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Your Passport is Not Enough/The Count Plays Dirty/Barbie Blows Up the Box Office

Flags of many countries on the Promenade in Nice

Remember when you could just pack your bag, grab your passport and head for the airport to hop on a plane to Paris? That was then, this is now. Starting in 2024, approximately 1.4 billion individuals, including Americans, will be required to obtain a special travel authorization to enter the Schengen area of Europe. This new requirement is part of a global initiative to enhance security.

I’m so sick and tired of “security” I could scream! As we become more “global,” we become more “tribal.” Chris Gilroy wrote in that “When society is anxious and insecure it trends toward nationalism, tribalism and authoritarianism. When society is confident, serene and secure it trends toward individualism, independence and liberty. Typically, when there are extremes in one direction, there’s is an equal and opposite extreme in the other.” (Read more about it)

This is what we have been witnessing the last few years with the election of populist leaders, for example, and our need to create “security” by confining ourselves and reducing our freedoms. And now, you can’t come to France without the ETIAS!

Meme for ETIAS

The European Travel Information and Authorization System (ETIAS) is responsible for implementing these new regulations. Originally planned for 2022, the program faced delays due to various challenges, including the pandemic and insufficient infrastructure. Nonetheless, it is now set to launch sometime in 2024, with the exact date yet to be confirmed.

Under ETIAS, travelers from visa-exempt countries, such as the United States and Britain, will need to apply for travel authorization and pay a nominal fee if they plan to stay in participating countries for less than 90 days. The primary purpose of ETIAS is to identify potential security risks, irregular migration, and high epidemic risks posed by visa-exempt visitors, as stated on the European Commission website. (Control, control, control.)

Meme for ETIAS

Around 30 mostly European nations will require travel authorizations once ETIAS takes effect. To gain entry to these countries, travelers will need to present their passport, ETIAS documentation, and fulfill any other entry requirements set by the authorities.

It’s important to note that the ETIAS authorization is valid only for short-term stays of 90 days or less and does not serve as a work visa. The ETIAS information is linked to the individual’s passport. Therefore, if a traveler needs to replace their passport, a new ETIAS travel authorization will also be required (assistance for a lost passport can be obtained from the travel insurance company).

Meme for ETIAS

If any of the following apply to you, you will need an ETIAS Authorization:

• You are not a European Union national
• You are a citizen of any country, including the U.S., whose nationals currently do not require a visa for short-term stays in a European Union country
• You do not possess a residence permit or card issued by any of the European countries that require ETIAS
• Certain travelers may be exempted from the ETIAS travel authorization requirement, so it’s advisable to check before applying

For American citizens traveling to Europe, the application process will be available on the ETIAS website…once it becomes operational. To receive updates in the meantime, individuals can sign up for email notifications on the site.

Meme for ETIAS

As of now, the ETIAS application fee stands at €7, but it’s free for those under 18 or over 70 years of age. The ETIAS authorization remains valid for three years, allowing for a maximum of 90 days of travel within any 180-day period in participating countries. It is essential to ensure that the ETIAS authorization is valid for the entire duration of the stay whenever traveling to these countries.

The Count of Monte Cristo Dirties Up Place des Vosges

In a follow-up collaboration to their highly anticipated project “The Three Musketeers,” Pathé and Chapter 2 have joined forces once again for another classic adaptation from Alexandre Dumas’ legendary tale “The Count of Monte Cristo.” This masterpiece stands prominently among the author’s celebrated creations, sharing the spotlight with “The Three Musketeers.” Reflecting a common approach seen in his literary endeavors, Dumas crafted the narrative by elaborating upon the storylines conceived in collaboration with his co-writer Auguste Maquet.

Promo for the Count of Monte Cristo

The filming, scheduled to take place from July to December, set against the picturesque backdrop of France, including the 400+-year-old Place des Vosges in Paris. Thanks to some owners at Le Palace des Vosges  we get a glimpse of the filming as they transformed the Place by laying dirt on the road, bringing in horses and carriages as well as actors in period costumes.

Place des Vosges in Paris turned into movie set for the Count of Monte Cristo

Place des Vosges in Paris turned into movie set for the Count of Monte Cristo

The narrative unfolds within the historical context spanning from 1815 to 1839, although Place des Vosges existed long before that. This encompasses the transformative period of the Bourbon Restoration leading up to the reign of Louis-Philippe of France commencing with the very day Napoleon departed his initial exile abode, Elba, marking the onset of the Hundred Days era, during which Napoleon stages his triumphant return to authority. The rich historical milieu serves as a pivotal cornerstone of the story, infusing it with an adventurous spirit and weaving intricate threads of hope, justice, vengeance, mercy, and forgiveness. Can’t wait to see it!

Movie-Going in Nice is Nice

The last time I’d been in a movie theater must have been before the Covid-19 lockdown in March 2020. Now, I managed to get to the theater twice in five days, thanks to the blockbuster films that everyone is running to see: Barbie and Oppenheimer.

In a recent article in The Guardian, “As the writers’ strike moves towards its fourth month and the actors’ strike ends its first, the future is looking increasingly shaky for Hollywood. Yet box-office takings have rarely been healthier, with strong second weekends for both Barbie and Oppenheimer meaning sold-out screenings and unprecedented post-pandemic buzz.”

Meme for Barbie vs Oppenheimer

I was seven years old when Barbie was born. I had one of the first, in her little striped maillot and curly black bangs and ponytail. I started sewing and knitting clothing for her. She had her own closet and her tiny high-heeled pumps were the cutest things ever. It’s because of Barbie that I ended up pursuing a career in fashion design after high school.

The Barbie film was screened outdoors in Beaulieu-sur-Mer at the Théâtre de la Batterie on Tuesday evening. Lots of spectators came in Barbie style to enjoy the show!

Costumed Barbie watchers in Beaulieu

The outdoor cinema in Beaulieu

The theater in which we saw Barbie in Nice is a new Pathé Cinema in the Gard du Sud. Oppenheimer we also saw in a Pathé Cinema, but the one on avenue Jean Médecin, near NicEtoile. Both allow you to book specific seats…which is actually quite a blessing. Both the theater and seating are excellent.

But, did I enjoy the movies? Yes…and no…and so-so. Did you?

A la prochaine…

Adrian LeedsAdrian Leeds
The Adrian Leeds Group®

P.S. There will be no Nouvellettres@ next week while I am vacationing in Corsica, but you’ll read all about it when I return!


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