steven’s archive. You can also download a PDF press release.

(Special note: If you intend to be there, be sure to RSVP and tell them I sent you!)



Wednesday evening Dunhill Financial and the Adrian Leeds Group presented the North American Expats in France Financial Forum Third Quarter Webinar with well over 100 participants who wanted to learn more about the euro to dollar values and “How can I manage currency risks while living in France?”


If you missed it, you don’t have to, because Dunhill Financial makes it available for viewing on YouTube. Just click here for an hour of learning more than you bargained for, including valuable information about enjoying your social security payments from abroad!

The slides in the presentation are accessible here.

You can also watch the recording of previous presentations on their YouTube channel.

Upcoming events for Dunhill Financial include:

Lead Financial Planner, Anya Berezow, is holding another Expat Women’s Workshop on August 31st at 2:30 p.m. BST/3:30 p.m. CEST (8:30 a.m. Central/9:30 a.m. Eastern) Register here.

Brian Dunhill will be in Nice in early September for talks including Financial Planning for US Expats on September 14th at 7 p.m. CEST for Democrats Abroad Nice. Click here for more information and to register.

Meme for Dunhill Financial's upcoming event

And then, Brian will be with us speaking at the Living and Investing in France Conference 2022 on September 16th. If you’d like more information or to register for the conference, visit the conference page on our site.

For more information about Dunhill Financial and all they do, visit their site.


Here’s your chance to learn how to write with confidence, energy, and flow. This workshop is for writers at all levels, limited to only 12, so don’t hesitate to book your place now.

Friday-Sunday, October 7-9, 2022

Brohure cover for the Imaginative Storm Creative Writing Workshop

Facilitated by poet and manuscript coach James Navé with special guest Lynne Burney who will discuss how she wrote and published her new book: Once a Pilgrim, Always a Coach.

Will this imaginative storm weekend suit my writing style? Absolutely. No matter whether you’re a total beginner, a seasoned pro, or somewhere in between, this Imaginative Storm weekend will elevate your writing to a level of creativity and self-expression you’ve never experienced before.

You’ll learn how to write from the Imaginative Storm to the Creative Form with confidence, energy, and flow. You’ll learn helpful self-publishing approaches you’ll find useful, especially if you’re writing a memoir or a book for your business. You’ll infuse your writing with depth, humor, authenticity, and originality.

You’ll finish your weekend with an abiding confidence that your words and your writing will always have great power and range. Your imagination is your most powerful ally.

Register today. 535€ includes tuition, room, and board.
Location: Ramakrishna Vedantic Centre Gretz-Armainvilliers
Friday-Sunday, October 7-9, 2022

For more information, visit James Navé’s website. And be sure to tell them I sent you!

A la prochaine…

Adrian Leeds relaxing outdoors in Lille, FranceAdrian Leeds
The Adrian Leeds Group®

P.S. Next week I’ll be writing from Los Angeles…so stay tuned!


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