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View of the ocean and the city in Nice France

The logo for Fractional property, 99 Prom, in Nice, France

Introducing “99 Prom!”
99 Promenade des Anglais, 06000 Nice
Large studio, sleeps up to 3

If I didn’t already own an apartment in Nice, I’d move right in…to 99 Prom that is! 99 Prom is the endearing term we’ve coined for our newest Fractional Ownership property located directly on the Promenade des Anglais in Nice… and I mean DIRECTLY ON THE PROMENADE!

The furnished garden patio for fractional property 99 Prom in Nice, France

This means that not only can you see the sea from its large glass sliding doors, and from its private garden, but you can step out, walk across the street and be on the beach in a matter of seconds.

A large palm tree iconic along the ocean front

Beach chairs, umbrellas, and the sea in Nice, France

Its location is just a few bus stops or tram stops from Place Masséna (dead center Nice), but that’s one reason it’s so appealing—it’s not crawling with tourists and the traffic on that end of the Promenade is minimal. There is a bus stop within steps of the apartment, as is Tramway #2 that takes you to the airport or the Old Port. If you walk into town, along the Prom (which is too heavenly for words), it would only take about 20 minutes. You may never take public transportation because it’s simply too pleasant to stroll along the waterfront, but it’s all there for fast and easy access.

The tram in Nice

Looking down the Prom in Nice, France

Should you have a car, there is street parking and it’s easy to find a place. There are also public lots nearby.

Meanwhile, the apartment is surrounded by amenities for living a fabulous life on the Riviera—there is no shortage of markets and one of the best “primeurs” (fresh produce seller), “Marché des Dômes,” is just around the corner opposite a Casino Supermarket. The very essential hardware store, “Bricorama,” is next door and there’s a really great café on the corner, “Le Magnan,” across the street from it, where the food and service are excellent. Just down the street from the apartment is the landmark Palais de l’Agriculture, a learned society founded in 1860, the building built in 1900 and a fine example of Belle Epoque architecture.

Marche des Domes in Nice, France

Palais de l’Agriculture in Nice France


99 Prom is a very special apartment. Everyone wants to be on the Prom, and this is definitely it!

In the latter half of the 18th century, the English aristocracy began a practice of spending their winters in Nice, reveling in the picturesque coastal scenery. In 1820, during an exceptionally harsh winter that drove a surge of beggars to Nice from the north, some English residents proposed a unique solution. They suggested that these newcomers could be employed in the construction of a promenade by the sea, known as the “chemin de promenade.” The city of Nice, enticed by the idea of a delightful waterfront walkway, decided to expand the project significantly. Initially referred to as the “Camin deis Anglés” (the English Way) by the locals in their native dialect, it underwent a name change after Nice was annexed by France in 1860, becoming the “Promenade des Anglais.”

Sunset on the beach in Nice France

The Promenade gained prominence as the setting for the team time trial during the 2013 Tour de France, which took place on July 2, 2013. It also served as the starting and finishing point for the first two stages of the 2020 Tour de France. In anticipation of the Paris Olympics, the 2024 Tour de France will culminate on the Promenade, a departure from its traditional finish line on the Champs-Élysées.

In the present day, for local residents, the Promenade des Anglais is simply known as the “Promenade” or, in a shortened form, “La Prom.” It is a popular destination for cyclists, skaters, families with baby strollers…especially on Sundays.

Looking down the Prom in Nice, France

Bikers in bleu on the Promenade des Anglais in Nice

For residents and tourists alike, life in Nice is all about the sea and its color! The aqua blue of the Mediterranean in Nice is different than anywhere else—a special blue-green that changes all day long, every day of the year, to the point where just about everyone comes out just to see how it’s changed and take photos! I must have thousands myself.

During the mild weather months, cafés and beach clubs line the Promenade for seaside dining and relaxing. This is where you will want to meet up with your friends and then you will sigh, “This is pure heaven!”

The apartment being directly on the Prom on the ground level is a big advantage! Just like your home is on one level, it’s convenient for anyone, even those who are “mobility-challenged.” The width of the bathroom door is the only aspect deterring wheelchair access, but for those who need or want ease of mobility, this is the perfect answer to avoiding stairs and even elevators that go out of service.

Building entrance for 99 Prom in Nice, France

There is NO REASON to feel insecure just because it’s on the ground level! First off, it’s NOT IN AMERICA. That means you’re safe from armed intruders. In fact, you’re safe from any intruders, period. To enter the building, you must first enter a gate with an electronic badge. There is a locked gate to the garden of the apartment that is accessible from this entry courtyard. Then, you need the electronic badge to open the door to the building, and then there is a key to the door to the apartment that has a six-point locking system! On the large double-paned glass sliding doors leading to the garden from the apartment, is a bug screen that locks so you can have fresh air without the door being open and accessible, plus keeping out pesky pests. For added security, there’s a sure-fire locking system and a metal “volet” that comes down fully and blocks out EVERYTHING…light + intruders!

Building entrance for 99 Prom in Nice, France from the inside

The sure-fire locking system and a metal “volet” security doors at 99 Prom

Personally, I would never worry for a single second about my safety, night or day. It’s no different than that home you live in on the ground level, with a yard and maybe a fence, a wall or a hedge! But the truth is, this is a whole lot safer!

The hedge is regularly trimmed so that you still have privacy, but you can see the water from the apartment, and of course from the garden. In the garden is a tall table and tall stools so you can have a glass of wine and watch the sunset. There are also two armchairs and a sofa with a table so you can spend time outside whenever you like and however long you like. There is a large wooden plastic-lined storage box to house the outdoor and beach equipment. A blue and white striped awning can be easily rolled out to shade you from all the beautiful south-facing sun. This is a perfect spot to have your morning coffee or “apératif” at dusk, and see the sea and the lovely swaying palms. The garden is filled with Birds of Paradise, which inspired the décor.

Sunny patio at 99 Prom looking towards the apartment

Adrian showing you how easy it is to open the patio awning at 99 Prom in Nice, France

Sea view from the relaxing patio at 99 Prom

Adrian sitting and enjoying a class of wine on the patio

We went all out on the décor! Part jungle, part Riviera, part Provence, it’s colorful and happy, while still being practical. It is IMPOSSIBLE to ever be depressed in this large and spacious studio that sleeps up to three people—two on the comfortable and thick queen-size mattress and one on the fold-out comfy convertible chair. (I slept on one just like it for five months and loved it!) So, if for some reason you don’t want to share the bed with your friend or relative, you don’t have to!

Entry hall to 99 Prom in Nice, France

99 Prom view from the entry to the kitchen

Open Murphy bed with lots of room at 99 Prom

Interior of 99 Prom facing the patio

Adrian relaxing on the comfy fold out for guests at 99 Prom, Nice, France

The bed is one of the apartment’s best features. If you want more space, you can hide it away by easily lifting it and letting it glide into the wall. Miraculously, an Italian-designed comfortable sofa appears so with the flick of a wrist, you can create a living room with no sign of the bed! When you want the bed again, just an easy pull slowly lowers it down to the floor again. There is no shortage of pillows, linens, comforters, throws, etc. to ensure you sleep soundly.

Adrian showing you how easy it is to fold up the bed

On each side of the sofa/bed are closets with hanging space and shelves. They are large enough to house your suitcases and all of your clothing. If you were to stay in the 99 Prom for the rest of your life, there would be ample storage! There are also individual storage boxes for each of the owners so you can leave a few things in the apartment!

Interior of 99 Prom facing the patio, bed converted to sofa

Sun pouring in from the patio doors into 99 Prom

Redesigned luxury of the living and dining at 99 Prom in Nice

The apartment is MISSING NOTHING. It is equipped with electric heat and air conditioning for year-round comfort, but Nice is so nice, that you may not even need it!

The fully equipped kitchen includes a two-burner cooktop, full oven and microwave, large refrigerator and dishwasher, plus the apartment has its own washer/dryer combo unit.

Beautiful kitchen at 99 Prom in Nice, France

99 Prom Kitchen

99 Prom Kitchen

The bathroom has a shower with both rainhead and hand-held showers, a sink and toilet, plus a special mirror lit from behind for perfect make-up application or shaving without missing a stubble.

99 Prom Bathroom

Equipped with high-speed fiber optic WiFi Internet, a large flat-screen TV with over 100 channels (including several English-language channels), and free international phone calling to over 110 countries. There is even a multi-functioning printer conveniently located in the desk where you can work (or not!).

The writing secretary in 99 Prom in Nice, France

Adrian at the writing desk at 99 Prom sending you a letter


This seaside studio with a private garden in Nice is ready for purchase…but here’s the best news of all!…we are making the unsold shares available for rent and…

(Less 500€ to cover booking costs)

175€ per night up to 6 nights
1,100€ per week (plus each additional day at the daily rate of 157€)
3,300€ per month (plus each additional day at the daily rate of 110€)

SPECIAL NOTES: There is a minimum stay of 500€. That minimum will be the only cost when you apply your rental, less this amount, toward the purchase of a share in the property. Payment is in advance and non-refundable. Rental is subject to availability within the next 90 days.

Rental includes weekly cleaning and basic supplies. Check-in is at 3 p.m., check-out is at 10 a.m. You will be greeted by Roni who will show you everything you need to know about the apartment.

To book your stay, email us!

This is your golden opportunity to try it out before you buy your share, or just to have some fun in the sun on the Mediterranean in Nice!
Important Details about 99 Prom:

Transportation: Buses 12, 32, 62, LR230, Tram #2



• Digicode entry system
• Rez-de-Chaussée (Ground Floor)
• Bright, south floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors, with private garden/patio and sea view


• Glass dining table with four velour dining chairs
• Chrystal chandelier over the dining table
• Secretary-style desk with two folding velour chairs
• Copier/scanner/printer and desk accessories
• Comfortable queen-sized bed with a convertible sofa system with plenty of storage
• Convertible sleeper-chair
• Two nesting coffee tables
• Flat-screen color TV with satellite channels, including English language channels


• 2-Burner electric stovetop
• Electric oven
• Dishwasher
• Large refrigerator with freezer
• Microwave
• Toaster
• Nespresso coffee maker and French press
• Milk frother
• Complete array of kitchenware (all cooking utensils, dinner and tableware, serving pieces)

Colorful kitchen ware of the fully stocked kitchen at 99 Prom


• Hair dryer
• Rainhead + hand-held shower


• Plenty of bed linens, hand, bath and kitchen towels
• High-speed Internet and WiFi
• Cordless telephones (with free calling to over 100 countries) with answering machine
• Iron, and ironing board
• Beach accessories (folding chairs, mats and parasol)


This is Paris’ smartest usage calendar; proven by the success it has had with other properties on the market that we developed. Occupancy for the 13 owners begins on Thursday and ends on Thursday, in two-week intervals, 26 weeks apart. Each year, the rotation moves forward by 10 weeks to allow for a full mix of seasons.

Owners may trade weeks with other owners as they like throughout the year and it’s easy to plan as the calendar is set for the next 13 years.
Owners who wish to have four weeks of consecutive usage, may choose a share adjacent to another owner with the same request. By trading weeks between them, each can have four weeks of consecutive usage.
Calendar may be altered by a unanimous owners’ vote.

You choose your share letter when you make your share purchase.


The owners will share all of the annual costs of operating the property, which means spreading the costs thinly among them. They will all have a voice and share the responsibilities, making this virtually hassle-free.

The annual operational costs include:

• Taxe d’Habitation
• Taxe Foncière
• Electricity
• Building homeowner association charges
• Telephone/TV/Internet
• Insurance
• Housekeeping/concierge
• Accounting/management
• All U.S. and French tax filing

Annual dues are currently estimated at 1,430€ the first year and reduced the following years after to some first-time costs.

In addition, there will be a small reserve fund of 310€ for future repairs and replacement as well as a security deposit of 1,500€ held on account.


My personal goal is to provide you with the best possible Fractional Ownership property on the market—something you can love owning and using, that you will have for many years and then later easily resell or be proud to leave to your kids. You’ll find the price of the shares to be very reasonable—a lot less than others on the market, simply because we don’t have to overcharge to make ends meet.

Shares 2-4* € 59,700.00
Shares 5-9 € 63,700.00
Shares 10-13 € 67,700.00

*Share 1 was previously sold.

The shares will be sold on a first-come/first-serve basis. When you make your request, you will receive a letter of commitment to sign and access to all supporting documentation:

• Purchase and Escrow documents with a full explanation on the process and procedures
• Legal documents both French and U.S.
• Homeowner Association by-laws
• Supporting documents re the property such as building meeting notes from the past three years, etc.

For more information, visit our website.

To reserve your share, contact us today to receive a letter of commitment and full disclosure of all documentation.

Do it now! It’s your opportunity to broaden your horizons…along the Riviera!

Google map showing the location of ractional property Le Jardin de la Promenade in Nice

For more information, visit our 99 Prom website page.

A la prochaine…

Adrian Leeds reflected in the comfort control panel in the apartment in Nice, FranceAdrian Leeds
The Adrian Leeds Group®

P.S. Fractional ownership is a perfect way of combining lifestyle with investments! To learn more, visit our website and see all of our fractional ownership properties on the market today!


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